5 Best Pillows For Adjustable Beds – That Doesn’t Slip

Pillow is an essential part of any bed. And good sleep depends on having the right pillow for your need.

Choosing the best pillow for adjustable bed is a bit tricky. Because an adjustable bed has some unique features compare to traditional beds.

Yeah, we understand you have spend more for extra comfort. But have you ever thought a wrong type of pillow could bring a bucket of despair!

It’s quite frustrating, if you wake up in the morning with neck and muscle pain despite using a premium featured bed; like adjustable bed. Or you are struggling whole night to prevent tilting your pillow and keep it in place.

Your pillow should support your neck, shoulder, and spine by keeping those in optimum curve while sleeping.

So, you should find the right pillow that serves your need the best.

Nobody deserves to get stuck choosing the right pillow for his/her adjustable bed.

Good news is, we did our research, go through the user’s feedback to help you out. Based on that we have curated our list and here is out top pick.

Our Top Pick:

No time to go through the whole article? You may pick our winner Snuggle-Pedic Adjustable Memory Foam Pillows. Due to its adjustability and Greenguard certification, it holds the top place on our favorite list. Also, it concerns the air circulation following the Kool-Flow technology to keep you cool throughout the whole night. Note that it’s USA-made and developed by Chiropractors.

Willing to dig dipper? Well, we recommended you look through every pillow review before deciding on any specific model. Every model comes with a distinctive range of build quality, price, and extra features.

While giving a full description for each pick, we will also discuss some essential guidelines on using a pillow so that it neither gets stuck nor slips out from your adjustable bed.

Relax and read along with the whole article.

Why Do Regular Pillows Don’t Work With Adjustable Beds?

An adjustable bed is also recognized as a medical bed incorporated with various sleeping positions and numerous health benefits. Compared to the conventional home bed, it increases the comfort level at its utmost.

However, the most common problem is that the regular pillow doesn’t work well with adjustable beds and often harms your back. We have tried to point out the key reasons behind it. Here we go…

  • A regular pillow has not been made for an adjustable bed; it’s been made keeping traditional beds in mind.
  • Adjustable beds are uniquely designed for raising and lowering the position, which usually causes pillows to be slipped from the bed. Primarily, the polyester and memory foam pillow cover used to be more slippery due to its softness and comfortability.
  • Using a regular pillow with an adjustable bed might cause neck pain as it won’t fit well while changing the bed position.
  • Not everyone uses an adjustable bed as their regular home bed. Having an adjustable bed in the home means that you have been facing medical conditions or want to get extra comfort on your neck and back after the whole day of workload. So, you should find a pillow that has been made especially for the adjustable bed.
  • Shifting from a regular bed to an adjustable bed requires a couple of days or even weeks to get accustomed to the new companion. A sudden sleeping variation may cause unwanted neck and back pain that won’t be soothing with the regular pillow.
  • Adjustable beds are electric, and regular pillow materials may contain some chemical ingredients left during the production. Using a pillow with chemical substances might get a reaction to the electronic components of an adjustable bed. It may cause other health complexities.

An adjustable bed provides you increased comfort having the option to be raised and lowered on a button press. But it’s pretty annoying if this extra comfort makes your pillow slips away and it needs to pull up again and again and readjust. Even sometimes you may find your pillow jumped over your raised bed, lol.

In order to avoid these unexpected troubles, a pillow stopper is what you need to consider, which keeps your pillow static and prevents further falling. It works as an instant headboard and holds your pillow in place.

How to choose the right pillow for an adjustable bed?

Having a sore cheek due to supporting the head with the hand throughout the whole night might be the most terrible thing in the world. Some people usually get puzzled by painful rotator cuffs and wrists.

A comfortable good night’s sleep largely depends on several factors like sleeping position, good mattress, room temperature, calmness, and so on. Also, sometimes we think that “the right pillow” refers to the softest, shinny, and fluffy one.

However, since a pillow is meant to support our neck, shoulder, and spinal cord, each one is made considering the specific need a user can face.

Before moving forward to choose the right pillow for your adjustable bed, consider having a look at the different types and qualities of pillows available in the market.

Memory Foam Pillow:

Although there is some health risk, some people find themselves comfortable sleeping on stomachs. This type of pillow should be ideal for the side sleepers as its concerns joint pains mostly. They are also flexible and easy to mold. This pillow is medicated for CPAP patients (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) for its breathability and cooling effects.

