Our Top 12 Best Pillow For Shoulder Pain 2019 – Reviews

If you're suffering from shoulder pain, chances of you getting a peaceful night's rest are slim to none. Don't ignore the pain because it can result in low energy, mood disorders, and increased sensitivity to pain. The best thing is first to find the best sleep position for shoulder pain and secondly get the best pillows for shoulder pain. We have done the tedious work, and the good news is we've sampled the best pillow for shoulder pain that will eliminate that nagging pain and enable you to sustain your new sleeping posture.

You will find the best orthopedic pillow for shoulder pain here that are sure to eliminate shoulder pain which you're experiencing at night. Continue reading…

Our Top Best Pillow for Shoulder Pain

Before Buying A Pillow for Shoulder Pain, Check The Bellow.

Unsurprisingly, there are a lot of things buyers need to understand before purchasing a shoulder pain pillow. To get a pillow for shoulder pain relief, here is what you need to consider. If you would like to know more about the sleeping position for shoulder pain, click here.

Best Type of Pillow for Neck and Shoulder Pain

You need pillows for shoulder pain while sleeping; it will be a wise idea to know that there are shoulder support pillow which are;

  • i. Contour Pillow: Enables users to get into a different position make it possible to ease your shoulder pain. Such pillows slope up from their bottom to the top and work better than a standard pillow.
  • ii. Multi-level Pillow: Don't be confused here because a multi-level pad looks like a small sofa cushion and doesn't resemble a pillow. It has tons of little nooks, as well as crannies of support.
  • iii. Standard Pillow: A standard pillow is found on almost every bed and features a higher middle area and also sloping side.

Sleeping Positions for Shoulder Pain

  • After research, It is clear that sleeping on the stomach is not good at all because, it puts your neck, shoulder, and spine out of proper alignment. When you have shoulder pain, then the best sleep position is your back. Sleeping on your back allows the shoulders to get enough support since you place your shoulders near the pillow, and this ensures a restful night. 

Pillow Cover Material

  • Pillow covers are thin, and so they don't add any support. Some materials are hypoallergenic and durable than others. Bamboo-derived covers are long-lasting than the cotton material.

The Filling Materials

  • The materials used to fill the pillow can either make or break the support needed at night. Get help that is made with high-quality materials since that cushion can last. For example, latex material is highly durable, and since pillows often use, latex material makes the pillow to last longer and a bit softer to the touch. On the other hand, memory foam material makes the pad larger and thicker than the others. Memory foam material makes the pillow to create a cushion which contour to user's body to ensure optimal support.


  • The firmness of the pillow should be highly considered just like your mattress which you're sleeping. Since you need a highly supportive pillow, then select a pad with a bit of firmness. A pillow which is too firm or too soft might not give enough support to eliminate your shoulder pain.


  • It is how often a pillow can compress without losing its density. That depends on the materials used to make the pillow. For example, memory foam pillows have the best crushability and are capable of regaining their shape even after multiple uses or several years. On the other hand, latex pillows will start to lose their forms after various applications and will need to replace.

Size Of The Best Pillow for Shoulder Pain

  • Choose a pillow based on your size and where you need support. For example, a younger adult will not need a big cushion.


  • Pillows often used, and they tend to get dirt regularly. Ensure that the pad and cover can wash easily. Doing this will make your pillow fresh and clean, and the result will be a much more restful sleep.  
    Waking up with a pain in your shoulder is an awful feeling. Morning shoulder pain can last all day, and it can be a reason for sciatica, backaches, arm, and leg numbness. Don't suffer anymore; here is the best pillow shoulder pain that will help you to sleep peacefully and wake up in the morning feeling fresh and energetic.

There is something that you have not known about UTTU; it always makes sure that the customers get the best at all times. You might be wondering how unique this pillow is, but the answer is simple, it has made with people that always ensure that it is adjustable in height.

That means it gives you the best sleeping height you need. For those people that have slept in comfort, they will tell you one secret about the custom made comfort. And the next morning they wake up, felt refreshed and also recharged for the day.


  • Fitted with a cover that can remove and wash. You don't have to get to worry about how to clean this cover. Just put it in water and up to 140 degrees Celsius, you can have it ready for your use. Tumble drying will also work for it.
  • Designed to have a three-layer make. When you get down to the bed to sleep, you need to sleep in different heights. That is why this item has made with up to 4 height choices for your use.
  • The ventilated design; has excellent ventilation, which ensures fresh sleep.
  • PROS
  • CONS
  • This pillow ensures your comfortable sleeping experience.
  • Various kinds of sleepers can use it.
  • It has made in such a manner that it always becomes soft rather than hard.
  • Its resistant to dust mites.

