How to wash a silk pillowcase

It seems to me that silk pillowcases are made for beauty sleep. Because during the sleep it can easily maintain our skin and hair. To get it all time, you also have to care for your silk pillowcases as per the care label.

Like any fabric, silk fabric can get dirty with excess moisture. But, when you take care of silk bedding, it will return your health benefits. That’s the reason many people want to know How to wash a silk pillowcase? or how to wash a mulberry silk pillowcase?

For example, If you use a Zimasilk mulberry silk pillowcase, it is lightweight, hypoallergenic, breathable, and soft. However, you have to follow the hand wash method for this 19 Momme silk pillowcase and hang dry it in the shade. You can machine wash it, but the maximum water temperature would be 30 degrees or 86 Fahrenheit.

How to wash silk pillowcase by hand?

How to wash silk pillowcase by hand

Follow the below steps to know “how to hand wash silk pillowcase.”

  • Fill a bowl/container/basin/sink with cool water for washing silk pillowcase.
  • Add drops of cleanser/surfactant/laundry detergent ​for delicate.
  • Soak the pillowcase for some time.
  • Stir the pillow cover in the water.
  • Clean it in cool water.
  • Squeeze to remove the water.
  • Hang dry the pillowcase in the shade.

How to wash silk pillowcase in washing machine?

How to wash silk pillowcase in washing machine

When washing silk pillowcases, always turn the inside of the cover out to keep the outer surface smooth. You also can use a laundry bag to wash silk pillowcases. All these you have to do to protect your silk clothes during the wash.

Followed by the washing instructions, place the silk bedding in the washing machine in cold water. You can use lukewarm water, but the maximum temperature not more than 30C. Mixed some laundry detergent for silk that does not contain bleach or enzyme. Don’t use harsh detergents, as this will ruin the silk surface.

How to dry silk pillowcase?

How to dry silk pillowcase

The best way to dry your silk pillowcase is in the shade. If you dry it in the direct sunlight or direct hear sources, it must ruin the silk items. High temperatures are not suitable for silk items; the manufacturer must mention it in the care label.
While hurry, you can use tumble dry with a low heat setting of the dryer. You also can use air dry for a short time.

Do silk pillowcases stain easily?

Do silk pillowcases stain easily

Silk fabrics are delicate and smooth. Based on use, it can stain. Never use chlorine bleach, enzyme, or harsh detergents when washing silk pillowcases; it will create a stain. Also, don’t rub the silk harshly. Don’t wait a long when you see stains on it; washing sooner will remove stains. Delay will make it permanent.

Should I wash my silk pillowcase before I use it?

It always depends on your personal preferences. Usually, new arrivals bed sheets and pillowcases wash as usual during productions. So, it’s not necessary to wash after buying. But if you want, you can always do it.

Silk sheet sets should be handwash with cold water. Also, you can machine wash with cold water or a bit of warm water, but the temperature should be within 30C. Please keep in mind that silk should be washed with other silk items only for safety. A mesh laundry bag with gentle laundry soap or gentle detergent is suitable for silk wash.

How to wash satin pillowcase?

Cleaning a satin pillowcase is similar to any other pillowcase. You can wash the satin pillowcases in cold water with gentle detergent in the washing machine. Please use a delicate or gentle cycle. Don’t wash satin cover together with heavy fabrics like denim.

How to iron silk pillowcase?

When you want to remove wrinkles and creases from silk fabrics, it is better to use the steamer. Or you can be ironed with a layering of cloth to protect the silk.


Can you put silk pillowcases in the dryer?

No, you can’t dry silk products in the dryer. Heat will ruin the silk fibers. If it is a hurry, you can use air dry for 10 to 15 minutes. Air settings should fix for a fixed time.

How often to wash silk pillowcase?

Please wash your bed sheets and pillowcases at least once a week. If possible, wash the cover every two or three days for a healthy life.

How do you wash silk pillowcases?

As I have mentioned above, all the methods “how to wash a silk pillowcase?” So, I will follow from there.

What is the best detergent for silk?

You can use any silk washing detergent, but it should have pH-neutral nature. Or you can use your hair shampoo.

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