Cotton wool pillow:

The dust mite-resistant capacity and hypoallergenic capacity keep this type of pillow to make a place on people’s favorite list. People who are prone to chemical substances and allergies should consider the cotton wool pillow.

Buckwheat Pillow:

Wrapping up with Buckwheat seed hull, this pillow is superbly squishable and toxin-free. They are ideal for controlling the temperature through regulating air circulation. It works well with head and back supports, although they tend to be firm sometimes. It should be reasonable for those who are searching for a pillow that might last forever. It should fit best with your adjustable bed.

Compressible Pillow:

If you are a pro traveler and want a pillow to be company on wherever you go, it suits you best. This type of pillow usually comes with recycling which makes it ultra-soft and comfy.

Down pillow:

With 75% down and 25% feather, this pillow offers cloudlike softness relatively less noisy sleep. You should avoid this pillow if you suffer from sensitive respiratory allergens.

Feather pillow:

This type of pillow has been coined by the duck feather. Lightweight and durability are the best part of this pillow. Nothing performs best than feather fillings to cover the gap that may cause some discomfort. It is favorable for the stomach sleeper though they tend to be unshaped and need to fluff frequently.

Latex pillow:

Latex is the advanced version of rubber that originated from the rubber tree. It contains 55% water and 45% rubber ingredients, making this type of pillow malleable. It helps keep spinal alignment and alleviates the neck pain until they have properly gone. Additionally, it is organic and natural, so you don’t need to worry about any allergy or chemical reactions.

Wait, it is not the end. You should consider a number of factors to pick the right pillow for your adjustable bed. The more comfort you seek, the close concentration you have to pay. While choosing the best pillow for your adjustable bed, you should consider the weight, size, materials, manufacturing, breathability, fills, and build quality.

What are the some best pillows for Adjustable beds?

Well, as we promised at the beginning of this article, we have given our effort to pick some of the best suit pillows that work well with adjustable beds. While choosing the right fit pillows for adjustable beds we considered the problems users might face. Let’s go through the list:

1. Coop Home Goods – Premium Adjustable Loft Pillow

Coop Home Goods pillow is a champion pillow for adjustable bed users. Comprising 60% Polyester, 40% Bamboo-derived Viscose Rayon, the Coop home pillow secures its position on our favorite list through its premium and adjustable nature. It fits all sleeping positions no matter you are a firm pillow lover, deep snorer, or even toss and turner.

This pillow stands with its own signature Lulltra fabric for the outer cover, which offers some cooling features and an excellent hand feel.

They have been rigorously tested for detrimental substances by GREENGUARD Gold and CertiPUR-US. Also, it is not too high or too low height pillow, which assures the proper back support. A person with having a continuous dull headache for a week should definitely consider using this Coop Home pillow.
The medium firm memory foam and microfiber fillings material is a plus point perfect for the adjustable bed users as they usually require extra bolster and firmness.


Conducive to pain: A person with disk disease falls into a nightmare while they turn to bed struggling with sleeping problems. This pillow has been made to alleviate pain and provide you with the best possible sleep.
Green Guard Gold certified: This pillow is examined against harmful substances and environmental issues.
Premium Quality: The mingle of the cross out memory foam, and the microfiber is everything for producing a premium quality a soft and comfortable pillow

  • Washable
  • Breathable
  • Durable
  • Cheap
  • Vegan & Cruelty-free
  • Sometimes too hard
  • Not consistentToo small

Who should buy this: This pillow is for those in need of a healthy indoor environment and relief from chronic sleeping pain.

2. Beckham Hotel Collection Bed Pillows for Sleeping

Who doesn’t love a long and deep sleep? A pillow intended to be made for giving comfort in every angle might be worthy for this category. Although they offer extra features like breathability, easy-clean, and eco-friendliness, they accommodate everything that ensures a profound and crimp-less sleep, whether you are a lazy sleeper or a power napper.

Also, the Beckham pillow acts as the subsidiary of chiropractors and painkillers since it ensures the reduction of daily neck stretches for gradual usage.

Arriving as a dead flat might seem to be super hard, like concrete at times. Still, it gets automatically fluffy after removing some fillings. Fluffing a pillow with the dryer could have health concerns, and in this case, you won’t require to use a dryer.


Ultimate Comfort: It has a 250 thread count cover for superior comfort.
Cooling Technology: It will offer you a sweat-free cooling night.
Elasticity: Its bounce-back design gives you comfort in any position.
Safety: This pillow is OEKO_TEX Certified, meaning has been tested for harmful chemicals.
Washable: This pillow is stain resistant which keeps it easily washable.