Customer Review

"If there is a shoulder pain relief pillow, it is this. I have been suffering from shoulder pain for some moths, but after I got this pillow it is no more. The pillow is helping me to sleep better."


The company is here always been motivated to make the best of the best, thus ensuring that you get comfortable as you sleep at all times. After a long day that is always exhausted, you need something like to ease the day's stress. That can still get with the use of this shoulder pillows.

You might think that sleeping is always an easy thing. It is not because you can ever get discomfort as you sleep. While sleeping, you need to ensure that three things are all properly supported, that is the neck, back, and also the shoulders. 

When not achieve, then expect some snoring and even losing energy to work well the next day. We don't want you to get into this problem, make sure you can accurately control all. That's why these orthopedic pillows for shoulder pain are here.


  • Designed with the best softness. The orthopedic shoulder pillow can align to the neck, and the spine and the upper parts of the body. It ensures your sleeping is never interrupted.
  • It's fitted with an adjustable loft. Made with dual design layer. So, you will be able to adjust the sleeping comfort as you need.
  • Adjustable or firmness option. When you have relaxed, and the shoulder support pillow/system has aligned to the curves of the neck and shoulders, then it takes up to become firm so that it can align well and provide you with that support that you need.
  • PROS
  • CONS
  • Made with a cover that is machine washable.
  • It will work towards improving the quality of your sleep at all times.
  • Although it is firm, it is also very comfortable.

Customer Review

"I have been suffering from cervical issues for a long time, and I never found something that helps me. After my surgery, I found out that this cervical foam pillow is all that I needed to help me out. I never felt comfortable like I feel now."


Sleeping is compulsory, and we always do that to make sure that the body gets to its total rest. But what you use also matter a lot. With this kind of chiropractic neck pillow, stress will keep at bay and comfort have given space.

Although many will take this brand as being young, I opt to inform you that you are getting something that is original and perfect. It has made with people that are committed to the production and have involved in the sale of foam of the last ten years. 

That means they know which is best for use in making the special pillows for shoulder pain and also neck. Don't hesitate in buying it because it has made with the customer in mind. One unique thing that all the effort that has used here is to ensure that you can sleep better.


  • Original memory foam. The kind of foam here is environmentally friendly and also has elastic to fit your needs. It aids people with different postures to sleep better and better each day.
  • Best shoulder pain pillow to use by stomach sleepers. Other than to support the neck, shoulder, and back, it can be punched down to be so soft and to be used to lie on the stomach while sleeping. You will always be at ease sleeping on it.
  • It is resistant to mites and pilings. One great feature of this pillow is to look new and able to serve you for a longer time as its original shape. It has been made to be half thicker than average, making it better.
  • PROS
  • CONS
  • Made with qualities that are good and comes with excellent accessories too.
  • You can wash the cover by hand.
  • It resists dust mites and also hypoallergenic.
  • It gives you total comfort that you need.
  • Fitted with a 30-day return policy if you don't like it.

Customer Review

"Although it is my first time to handle such a pillow, I don't regret at all because of the kind of service that it has given me which others can't. I was not contented with it when I bought it, but when I used it, all I got comfort and comfort and comfort."


The shoulder pillow ensures that it gives you excellent performance. This one has been made to fulfill your sleeping needs in one way or another. It was hard to come by it and in fact, a new brand. But it has been made with people that have enough knowledge about pillows, and it will never let you down at all.

Best Side Sleeper Pillow Shoulder Pain

At this juncture, we need to be able to separate reality and fantasy. The fantasy is that you are dreaming of how you want to sleep well. The truth is that you need to sleep well. Now, with this chiropractor approved pillows, you will get the best benefit that the body needs at all times. 

With the use of yoga, your muscles will strengthen, and it will keep your body to be always flexible. That means that at long last, you will be able to improve your body posture as you get to work and sleep.


  • Best to use for side sleeper shoulder pain. It fitted with a cushion that is not only thin but also comfy. So it allows you to rest your entire arm as you sleep on your side. That way, you will not develop pains in the shoulder.
  • Given a unique shape. It has made in such a manner that it can work naturally. Just put it next to your head pillow so that it adds greater comfort to your sleep.
  • PROS
  • CONS
  • The improved flow of oxygen will increase the general health of an individual.
  • Ensures that the elbow, shoulder, and wrist have fitted with proper alignment.
  • It has revealed that it can increase your posture as you get to sleep.
  • It is sturdy.

Customer Review

"There is no great pillow like this one that I found here. My husband that has undergone surgery and needed to have enough rest at whatever time he slept. I was tediously looking for shoulder pain relief pillow, and when I found this one, he felt better."


