How To Choose A Rug for Living Room

A friend once visited me and he was swept away by the beauty of my Livingroom. Days later, when we were talking, he said there was something unique about the beauty that he could not fish out on the first glance. After taking his time, he found out my rug did the magic. He wanted the same thing but was confused about many things so he had to dial my number to ask how to choose a rug for the living room, and since I’m always interested in décor elements, I was glad to help.

You would never know how difficult making the decision to opt for a rug and forgo another could be until you are about to purchase one and you see many beautiful colors, remember the colors of your house, think of maintenance, among other confusions. In this post, I have solved all the issues for you. The following are questions you should answer to help you make the right decision:

Why are you buying the rug?

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Rug for Your Living Room

In my friend’s case, it is because of jealousy (lol). That was a joke, he simply wanted beauty. There are many reasons that can be behind your desire to get a rug, and for every reason, there are types of rugs that are an exact match. Are you buying it solely because you need it to bring a striking and appealing beauty to the living room like my friend? Are you buying it because you need it to give you comfort? I have heard of a number of people who bought rugs because they wanted to hide permanent stains or tears that they consider displeasing to the sight of visitors. I have also seen someone who wanted to get a rug because of the season. He said, “it’s too cold these days”.

Whatever the reason is, you must be able to figure it out. When you are able to do that, it automatically screens out some of the options and some of your headache. You don’t have to worry if you are still left with a huge number. When you proceed to the next step, more options would be out of consideration.

What is the living room size?

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This is a very important question to answer. I once saw a living room with an odd look. The colors on the wall were beautiful but the whole place still looked odd. When I took a closer look at the rug, I discovered it was covering too much space. That’s almost like a waste of money. Rugs have to be exact. You can’t afford to lay something that is either too big or too small.

There are simple clues for correct rug placement. You don’t have to cover the entire surface with your rug, It’s the 21st century and we have gone past that. The rug, amidst other functions, is supposed to mark where people can sit in your living room. Therefore, you must have pictured the living room with a rug and decided where to place the chairs. If what you want is an under table rug, then it is going to be much smaller.

It is often recommended to place the front legs of the chairs on the edges of the rug, however, some rugs come in bizarre shapes that would make you go against that recommendation. So, the level of the distance you want between people sitting in opposite directions and the preferred arrangement of chairs will all tell on the size of rug to buy.

With this, you’ve reduced your options, and in this case, that’s positive.


What texture of rug do you want?

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Texture Of Rug

The mistake many people make is having different textures of rugs in front of them before deciding which one they want. That could put you through a lot because almost all textures are fantastic. You must have decided what texture you want before checking what is in stock. There are many factors that would influence your decision. In your own interest, be careful when deciding this so that you don’t get yourself a rug that would keep you happy for only a few days but become a burden just after a few months.

If you have a lot of people who use your living room, or if you have pets around, it is better to go for an all-wool option because it can take a lot of pressure, and it may last for years before any physical change is found. Wool rugs also come with warmth for your legs and your pets.

Another option is silk, which is beautiful, soft, but tough to clean. It is somewhat expensive as well. Jute and sisal are natural options. They are rough, but they can be really amazing if used the right way. Go for a texture that isn’t too expensive and too difficult for you to maintain.

What color of rug complements the color(s) of the living room?

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Colour Of Rug

This is the point where your eyes have to judge. If you are not strong in deciding colors, it is better you look for a friend who is. Your rug must look like a part of the room. If it stands against the existing colors, if you have people like me as friends, they will tell you about the mismatch in the most painful way that you would have to consider getting a new one the following day.

Not only colors, but some patterns are also better for the arrangement you want to have. Make sure you are going for an amazing pattern. When the color matches and the pattern looks natural in the living room, everyone who enters would comment about your beautiful living room.

What about layering your rugs?

Multiple rugs layered on each other are very perfect. If you do it right, they look beautiful, give you the chance to opt for a combination of colors that you prefer, and they are thicker. However, you have to be careful to not go for conflicting colors. There are many recommendations of colors for layering your rugs but I have found out that all colors are amazing if they don’t conflict with the ones already in the house and if the rugs don’t have conflicting patterns.

It is easy to decide the best rug for other rooms. You could easily look for rug size for queen bed, or rug size for king bed, or for bunk mattress online and you would have a clue of what to put in your room. For the living room, many other factors have to be considered. By the time you are able to answer all the questions above, you would have been left with a few options from which you can easily choose the best rug for your living room.

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