Clevamama Clevafoam Toddler Pillow Review

Clevamama Clevafoam Toddler Pillow Review

Kids are very adorable when you take them out on a long journey. They don’t have the endurance for a lengthy trip, but they want to be with you anyways. When a kid is with you for a flight or road trip, their comfort and safety should be what you should look out for.

This is why you need to have some comfortable protective pad for your little buddy for those long road trips. With this in mind, get the clevamama foam baby pillow that’ll guarantee their maximum comfort and safety.

Right now, there’s no better choice when pillows are concerned than the ClevaMama ClevaFoam. For you to be convinced of what this baby travel pillow for the neck has to offer, we’ll be looking at the unique features provided by this pillow.

What to Expect

Looking through a review without knowing what lies ahead isn’t ideal. So in this review, you’d have access to the unique features of this kids’ best pillow for sleeping in car.

If you’re a lover of many options, then the choices available from this product are also identified to satisfy your fussiness.

Also, in this review, you get to see the pros and cons of the product. Getting the info on the pros and cons goes a long way in giving you a direction on whether to purchase or not.


  • Simple ergonomic design
  • Hypoallergenic treatment
  • Removable, washable cover


  • Inorganic materials
  • Possibility of mold when it comes in contact with water


This pad has some of the finest designs when it comes to kids pillows. With a smoothly curved outer edge and a balanced loft, your little one won’t experience any neck issues.

Also, if the design isn’t thrilling enough, the support it provides for your little one’s neck is something you should carefully consider.

The contour of this pad remains the same, assuring identical comfort whenever your child needs a nap.

Outer Cover

The outer covering of this pillow is designed to be easily removable and washable. This feature makes this pad a standout product when kids’ pillows are in play.

The outer cover has a great role to play when it comes to making use of the pad in multiple spots. Based on the pad’s flexible cover, it can be used in your car, in your bed, in a cot, and so much more.


The fill of this pad is made from fully hypoallergenic, fluffy, Clevafoam. This foam is the signature fill used in all kids products from the makers. It’s made to provide adequate support for the kids’ neck along with the aid of the outer covering of this pad.

The features that promote more robustness for your kids’ pad and keeps them more comfy every time.

It’s also fascinating to note that this pad promotes breathability. With the memory foam fill within and the breathable outer cover, kids will sleep better with this pillow.


This product only comes in white. But there are different packages it can be sold in. It’s available in single, double, triple and four-packs. So depending on the number of your kids or how your kids are going to use them, make a choice.

Final Word

After seeing all the beautiful, exciting features for the kids’ pillow, you’re sure that everything in this clevamama clevafoam baby pillow review isn’t fluff, but the real deal for your kids’ comfort and relaxa

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