Find a pillow that has been wholly accepted by even doctors, be sure that you are buying something that is going to be your best friend ever in this world as you sleep. The pillow here has been chiropractic-designed so that it can serve you like no other. Don't try it, purchase these special pillows for shoulder pain, and use it.

The back and the shoulder are some of the places that are likely to be affected by pain. But there is a way that you can always treat them in a day by use of best pillow for shoulder pain. With this pillow, you are sure only to use 20 minutes to manage them each day effectively.

I can promise that if you have been suffering from headache, stress, tension, and even migraine, all that will be under control now. If you are also suffering from migraine, this is also the best pillow for migraines that you can use. Many people used it and will tell you that this is a miracle brought to your life, so don't let it go because you will not find any like it.


  • Fitted with unique magnets. This item has made with strong magnets that have strategically placed so that they work towards target areas like the shoulder and neck regions. 
  • Relieves you from stress and pain that are a nuisance. Life is going to be challenging and also stressful when pains crop. This good pillow for shoulder pain has been made to contain magneto98static fields that will offer you good health, thus ensuring there is no pain in the body.
  • Made with the best type of materials. A right product should always floss around well due to the kind of materials used to make it. So, if you want a pillow that lasts, try it here and no regrets.
  • PROS
  • CONS
  • With only the use of 20 minutes a day, your pain will ease.
  • The quality is best in the market.
  • It is a useful pillow if used regularly and within the scheduled time.
  • Will treat pain without the use of medications.

Customer Review

"The best kind of acupressure mat that you can find in the market is just right here, and I could not find any other in the market. After I was told by my friend how good it helped him in his daily use, I could not wait longer. It has the best quality and makes, and you will love it always like I do."


Get something that can ease your pain in just 20 minutes a day, then you need to have to wonder how special it is. It has been made with the best kind of materials that will keep it intact and with the firm but suitable magnet, then be sure of the best treatment in the market.

Any sleeping product that you buy from this company geared towards ensuring your comfort. That is why you will find them always with the best quality products.

The cervical contour pillow has taken the market with the storm. You can adjust its height so that you have a suitable level and that always convenient to sleep. 

The unique part of this pillow is that you sleep on it so that you are not only comfortable but also wake up feeling recharged and also refreshed.


  • Made with an adjustable height. It is going to help you achieve that height you need to sleep. The flexible is achievable with the use of the three layers. That means the end of the day; you will have four heights to choose.
  • The orthopedic pillow for shoulder pain contains a contoured shape. Your back will never get any discomfort that they are have suffering. The stiffness of the Shoulders will always promote good rapport with other muscles so that they help it to relax.
  • PROS
  • CONS
  • Can be adjusted to a level that you need to sleep.
  • The contour makes the neck, head, and shoulders well.
  • It will never be hard or too firm like others. It will always stay soft.

Customer Review

I have been suffering from migraine, and I did not know how to treat it. But after this pillow brought into our house, life for me has never been so good like it is now. I can move around with ease, and everyone loves even to borrow it and use. It has now become something that everyone needs to use. We are also planning to add a second one.


Don't let pain be part and parcel of you as you sleep. Let it be apart. Although some people might not want to use it to rest for long hours, you need to try it because, with frequent use, you will find out that it is more helpful than you ever thought. When you get used to it, you will never want it to leave your side.

Do you want a relaxation device which is fast and convenient? Well, get NeckZen, and it will let you feel fresh and invigorated in minutes. The device will gently stretch, relax, and rejuvenate your shoulders and neck at anyplace, anytime you want. 

Several people love it because it is safe, simple, and effective in soothing away shoulder and neck pains and aches. It comes with two sets of earplugs and a 3D memory foam eye mask to ensure you get fantastic relaxation and rejuvenation process.

The NeckZen is a must-have device for deep relaxation after long days at work, as well as exercise recovery.


  • Frame made of plastic but assured that it would never break or crack. The plastic is extremely durable and robust.
  • The eye mask has eye socket cavities and nose bridge to enable users to feel extremely comfortable while using this NeckZen even for an extended duration.
  • NeckZen has an exclusive design to support and cradle your neck and head.
  • PROS
  • CONS
  • It is light, sturdy, and portable so users can use it while working at their computer, traveling, resting, watching TV shows, and more.
  • The included earplugs are pliable, and since it is foam tapered, you will throughout enjoy the ultimate fit and comfort.
  • Made of durable plastic that will never break or crack.
  • The foam pillow is ultra-comfortable.
  • It is useful in realigning the neck and shoulders for overall health and wellness.