  • Plush Support
  • Squishy
  • OEKO-TEX Certified
  • All season Use
  • Design less shape
  • Prime Shipping
  • Amazon Best Seller
  • Not longer lasting
  • Flat and Lumpy in some cases
  • Light and minimal fillings

Who should buy this: This pillow serves well for those who are searching for premium firmness and steady support.

3. Cushy Form Bolster Pillow for Lumbar and Leg Support

Cushy Form pillow is another name for “ all in one solution”. But mostly, if you are struggling with daily physical therapy and plenty of medicines for back pain, it should be ideal for you. Surprisingly, this pillow can ease the lower back and knee injury as you can easily keep it in any position.

Moreover, this pillow is designed to circulate blood flow with its ultra-soft support system. It comes with two distinct forms for leg and back support to get the specific one according to their necessity. Lastly, this pillow is super durable, and it has been made considering long-term usage.


Pain Relief: This Pillow acts as a powerful pain relief that simultaneously increases blood circulation, reduces joint pain, and eases hip and lower backache.
Standard: This cushy pillow provides you with top-notch quality memory foam and breathable customization.
Long-lasting: It will last longer than a year with continuous day-to-day usage.
Supportive Design: It’s also known as “Ergonomic Pillow,” which is uniquely designed to soothe your neck, leg, shoulder, and arm.
Multipurpose Use: This pillow can be used in any discomfort body zone. Even it can be used as massage table materials.

  • Good for travel
  • Firmness
  • Soft and Cuisine
  • Organic Cotton
  • Machine Washable
  • XL support
  • Too small
  • Non-returnable

Who Should Buy This: Undoubtedly, this option is ideal for the severe chronic pain sufferer.
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4. Snuggle-Pedic Adjustable Memory Foam Pillows

It is no surprise to see Snuggle Pedic as our top pick as they are one of the top pillow brands in the market. An adjustable bed often requires to keep it a slight up or down to balance the posture. And this pillow offers extra fillings, which allow you to remove or add the fillings measuring the demand.

Also, its premium quality shredded memory foam fillings are another selling point. Who doesn’t know the benefit of shredded memory foam? Among the plenty, hypoallergenic shouts out most. Meaning dust mite is the primary reason for several allergies, and this shredded memory foam is resistant to dust mites. Now you can enjoy a sound sleep even if you are prone to allergies.

Not ends yet. This memory foam pillow is both Certi-PUR-US and GreenGuard Gold certified. Meaning it has been made with chemical-free substances and also ensures indoor air circulation. None would like to spend a single penny on the product which is not environment friendly lately.


Adjustable: It will let you modify your pillow no matter whether you are fond of smoothness or firmness.
Optimized Comfort: It has been regarded as the alternative for those in trouble with respiratory issues and vertebral pain.
Powerful cooling technology: It will let the air pass through the pillow fillings and keep you cool.
Exceptional support: It offers flexibility on the sleep position respectively for the back sleepers, side sleepers, and stomach sleepers as well.
Certified: The certification from Certi-PUR-US and GreenGuard Gold makes this pillow more trustworthy.
Machine Washable: It will reduce your stress with a wash in 3 easy steps.
USA Made: This pillow is developed by USA’s renowned pain relief chiropractors.

  • Lightweight
  • Static-free
  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • Promotion available
  • Coupon and Free Shipping
  • Free Customization
  • Free return shipping
  • Warranty
  • Too Lumpy
  • Too Firm in some cases
  • Ineligible for prime shipping
  • Expensive

Who should buy this: This pillow is perfect for those suffering from breathing issues and night sweats, and neck pain.
Check Price:

5. Leesa Luxury Hybrid Reversible Cooling Foam

It is true that good things always come with a reasonable price tag. Although this cooling foam pillow is slightly expensive compared to the pillows explained beforehand, it adjusts the price range by providing some distinctive features.
It has been accompanied by high-density polyester filling materials, which are easily movable at night. People having allergies to fabric smell should keep this pillow on their top pick as Polyester is almost odor-free.
This pillow is reliable on its consistent modifiable support so that You can tune it with your own customization.
They have been standing out with community work and volunteer activities which makes them exceptional from their peers.


