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When comfy, sleek, and durable is what interests you, then there’s no better choice than the Coop Home Goods Eden Pillow. As the best stomach sleeping pillow, there are so many things about this pad that could interest you.

That’s why it’s best we bring each feature of this pad to your notice. When you’re looking for the best pillow for sleeping on stomach, knowing more about the pad will help you feel more comfortable with your selection.

What to Expect

In this read, you’ll get all the info on the Coop Home Goods Eden Pillow. This pillow ranks as a top producer right now. For your buying decision to be informed, you need to have info on the main benefits the product provides. Also, we get to see what we like and don’t like in the pros and cons of this product.

The shape’s design, covering, filling, available options, and extra features are all described for you. After reading this, your decision to purchase this product will be well-founded with your satisfaction at its peak.

  • Hypoallergenic treatment
  • Bamboo Viscose cover
  • Three options
  • Inorganic filling
  • Chemical odor potential

Contour Design

This front sleeper pillow comes with an adjustable build, supported by its contour design. The lining of the pad creates a robust, comfy but firm pad for resting on your stomach.

When flat pillows for stomach sleepers are needed to support your neck/spine, there’s no better choice than the Coop Home Goods Eden Pillow.

The contour design of this super-thin pillow is so fascinating! It’ll keep your neck and spine supported, and you’ll wake up energized.

No matter the sleeping position you choose, this pad’s contour design will keep you rested.


The covering of a pad has a lot to do with how comfortable your experience will be.

This pillow is made with bamboo rayon and polyester fabric. These materials enhance the ability of the pad to promote better comfort when you sleep.

Bamboo-Polyester fabric is one of the most common combinations in breathable pillows, and this pad is the best among them. The material allows airflow through it, and you’ll feel more relaxed as a result of this.


The filling of this pad is 100% gel-infused memory foam. When you need a slim sleeper pillow, then you have to ensure it remains comfy and durable. The gel in the memory foam provides that there’s no heat build-up while you sleep.


There are three options you can select from when buying the Coop Home Goods Eden Pillow. It comes in standard, queen, and king-sizes. The choices are of different sizes and prices, but you’re still guaranteed the best rest possible no matter your choice.


There are lots of benefits from this pad. One of the best features of this pad is the 5-year warranty.

One other thrilling feature of this product is the trial period. You can try out this pad for up to 100 nights, and you could return it if you are displeased. But it’s doubtful you’ll not love this pillow in an instant.


What type of pillow is best for stomach sleepers?

The best sleep on stomach pillow depends on the sleeper. However, you should make a choice that rests your neck correctly. Softer and less-compressible pads are great choices when hitting the sack with your face down.

Is sleeping on your stomach bad for your heart?

There’s currently nothing reliable pointing to any danger from sleeping on your stomach.

Is it wrong to sleep on your stomach while pregnant?

When your baby bump is out, it’s best not to sleep on your stomach.

Final Word

Coop Home Goods know what you need. That’s why with this pillow, you have all you need to support your stomach, back, and neck. Place your order today and get a feel of Eden!

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