Customer Review

"I have a migraine, and I have been using pills which are not effective because once they wear off, the pain is back. This beautiful thing has kissed away the aches and pain in my shoulder and neck. If you have tense and stiff in your neck and shoulders which causes headache, get this pillow right away."


The NeckZen is the most effective device for people with migraine and neck and shoulder stiffness. Using pills sometimes is not sufficient, and using this device daily will melt away the pain and aches. The device will let you feel fresh and invigorated without the wait. You can use your pillow while resting, doing yoga, meditating, reading, and more!

Having a shoulder pain is something which can't ignore. Such pains become intense when sleeping, and that is why you need this shoulder sleeping pillow, which is made explicitly for shoulder pain. You will feel comfortable using this pillow because it suits all kinds of sleeping postures. 

The pillow's height is adjustable so you can have ultimate support for your shoulder, as well as, neck. The marriage between polyester and bamboo will offer you an incredibly silky, soft, and super comfortable experience.


  • Breathable bamboo cover means a peaceful night's rest, and you will enjoy a silky, soft, and comfortable experience which the pillow offer.
  • This adjustable pillow will guarantee you a remarkable night sleep since you can adjust the height of the pad easily and enjoy your night.
  • Inner and outer covers are washable, and this will make your pillow long-lasting and clean always.
  • PROS
  • CONS
  • Inexpensive.
  • The filling is adjustable.
  • Dust resistant and hypoallergenic.
  • Long-lasting zipper.
  • Mite and pilling resistant.
  • Pillow is soft and very decorative.
  • Suitable for all kinds of sleeping postures including back, stomach, side, and so on.

Customer Review

"I love this pillow because it is a keeper. It has good quality, and the quilted zipper case is a huge bonus. Taking out the filling is super easy, I am a stomach sleeper, and I have shoulder, neck, and ear pain, but this pillow works great. I love my pillow."


An adjustable foam pillow is a game changer! This pillow will instantly change your nights. If you're experiencing neck and shoulder pain, then this pillow will bring you a great relief. Stop searching for pillows because this shredded foam adjustable pillow is the way to go. This one is much affordable but capable of performing its duty correctly. If you wake up with neck or shoulder pain, then you need to try this product.

Sleeping on an uncomfortable pillow will give you a stiff neck. A small contour pillow is here to enable you to sleep comfortably without waking up at the middle of nights because of night sweat. 

The Cottenberg Memory Foam Contour Pillow is made to ensure that people with neck, back, and shoulder pain are kept at bay so that you sleep comfortably throughout the night. 

It is adjustable and supports any sleeping position. You will love this pillow for lower back pain when sleeping if you're having night sweats.


  • Soft and relaxed but firm enough to support your spine and neck and the pillow is a must-have for both shoulder pain and neck pain.
  • Bamboo cover is machine washable, and you need to use a gentle cycle with warm water.
  • Cover made of high-quality bamboo fiber, and you will love that your pillow for shoulder pain is always brand new and clean.
  • Hypoallergenic material of the product is dust and mites resistant, so you will never have to think of skin allergies or respiratory problems when using your pillow.
  • Fluffy and adjustable to suit any sleeping position and made to reduce neck pressure and more a comfortable night rest.
  • PROS
  • CONS
  • Bamboo cover is removable and machine washable.
  • It has moisture-wicking properties to ensure unparalleled breathability.
  • Shoulder support for sleeping is very soft and comfortable.
  • The shoulder pain pillows support any sleeping postures.
  • Has 60D density rating be assured that the cushion is very durable.

Customer Review

"I like this pillow because it does all! This thing has taken all the stress right away from my shoulders and neck."


If you have bone spurs, osteoarthritis, stenosis, or fibromyalgia, then you will love using this pillow. It will make you sleep comfortably, and the pain will be milder in the morning. Its perfect contour shape will let you feel so comfy. Don't suffer, get this pillow and kick out those neck and shoulder pain and aches away.

Are you too busy for the spa? Well, you need to get a luxurious massage at your own home, and this Zyllion's new Shiatsu pillow massager will let you enjoy great relaxation anytime, anywhere.

The device features four deep-kneading rotating nodes that work miracles to relieve aches and pain. It can secure to a chair, car seat, or sofa. The device has top-quality textured leatherette, which is durable and hassle-free to clean.


