Best Pillow For Back Sleepers With Neck And Shoulder Pain

This read is for you when you are a back sleeper and suffering from head-neck issues for the wrong pillow. If you focus on this article, it will work as your life changer. So let’s get down to business on the best pillow for back sleepers with neck and shoulder pain

It may be an uphill task to reduce pain using a back support pillow for a bed when you know the grey area. It could be you have tested the bed back support pillow, and you are not satisfied. Now, you don’t need to go the extra mile to know it. best pillow for back sleepers with neck and shoulder pain

I have many experiences with no-good pillows, and through my experience, I garnered all the info I could get on the best pillow for back sleepers with neck pain. You may have looked through many back sleeper pillow reviews, but I can tell you that these are the best pillows for sleep you’ll find.

The info on the best pillow for neck and shoulder pain back sleeper isn’t enough, so I’ve gone a step further to provide you with a complete buying guide. Apart from the neck pain pillow, you’ll also get info on everything you need to know about using these pillows. With what I’ve given you, the only thing left for me to say is.. sweet dreams! So let’s go into the more exciting stuff.

Top 5 Best pillow for back sleepers with neck and shoulder pain

Epabo contour memory foam pillow review


The cervical pillows or orthopedic pillows for neck and shoulder pain are the most comfortable pillow for back sleepers. I have used this for a long, and it proved. This solid memory foam pillow best for neck pain

This neck pillow for sleeping design to provide therapeutic relief. The contoured shape provides the right amount of support for your neck and shoulders. After all, do you need to think about your good night’s sleep? 

If you’re wondering what the best pillow for neck pain back sleeper made of? Know that it is made from high-quality memory foam. Its outer cover is made with polyester/rayon blend fabric to increase your level of support.

It’s also hypoallergenic; the makers have designed these orthopedic pillows for neck pain 100% chemical-free. So, rather than going through too many orthopedic pillow reviews, choose the EPABO memory foam pillow right now and get instant relief.

Oh, and if you place an order for the pillows good for neck and shoulder pain, expect to get a free pillowcase! Fascinating, isn’t it?!

Best memory foam pillow back sleepers


Are you on the hunt for the best memory foam neck pillow? Look no further! The Milemont memory foam pillow is designed to support a back sleeper. The medium-firm pillows provide enough support to the head and neck. 

To keep the cool function properly, the makers add cooling gel. The gel-infused pillow is regulating sleep temperature to keep you cool throughout the night. So a comfortable sleep is close to you if you order this neck and shoulder pillow. 

If you are looking for a dual comfort pillow, there is no choice other than this best cooling pillow for back sleepers. The pillow is designed to accommodate summer and winter.  

One part of the pillow has an ice fabric to keep you fresh in warm temperatures. The other side of the pillow is made from polyester to warm you up when the nights are cold.

Instead of wasting too much time online searching many memory foam pillows for neck pain, get the Milemont right now.

Royal therapy memory foam pillow review


Uneven spinal alignment is a source of shoulder pain. The most comfortable pillow bamboo reviews will inform you of the remedies for this problem. In addition, we should thank for its head and neck support.

The best pillow for side sleepers with neck and shoulder pain design to provide neck shoulders support and comfort besides head neck support. As a back sleeper, you will get the proper support from these top-rated pillows for neck pain. The contoured shape pillow makes it easy to rest your back. There’s also enough space to support your upper torso. When the best cervical spine pillow correctly supports you, you’ll sleep much better.

Also, this best bamboo pillow for side sleepers design keeps your sides balanced, and you won’t feel any pain. Stomach sleepers aren’t left out, as this pillow will provide even support for them. If you feel like using the pad a bit high up your torso, you can adjust it easily.

There are so many benefits you can draw from making use of the Royal Therapy Memory Foam Pillow. One such benefits are that you’ll get an extra pillowcase with every unit you buy. The 5-year warranty is also very generous!

Best cervical pillow for neck pain


Are you in need of pillows for cervical neck pain? Then, get the UTTU pillows, and you won’t need to look through more cervical pillows for neck pain reviews.

