Disadvantages Of Sleeping Without Pillow – Fact Or Fiction?

After a long tiresome day, good night’s sleep is all your body needs to recharge. Sleep therapists or experts and even chiropractors agree about the disadvantages of sleeping without pillow.

Should I Sleep Without A pillow?

One should not undervalue the importance of pillows to restful sleep. Well, imagine a bed without pillows. It’s synonymous with thinking of a kitchen without the cooking pans. Pillows are part of the basic makeup of a bedroom and can’t be removed from the frame.

Cushions provide your body with the right amount of support for a comfortable sleep. Pillows are necessary for a relaxing sleep, no matter what kind or type of sleeper you are. Please read the article to know the disadvantages of sleeping without a pillow.

Is There Any Benefits of Sleeping Without Pillow?

A Unique Pillow for All Sleeping Positions

Everyone has their favorite pillow. Call it a protective or security blanket, but a pillow has both emotional and physical benefits in one. There is also a unique type of prescribed pillow and foldable full mattress for every sleeper.

Pillows usually have labels or specific descriptions to indicate the right pillow and folding mattress type for a particular sleeping position.

  • If you are a side sleeper, look for soft down pillows that support your head and neck plus make sure that your back is fully aligned. You would need a thicker and firmer pillow which can also be placed in between your knees.
  • If you sleep on your back, your pillow should have a low profile to properly support not just your neck and head but also your shoulders and spine. It is also advisable to put a pillow under your knee so as to keep the pressure off your lower back.
  • For stomach sleepers, you might want to try getting used to another sleeping position because this can be very unhealthy for your neck and spine. Pillows for stomach sleepers are usually placed under the stomach.

Is It Better To Sleep Without A Pillow?

The primary purpose for having pillows when you sleep is for comfort. Aside from this, pillows also promote spine health as it supports your upper body while sleeping. This ensures that your spine is kept in neutral alignment or supports all your structural curves.

Is it good to sleep without a pillow?

There are some expert opinions about the advantages of sleeping without a pillow. Here are some of them:

  • Corrects posture. Sleeping without a pillow or on a flat surface allows the spine in its normal and neutral position.
  • Clean and acne-free skin. The frequent skin contact with the pillow while you are shifting positions in bed may irritate the skin or clog the pores and cause unwanted breakouts.
  • Prevents neck and back pain. Some would attest that sleeping flat on a bunk mattress or without any pillow help curb neck and back discomfort. This is also said to control or reduce pain and inflammation in these areas. Neck pillow benefits give you all the more reason to use pillows on your snooze moments.
  • Avoids head deformation in infants or newborns. Newborns or infants are advised to sleep without any pillows on for safety purposes or to prevent dangers of suffocation when left unattended. You should know about the baby flat head when to worry.

This is also to avoid deformation of the heads especially at this age when the baby has less flexibility and unable to voluntarily move or turn their heads. An infant’s skull is very soft and staying fixed in one position for prolonged hours can cause irregularity in head shapes. Using a baby first pillow is a safe and hypoallergenic option for babies.

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Is It Bad To Sleep Without A Pillow?

Yes, sleep without a pillow could be harmful, especially for people who have health risks or medical conditions that require proper elevation and support of the head, neck, and spine. Here you will get a piece of clear information about the disadvantages of sleeping without a pillow.

Pillows and a soft bunk bed mattress are comfortable enough to put you off to sleepIt’s a complete package for a sound and relaxing trip to dreamland without the need to count sheep all night long.

  • People With Medical Or Health Complications

People with snoring problems would need their heads properly elevated and should have a firm and supportive type of inexpensive pillows. This is to allow the proper airflow, which encourages normal respiration and prevents frequent snoring.

Patients suffering from GERD or gastroesophageal reflux disorder, cardiovascular conditions, lung problems, and glaucoma would need pillows for head and back support.

If you are suffering from a spinal disorder, then the right kind of pillow will give you the firmness and the medium support that you need for your spine. Pillows can provide patients with the right amount of support as pillows are filled with polypropylene capsules. Cushions with feather fillings are not recommended for those with spinal difficulties or problems. Memory foam pillows also suit patients with spinal injuries.

  • Sleeping Difficulties Or Disorders

Sleep is crucial for the body to heal and rejuvenate itself. Lack of quality sleep can lead to the severity of symptoms.

Sleeping without a pillow is not recommended if you suffer from sleeping disorders such as restless leg syndrome, OSA or obstructive sleep apnea, and delayed sleep phase disorders. Propping pillows on your head and back as well as in between your legs and arms can help you avoid discomfort and pain while on rest mode which allows you to sleep comfortably while your relaxed posture helps avoid medical complications when sleeping.

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To Sleep With Or Without A Pillow – You Decide!

Sleeping with or without a pillow depends on the individual and his or her sleep or comfort preference, sleeping style, lifestyle, design or material preference, budget pillow, firmness and support metrics, and medical history.

How To Sleep Without A Pillow?

A lot of people are unable to disconnect pillows from sleep. It’s not just habit-forming but more so for medical reasons. While some cannot sleep without pillows, some find it comfortable and convenient to sleep without it. Like everything else, it’s all a matter of preference. It may not work for others what works for you.

Not all pillows fit all sleepers. There is the right type of pillow for every individual. Apart from the comfort, aesthetic design, and price, there are other considerations when shopping for the right pillow type. There are favorite pillows for a good reason as it combines practically every important aspect or attributes such as a luxurious feel, right amount of firmness, support, durability, and aesthetics for a reasonable price that won’t leave you shortchanged.

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