Fun Things For Couples To Do At Home

There’s a point in every romantic relationship where partners must learn some fun things for couples to do at home. It’s effortless to be passionate when the purse is filled. You hold your partner, walk around the city, and you would be confused about what to do. Should we see a movie?

No, let’s taste some local dishes in some nearby restaurant. That’s not good enough. How about we go to the beach? Should we decide who the best biker is? Bring on the bicycles! More, more, and more ideas will flow in. You might be at the decision-making stage till the day starts turning dark, and by then, your options are reduced. Yeah! That’s because there are many things to try out in the city with your partner. But what about home?

Many couples become clueless when there are little money and no chance of going out on a date. If you are one, and you are reading this, count yourself lucky. Think you’ve got some clues? Get more here. There are several cute date ideas, many of which would count as great fun things for couples to do at home.

Things for couples to do at home when bored

However, from a pool of many, I have drawn out fifteen amazing things for couples to do at home when bored, or when they want to fill the air with all colors of romance. Fast clue, it’s all better reading this with your partner. It’s one of the fantastic activities. But if your partner is away, no qualms. Read on, and when back together, take the lead!

15 Fun Things For Couples To Do At Home

Read fun books together at home

What’s fun? Whatever you enjoy doing. Therefore, fun books will be genres your partner enjoys reading. Someone has to sacrifice here. It may not be the genre you like, just do it for your partner, and somehow, you are also getting into the different world of another genre.

The truth is, all genres are interesting. In some cases, you can both agree on some sweet romance, or other genres, to read. That’s all better. Let your girl stay inside your arms, rest on a corner of your bed, then read aloud, your lips near her ear, one hand or hers holding the book, the other hand caging her. I advise against reading horror though. Your partner might chicken-out when the door creaks (lol).

Couples can try some simple, fun work-outs at home

One of the sweet couples’ activities at home. Go online, find some simple moves to burn calories at home. If you are the guy here, you might have to support her on most moves.

Stay behind her, hold her waist as she tries bending, or whatever else. Just for a while though! Don’t be a perverted partner. Be a gentle gym instructor with no strings attached. I know that’s almost impossible for you. Did I forget to mention it’s healthy to shower after exercise?

Build a fort at home

Remember how you did it when you were a kid? Now, relive your childhood with your partner and watch both of you play like kids for hours. It’s all better with a camp pillow, and the best place is your living room. If you don’t know how to build a pillow fort, go online.  

Couples can have a fun painting competition at home

Confused about games to play with spouse? Tell your partner to sit back, then try sketching his/her image. After that, sit back and get drawn too. Post the silly (I guess) pictures online and get some fun reviews from friends. Hey buddy! You gotta win! Don’t fail me.

Try some online games at home

There are several games for couples online. You will get several options that can only be reduced by your intimacy or platform (android/iOS). They include SlimeDroid HD, Piyo Block2, Words with Friends, Draw Something, etc. They are all Couples’ games to play at home, and they are only a search away.

Get a lovely massage

This works fine for the weekend after a week of stress and unavoidable duties. Let some slow music play, get the oil, apply it. It helps unwind and have fun simultaneously. One person first, then, the other. Proven clue: The last person to be massaged enjoys more.

Try some new moves at home

Get on YouTube, search for tutorials on some dance steps, and learn them together. I suggest whoever learns faster should laugh while the other battles with the lesson (in your interest) because it is your chance, you might play second fiddle on another activity, and your partner will laugh!

Record a fun video with your partner at home

Make a video of both of you trying the new dance or a previously learnt one. You could also record yourself trying to sing a popular song. Put it online and your friends will give their comments, but most important, you’ll get other couples jealous.

Make a photo album

Don’t buy a ready one, make a new one together. That’s one of the many couples’ crafts you can try. Go online to find out how you can make a photo album, when you make it, put in pictures that would bring great memories every time you open the album.

Couples can turn their homes to a fun Spa

One of the cute at-home date ideas that would save you some bucks. Why spend money at the spa when you can try some DIY facials with your partner? It’s going to be fun, you’d help your faces, you’d help your pockets, and the greatest, you’d help your LOVE.

Improve the home

Talk your partner into doing minor projects you’ve been postponing for long. Clean up the dirty garage, fix a broken table, work on the garden, paint a wall, etc. Just do something together. Make sure it’s not boring. Sing a song together, get pauses to run after each other, make it look like the fun it is, not another day at work.

Watch the stars

You wouldn’t know how interesting this could turn out to be until you have tried it. Get outside with some drinks and snacks, go with a blanket too, wrap yourselves up at the backyard, then, discuss memorable things while watching the stars. If you don’t share so much memories, make sure you make one that night. 

Try taking a warm bath together

Taking a bubble bath with your partner can prove to be so romantic. While at it, discuss about the day with your partner. If there’s nothing to discuss, reaffirm your partner of your love. You could light a candle to make the scene better.

Compete with your partner in the kitchen

Challenge your partner to a cooking competition where the loser does the dishes. You would be surprised how both of you would put in your all to make it amazing. Fast cheat: Prepare something that lasts on heat a little longer than your partner’s.

When her food is almost ready, kiss her for some minutes. If you do it well, only the smell from the burnt food would separate you, and she would be left with no choice other than eating your food and doing the dishes. You win!

Get the game pads

Video games can strengthen your relationship. Don’t doubt it. If your partner isn’t good enough, take your time to teach her. When she enjoys it as much as you do, you can have some memories playing it, especially the day she defeats you, or scores a freekick against you on FIFA. You’d be shocked. Something would tell you another guy taught her (lol). That’s not be true. She got better.


Your purse does not matter, you only have to be ready. Gender isn’t an excuse too. Anyone can start the fun.

You are a wife who is interested in knowing things to do with your husband when you are bored, or who wants romantic date night ideas at home for him, they are all at your fingertip.

You are a man who is interested in knowing fun games for couples to play at home, you can stop thinking now, and start acting. With the fifteen ideas above, strengthen your love, and thank me later.

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