Best Sleeping Position For Sciatica Pain

Sleep is a conduit for a productive day. So, a good night cap is vital to a healthy and rejuvenated you. However, nagging sciatica pain that radiates from your lower back to the leg can be debilitating. People with sciatica unable to sit comfortably and this can limit their mobility. This can put a serious strain not just on your body but your quality of life. Knowing the best sleeping position for sciatica pain can help you gain the upper hand in managing sciatica symptoms.

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Sciatica Pain – An Overview 

According to a recent study conducted by the Global Burden of Disease, lower back pain is the top common cause of disability in the world. Sciatica pain is triggered when there is a compression or irritation in the lower lumbar spine. The excruciating pain is felt from the lower back and shoots to the buttock and on the back of the leg. This usually happens in a sitting position. You are probably wondering how to sit in a car with sciatica? This is the same dilemma experienced when in a sleeping position.

Only one side of the body is usually affected with sciatica pain. Ergonomic chairs are popular as it is dubbed as the best chair for sciatica nerve problems. Dealing with sciatica can be very stressful and uncomfortable. A lot of patients suffering from this medical condition would have difficulties in sitting and standing or even in finding the right sleeping position.

Sciatica Pain At Night Is Worse. Why?

Sleep is the body’s way to repair and restore cellular functions. That is why getting a good night sleep is important for an active and healthy mind and body.

Sleeping with sciatica pain can be very difficult and stressful because it usually gets much worse at night. This is usually experienced by back sleepers. People who tend to sleep in an upright position or on their backs would put much strain or pressure on the lower lumbar area or spine which triggers onset of sciatica pain.

Numbness and tingling would usually be felt on the back and then onto the soles of the feet. The pinched nerve would be so painful that it could be difficult to get back to sleep or to even fall asleep in the first place. This is why many people are curious regarding the best position for sciatic nerve pain.

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Best Sleeping Position for Sciatica Pain

There are a number of suggested comfortable positions for sciatica yet the most popular sleeping position recommended for lower back pain, neck pain, and sciatica pain is sleeping on the side. Make sure that you curl in a fetal position as this ideally helps to relieve pressure in your spinal column. Use a pillow in between your legs and also one in your abdomen. This cushions the pain points that usually flare up when sciatica pain attacks.

Some would also find relief in sleeping on the backs or sciatica sleep on floor position. It is however advised not to try sleeping in your stomach or abdomen because it does not support your spine and also puts strain on your neck. Having a cooling type of bunk bed mattress or foldable full mattress would help relieve pain and discomfort with the cooling effect and support on your spine and legs.

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​​​​How To Prevent Sciatica Pain While Sleeping

A bedtime routine helps you prepare for sleeping time.  Sciatica sleep solutions would include having a warm bath and then do some mild stretching before you go to sleep. Light massages would also help you relax and soothe your nerves.

Invest in a medium firm type of bunkbed mattress or folding mattress that can provide you the right amount of comfort and support specifically at your lower back and legs.

Propping pillows in between your legs and your side also help cushion your body from the pressure of being in bed for long hours while you sleep.

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