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As hot sleepers, you will not be able to sleep if you don’t use an ice pillow. It is definite that hot sleepers face night sweats. After reading the Chillow pillow review, I know that these are the best cooling pillows for hot flashes.
The specialty of these Chillow pillows is innovative cooling technology. So few easy steps can implement it. You don’t need to use electricity for it, or you don’t need to refrigerate it.
I buy when the Chillow as seen on tv. Though I was a bit confused, after using this pillow, I am pleased.

  • Cool outer shell
  • Water fill possible
  • Malleable design
  • Perfect for use in cooling your feet
  • Conventional pad customization
  • Water retention could lose its integrity over time

Buying guide from the Chillow pillow review

Sweating ofter woke me up at night, and every morning I thought about how to get rid of it. Finally, my doctor advises me to check the Chillow reviews. After reading the product reviews and reviews ratings, it seems that this pillow would help me.

With a balanced, properly informed, there’s no telling how satisfied you’d be with your Chillow pad. That’s why looking through these Chillow pillow reviews is the best step to ensure my comfort.

This Chillow review has ensured sleepers get the comfort they deserve, and the elements such as the shape of the pad, its outer shell, material, functions, and lots more.

You’d also get to see a lot of fascinating features you never knew would be beneficial to you. When such information is within your grasp, there’s a zero chance that you’ll be an impulse buyer. Read on for the vital facts!

Natural materials:

This best cooling pillow for side sleepers has a cool outer surface that comes with a simple design. All you need to be done with this cooling pad is to get it filled with an amount of water and keep it for four hours.

Size & Loft:

The standard size of these Chillow pads comes in 21” X 12”. This dimension is ideal for getting support for your neck and shoulders when you rest on your side. It’s also perfect for any sleeping position depending on your needs.


The material used in making the outer pad promotes all-around coolness for your sleep regardless of your position. Also, the waterproof surface ensures the water you fill remains sealed and prevents leakages. ​If you intend to get a much higher loft for your neck and back during rest, you can add.

Additional support:

Temperature control is required in any cooling pillows for the assurance of comfort and more refreshing sleep. In addition, this pad comes with cooling features, making it easier for you to get a cooler sleep during the hot season.          

If these extra features haven’t interested you yet, then know that this pad is affordable that’ll surely make you interested.


What is a chillow pillow?

The company Chillow produces the ac pillow designed to provide cool and comfortable throughout the night. So for people who are experiencing night sweats, hot flashes, or feel hot, it is for their good night’s rest.

These pillows for hot sleepers are made in the USA and no harmful chemicals there. It also non-gel, phthalate, and latex-free. To get a comfortable temperature, fill water. It does not need any electricity or we don’t need to put it in the fridge. This is all about my Chillow pillow.

How does the chillow work?

The Chillow pillow works best for hot sleepers. So now the question is, Chillow pillow, how does it work? By an innovative cooling technology, It’s absorbing body heat and puts it out of the pillow. 

After unrolling the pillow, you will get a valve on the upper side, remove the valve’s cap, and pour warm water as per the instruction added. No need to fill up the full amount. Put the cap on the valve and snap tightly.

Let the pillow allow rest for four hours to activate. Then, slowly roll the Chillow, and roll out the air bubbles into the air pocket. Roll in such a way that there is no more air inside the pillow. Now, you have to release the air out from the air pocket with caution. 

Hold the corner of the pillow where the valve is, uncap, and released all the bubbles, put back the cap on the valve. It will be a vacuum seal. Confirm there is no air inside. Let the pillow fully cool down; avoid direct sunlight. Enjoy the pillow.

Where to buy a chillow pillow?

You can buy Chillow cool pillow from the company store directly or buy it online. It is the same as what you will get in their store.

Do you put pillowcases on cooling pillows?

Most of the cooling pillows are like other regular pillows. However, these types of the pillow have an innovative technology to keep the pillow cool. If you would like to keep the pillow clean, you should use a pillow cover. But keep in mind the cover should be breathable so that you can get the cool effect from the pillow.

Does the chillow work?

I am using this pillow last three years, and I am very much comfortable using it. So, I am confidently telling that the Chillow works very well.

How to keep your pillow cold all night?

Chillow pillow has the capability to keep it cool all night, only you have to do certain things. During the day you have to keep the pillow activate at room temperature, not in the direct sunlight. In the night it will return you the exact amount of cold effect.

Final Word

When information gets in your grasp, you’re sure to make the right choice without hesitation. That’s why it’s a good thing you’ve taken time out to read through this review. All the info it contains is legit and sure to benefit your sleep routine in unimaginable ways.

This sleep support Chillow pillow could be what you’ve been lacking for the most refreshing sleep you’ve been longing for. Add to cart today and check it out. It’s what you need!

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