Columbia Cooling Pillow Reviews

columbia pillow reviews

The cooling pillow Columbia for your restful sleep is out here. Are you currently having a hard time getting it? If you're in the valley of decision right now, not to worry! Reading through these Columbia cooling pillow reviews is the right time now.

In this Columbia pillows reviews, all the pillow features are mentioned here. You'll also find more on this pad's features that have been out of focus for a while.

Describing this best cooling pillows' overall features for side sleepers makes it easier for you of a regret-free buying decision.

There's no need to keep searching another Cool pillow reviews, as what you'd get here is simply the best. Read on, and make a most satisfying choice right now.


  • Well-knit edges 
  • High loft and spacious dimension
  • Omni technology for breathability and coolness
  • Gel-infused memory foam


  • Properties may lose integrity over time

Do cooling pillows work?

When you are choosing the right pillow, it always works. There are so many cooling pillows on the market; standout features are needed to sell off to customers. That's why buyers must read this closely. Here, they'll get all the relevant facts on the Columbia cold pillow that will surely give them comfort.

The Columbia memory foam cooling pillow's size, shape, functions, extra features, and more are available. All these are directed toward equipping buyers with the right info to trigger the right buying decision.

How do cooling pillows work?

Columbia omni freeze pillow that is always cold. It is specially designed with cooling technology. For maximum air circulation, it has a breathing pad in the dual side memory foam pillow. When you rest, the cool side of the cushion actives instantly for cooling gel. The omni freeze technology keeps cool the bottom of the pad. Hot sleepers will enjoy this throughout the night.

Let's move on to the essential stuff;

Size & Loft

The memory foam cooling pillow adjusts the loft perfectly with the memory foam filling. Its well-rounded design is helped with the distinct shape and feel of the outer cover.

This cooling gel pillow measures 16" X 25" with a 5" loft. This dimension makes it easier for you to rest on your bed regardless of the sleeping position you choose.

When you search for cooling pillows for the elevated headrest, adjust the loft of the pillow cooling.


Omni technology sets this gel memory foam pillow apart from the rest. Both sides of the cooling pillow come in designs that are innovative and breathtaking.

Omni-freeze keeps cool, but Omni-wick keeps dry; it removes the moisture. This Omni-wick technology allows perspiration to evaporate quickly for a cool, breathable night’s sleep.


Gel infused sets this pad away from the rest. The manufacturer offered extreme cooling comfort from this pillow. It's guaranteed that the Technogel pillow has unlimited relaxation.


Where to buy cooling pillow?

You can buy the cooling pillow from here. Other than us, most of the shopping malls, home product sellers, and the online marketplace is a convenient place to buy it. But keep it in mind, before purchase, must read the features with warranty. This Columbia store has 5 years warranty.

Are cooling pillows safe?

Yes, of course, the cooling pillow is safe. But from where you are buying, it's important. You must read the feature before purchase.

Final Word

All the best pad features on the market you will get in this Columbia pillow reviews. What you need to do now is to consider this pad for your quick purchase.

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  • Updated November 3, 2020
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