Ventilated gel layer: Chilling fiber and inside gel layer circulate the body heat and give a Calm sleep experience.
This pillow is designed uniquely from any other traditional pillows.
Social Impact: They engaged in social activities by donating one pillow for every 10 sold for tree plantation.
Two in One: This pillow is adjustable and reversible with double-sided comfort, meaning you can sleep on any side. Both act perfectly.

  • Prime shipping
  • Free shipping
  • Free return
  • In-home Trial Available
  • Expensive
  • Too heavy

Who Should Buy This: This pillow is precisely for the person seeking comfortable sweatless sleep.

Benefits an adjustable bed offer

An adjustable bed offers an abundance of medical benefits, including improving neck pain and comfort. This type of bed is usually known as the hospital bed that has the flexibility to raise and lower the top and bottom sides of your bed. You can adjust the bed with the preferred alignment to the neck. Through its zero gravity, it reduces the extra pressure from your back.

According to a survey from New York Post: average Americans spend half of their lifetime lying in bed, where 75% admit that their bed should be more comfortable than the current one. And only 50% find the health benefits.

Admittedly, comfort is everything that you require to soothe all these pains as much as possible through proper rest. A perfect pillow is a prerequisite for a pleasant and relaxed sleep, whether you are a side or back sleeper.

Surprisingly, the pillow sometimes gets slipped down as they raise or down is one of the most bothersome issues people have been facing lately. Because despite having up and down control in your adjustable bed, a good pillow can help you keep your spinal cord or neck in a particular position. Moreover, if you are not sleeping with the correct alignment by the neck, it might drive chronic C1 and C2 vertebral pain.

The slippery pillow might cause your arm to be numb as your shoulder was not on the pillow.
In this case, you need to invest in a bamboo shredded memory foam pillow that is naturally soft and anti-static. They are also hypoallergenic and eco-friendly.

Get puzzled!! Worry no longer. There are several types of pillows out in the market for adjustable bed frames. First, you will have to ensure what type of pillow should serve you most and then pick the best one from our suggestions.

When is it Time to Replace Your Pillow?

Nothing can last forever, and a pillow needs to be replaced as it has been used every day without giving a single break. A pillow is related to plenty of health benefits. It is challenging to have a sound sleep with an old and uncomfortable pillow.

Let’s face it. Most of us are not that much aware of replacing our pillows. Basically, we forget to replace. We are going to present some common signs to replace your pillow. Check which one falls with your current pillow.

Stiff and Sore Neck:

If you are waking up with a sore neck, it refers to the over the aging of your pillow


Using a pillow for too long gathers dust which may have an allergic reaction and cause sniffling.


When the pillow becomes folded without any effort, it means they need to be replaced soon.


If your pillow feels too clumpy, you should take this sign seriously as it would no longer be supported and feels uncomfortable.


You should know the pillow expired date and keep that in mind because every product has been made for a certain time of use.

Hard to Fluff:

Fluffing a pillow, again and again, is troublesome, and if your pillow turns on this stage, it means it should be replaced.

Switching sleep position:

We sometimes switch our sleeping position due to comfort, medical requirement, or even habit change. We have to change the existing pillow for a new sleeping position.


For the expecting mother, it is undeniably significant to relax the body with a pillow that suits her best.

Getting Acne:

Waking up with a stranger like Acne seems to be terrible and devastating. You have to replace the pillow to avoid these unwanted breakouts.


What type of pillow is most comfortable?

A memory foam pillow is best for its ultimate softness and comfort.

What pillow loft works best for side sleepers?

Generally, the side sleepers need to have medium and high loft pillows for reducing back pressure and neutral spinal alignment. However, it is recommended to have at least a 4inch or higher loft pillow for the side sleeper.

What is the most comfortable pillow for people with neck pain?

The most comfortable pillow for neck pain is the one that is designed to provide sufficient cervical support. In that case, memory foam and latex pillow is the straight answer.

What pillows do doctors recommend?

Memory and Latex pillow are from the health practitioners recommendation though it does not refer to the other types of pillow not helpful. The variety of pillows is best on the specific feature.

Is a soft or hard pillow better for your neck?

Pillow should be soft and firm enough to soothe our heads while sleeping. Choosing a hard or soft pillow varies from different sleeping positions, though.

Should I sleep with a body pillow if you have an adjustable bed?

An adjustable bed is to raise and lower down of it from different angles, which helps keep the body in the right alignment. But it would help if you had a pillow to fill the bed gap that causes discomfort.

How often should you wash your pillow?

As a pillow is a personal daily sleeping companion, it requires washing once every three months, which means four times a year.

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