As a back sleeper, this pillow helps support the neck. With the contouring on both sides of the foam neck pillow, you can adjust the loft to fit your sleeping position. It makes it easy for your back to rest better and your shoulders.

If your pillows for sore neck and shoulders get hard in the cold seasons, use the UTTU pillow; it will not. The memory foam used in this pad is cold-resistant. As a result, it will remain fluffy no matter the weather or your sleep posture.

These pillows for bad neck and shoulders outer shell are designed with a 3:2 polyester/bamboo viscose material. It provides a good night’s sleep. The pillows for neck and shoulder problems cover are removable and machine–washable.

Best body pillow for shoulder pain


DMI made the best body pillow for neck pain to reduce neck pressure and reduce strain on the shoulders. The L-shaped pillow easily molds the body contour and holds the shape. That is why it is ideal for all sleeping positions besides back sleeper. 

The side back and stomach sleepers comfortably hug this pillow, sleep better, and wake up fresher every morning. In addition, it’s a 100% hypoallergenic pillow, so there’s no risk of irritation. 

The outer casing of this pillow is made from polyester fabric. The polyester fabric has an intricate design that gives out warmth in cold seasons and keeps cool in warm weather. Also, the breathability of the pad is aided by the polyester fabric.

Apart from the cooling feature of this pillow, the contouring increases its functions. You can use this pillow at any sleeping position, and the aches will be a distant memory in no time.

Buying Guide

The products you can choose from are now in full glare. All you have to do is click the link and check it out. But to get the best from any of these products, there are some things you should look at. These points will serve as a guide for you and help in making the best pick.

Let’s take a look at the guide:

How to choose the pillow for neck and shoulder pain

For you to choose the best pillow to ease your pain, take a look at:

  • The contouring design
  • The covering material
  • Hypoallergenic treatment
  • The adjustability of the pad

The contour design

The design of the pad’s contour speaks volumes about how you’d feel making use of it. There are some pads with more detailed, ergonomic shapes that’ll provide better rest for your neck and shoulder area.

Other pads have curved contours that need to be regularly adjusted to fit your sleep position. Keep this in mind when making a choice.

The covering material

The covering material is essential when selecting a pad for easing your neck and shoulder pain. If a pad has all the features you want, but the covering is not comfy, it’s a minus. There are pads made with all-seasons covers and easily washable covers.

Hypoallergenic treatment

If you’re prone to allergies, make sure you check the product you choose thoroughly before placing an order. There are pads made to be 100% hypoallergenic, and there are others made with no anti-allergy guarantees.

The adjustability of the pad

The potential to adjust a pillow is one of the important things you should look at when getting the right pillow. Some pads are made to be unforgivingly rigid, while others are workable. If your sleeping position demands you shift your pillows a lot to fit you, be watchful.

How to use the pillow for neck and shoulder pain

As a back sleeper, you may be getting it all wrong with how you position yourself with the pillow. You should follow these steps to use your pad for that fast relief:

  • Set the pillow horizontally on your bed
  • Lie on the pillow with your neck resting on the bottom horizontal part
  • Get your torso rested a bit on the pad to provide better support for your shoulders
  • Work the pillow to your desired loftiness if desired

With such an approach to using your new pad, your neck and shoulders will indeed thank you.

How to maintain your pillow

To maintain your pillow, do the following:

  • Wash the outer covering regularly
  • Use a low-thread count secondary case (optional)

Wash the outer covering regularly

If you want your pad’s cover to last longer and remain fresher, take them for a dip frequently. The time you decide to wash the outer pad may depend on you, but it’s recommended you wash them twice every fortnight. Please don’t make the mistake of removing your pad along with the foam, as it will damage the filling material.

Use a low-thread count secondary case (optional)

If you want your pillow to remain pristine, then I advise you get a low-thread count secondary covering aside from the one that may come with your pad. This makes it easier for you to maintain your pillow, and you won’t need to wash the outer shell every time.

It’s necessary to choose the low-thread count case for increased breathability. The low-thread count case will promote airflow through your pad, making your sleep fresher and more rewarding.

Final Word

After everything is said and done, the decision lies with you. I’m confident this review will help you relieve those pains, and you’ll fare better at whatever you do every day.


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