How to Wash a Down Pillow

A down pillow can be characterized as more comfy when there’s a need to get a soft, fluffy cushion. If you like lying on your back, you could choose a down cushion. Down pillows perform well as they come with very comfy features.

Down cushions are awesome. And knowing how to wash a down pillow makes it all the more awesome.

When you’re tired of trying too rigid supports for your apnea, check out a down pad. A down pillow could serve as anti-snoring cushion.

Can You Wash Feather Pillow?

It’s very possible to get a feather pillow washed thoroughly. But most cleaning efforts should be focused on the covering to sustain the wholeness of the filling.

Washing Feather Pillows

The casing can be machine or hand washed. Also, the inner fill can be doused in a detergent solution to reduce dust and dirt build up.

What Makes a Washed Feather Pillow Smell?

Feather cushions have been properly treated to ensure maximum comfort when they’re dry. But when these cushions get wet, they could develop an offensive odor.

If your washed feather pillow smells bad, it’s because too much water has soaked up in it. 

How to make pillows fluffy again

Knowing how to fluff down pillows isn’t so tricky. For the finest fluff, all you need is extra padding; which may be made of latex, cotton, wool, or feathers. A down cushion is extra fluffy, but with time it tends to lose its plump build.

To re-fluff your cushion, you’d have to check where there’s noticeable flabbiness. When you’ve assessed the parts of the cushion in need of shoring, here’s what you’ll do.

  • Remove outer casing of the pillow
  • Open the covering that holds the filling
  • Add fill to the affected area
  • Sew up primary cashing that holds the fill together
  • Cover with secondary casing

How long do feather pillows last?

The durability and lifespan of your favorite feather pillow rests on your actions. When these pillows receive proper maintenance, longevity could be assured.

Regular washing, disinfecting, de-odorizing, and more could help your cushion perform at an optimal level for longer.

How do you clean down pillows?

Cleaning down pillows isn’t as difficult as you’ve thought. There’s no heart-wrenching moment in getting the perfect clean when you use these steps;

Deep Clean

  • Get the outer casing off
  • Remove any secondary covering if the filling is to be cleaned
  • Wash the covering as desired (hand/machine) in soapy water
  • Fills such as feathers should be dried off rather than washed to prevent odor

Stain Removal

Removing stains from your down pillow can be easily managed with the following steps;

  • Get the outer casing a wash

For the primary casing which holds your cushion’s fill together, here’s what you’ll do;

  • Take a piece of clean cloth and a soap solution
  • Dip cloth in soap and clean off dirt gradually
  • When dirt is noticeably off, clean area once more with clean water
  • Allow to dry before use

What to do with old feather pillows  

Do you have some old feather pillows and think throwing them off is the best thing? It actually isn’t! Right now, there’re lots of situations where your old pillows could come in handy. Apart from being perfect as an extra fill, you can also use it for;

  • Making smaller pillows
  • Cushion support
  • Headrest padding

How to Deodorize Feather Pillows?

When a down pillow smells after washing, you’ve got to get it deodorized. Following the simple steps below will give you the results you need;

  • Get the cushion’s covering off
  • Add baking soda in a bowl
  • Place the filling into bowl and work around to mix with baking soda
  • Pack filling into the casing and prepare for use

Note: the amount of baking soda you use shouldn’t be in excess. Go for a moderate amount of soda just enough to be distributed properly around your pillow.

Final Word

There’s so much you can get from cleaning your down pillow. You’ll sleep better with your health assured, and wake up more energized than ever!

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