  • Convenient straps which are adjustable to allow easy adjustment of the device during the massage.
  • Has to Overheat protection so that when your massager exceeds the working temperature, it will automatically shut off its motor and ensure user's safety and damage to your unit.
  • Heating function of the device adds an extra touch of muscle-soothing intensity and enables the user to relax by increasing blood flow, and this will make your stress to melt away.
  • Ultra-compact and made to contour perfectly around the neck, calf, lower& upper-back, abdomen, and thigh areas.
  • PROS
  • CONS
  • FDA listed.
  • Portable and can be used at the office, home or car.
  • The pillow offers spa-like treatment.
  • The kneading massage pillow is versatile and works for lower & upper-back, shoulders, calf, foot, and legs.
  • Ergonomic and versatile.
  • It automatically changes direction every minute.

Customer Review

"This is a wonderful little gadget that works miracles, and I have never complained. I have severe bursitis, arthritis, frozen shoulder, tight calves, plantar fasciitis, and a replaced hip and shoulder, and this device has helped me a lot by relieving pain and loosening tight muscles.

This strong little beats should give to everyone over 30, and when used by enough people, it can mend marriage and even save humanity."


If you want a powerful massager, then you can solely rely on this device because it has helped a lot of people with muscle pain and aches. The tool is super easy to use, and it will bring great relief to the entire family. You can travel with it, and it will give you the best massage services for several years to come.

Are you there struggling with your cheap, uncomfortable pillow which makes your nights sweaty? Well, it is straightforward to make your night more peaceful than before, and the secret found in this Bamboo Shredded Memory Foam Pillow.

Whether you're a back sleeper, side sleeper, stomach sleeper, breathing issue or have to snore, and this is just the perfect pillow made purposely for you. This new pillow is made to conform to the user's body, and it will reduce back or neck pain.

This breathable pillow will offer you a super comfortable night each season. Enjoy a painless night with your pillow!


  • Shredded foam to ensure you get great support and assured that this pillow will always maintain its density.
  • Bamboo and microfiber in the cushion make it more breathable, and you will still enjoy the chilly night and better sleep.
  • The foldable design makes the pillow fun to use and the level of comfort which the pillow offer is unparalleled.
  • PROS
  • CONS
  • It has odor smell when new, but it will go away after washing the pillowcase.

Customer review 

"I purchased this pillow because it is cheaper than other brands, and for sure it has never disappointed me. I have been using it under my feather pillow, and it always stays firm. Mostly, I sleep on my back, and this pillow supports my body, and it works well for me."


Can you imagine having painless nights! Well, that is what this pillow for shoulder pain designs. Side back, and stomach sleepers will love this pillow because it gives the most exceptional comfort.

Furthermore, this pillow is highly portable, and its stay cool cover makes it a better choice to be used throughout the year. It will eliminate or reduce neck; shoulder and back pain and let you wake up in the morning feeling rejuvenated again. Stay calm and have a better sleep offered by this best body pillow for back pain.

You spend 1/3 of your life sleeping and the type of pillow you use determines your sleep quality. Why use a lousy pad that makes you wake up with neck pain? You need to use a good pine that will align your spine naturally. 

The cervical pillow made to sooth away neck and shoulder pain/aches. Side and back sleeper will get unique support from this item since it has specific cutout areas. Get quality sleep by using this pillow.


  • The hypoallergenic pillowcase will enhance airflow, and this will keep sleepers fresh and also reduce wrinkles which are caused by pressure when sleeping on the sides.
  • Pillowcase is machine washable, and this will be more fun for those who don't want to hand wash their pillowcase.
  • The central cavity will adapt to the user's neck contour and even cradle their head, ensuring the spine is in natural alignment.
  • Slow-rebound memory foam (60 density)which is 3 to 5 seconds rebound to give you a stress-free sleep each night.
  • PROS
  • CONS
  • No warranty information. 

Customer Review

"I have been using a lot of pillow on the market, both expensive and cheap ones, and none of them has relieved my back and neck pain. This pillow has enabled me to sleep comfortably without waking up with aches in the morning. I don't have to push, mush, or fight with my pillow to flatten it or fluff it. Waking up without a neck pain or shoulder pain is a true gift. A definite game-changer for me."


Don't suffer in silence because this pillow is inexpensive, and somebody might say that it will not work. Try it tonight, and you will never wake up with pain and aches. This pillow will relax your muscles as you sleep, and you will be waking up feeling amazing. Side sleepers will love the ergonomic design of this pillow because it offers the most needed support.

Final Word

The pillows listed above are all great options for melting shoulder pain. If you experience shoulder pain when waking up, then these pillows are an essential purchase for you.

People who have a hard time dealing with shoulder pain during the day will love the pillows. Making the wrong choice will do you harm by adding more problems and even making you miserable than before.

Whether you suffer from chronic shoulder pain from illness or an injury or sleep position shoulder pain, these pillows will give you relief and ensure you get a great night's rest. Get your perfect pillow from the above list and be a pain-free person.

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