How to Wash Satin Pillowcase

Modern satin fabrics are made from polyester and rayon which turns the pillow look luxurious and shiny. For its plain weave, it’s surface is smooth and soft. Savvy sleepers love to use satin pillowcases for it’s smooth and gentle feeling. So, the question comes how should I take care of those delicate satin pillowcase?

To take care of your satin fabric, first you should know the type of fibers used to wove it. Usually, satins are made from polyester, nylon, acetate – or one of those three blended with silk. Check your satin pillowcase’s care label whether it contains Dry clean only tag or not. If so, follow the instructions stated in the care label or you may consider using a professional service.

All other types of satin will benefit from these care guidelines to keep it in the best condition possible.

Follow the steps below to wash your satin pillowcase

Flip the inside out

Flip your satins pillowcase’s inside out. There might be a inner lining. Thats handy, you can use it to protect the delicate satin surface of your pillowcase. No worries, it won’t hamper cleaning.

Try handwashing

Handwashing is the best option to wash any satin fabric. If you can afford, try handwash your satin pillowcase. Handwashing helps to keep the softness and shiny mood intact.

Use mesh laundry bag

Consider using a laundry bag made of micr-mesh. It’s smooth friction is best for delicate fabrics to avoid getting twisted to wrapped around.

Wash with similar fabrics

It’s advised to wash satins together with other soft fabric clothes. Washing with heavy fabrics may damage the satin.

Use cool water

Always use normal temperature water to wash any satin fabric. Hot water or even warm water might damage the fiber and cause pillowcase to shrink.

Choose a mild detergent

Avoid harsh detergent to wash your satin. A mild detergent will do the job well. Many individuals use baby shampoo to wash their satins. Give a try!

Set a lower spin cycle

If your washer have a delicate mode, use that. Else reduce the spin cycle as low as possible so that it doesn’t twist the fabric.

How to wash satin pillowcases by hand?

How to wash satin pillowcase by hand

Follow the below steps to handwash your satin pillowcases

  • Fill a bowl/basin/container/sink with cold water.
  • Add a small amount of laundry detergent/cleanser for delicate.
  • Turn inside out the satin pillowcase and soak few minutes.
  • Stir the pillowcase in the water.
  • Clean it in cold water.
  • Hang the pillowcase to dry.

Note: When using a washing machine, put it in a laundry bag for safeguard. If you don’t have a laundry bag, put it in the cotton pillowcase. It will help from bouncing in the washing machine.

Silk vs Satin pillowcases: why they’re way better?

Silk is a fiber produced from silkworms which harvested for textiles from the beginning. So, it’s luxury products since its starts, for its production process. But, these days, natural silk is rare and price-sensitive because of its complicated weave.

Though few manufacturers mix other materials to reduce the silk price, the texture will not be the same as the original silk. That’s is whyis it better to sleep on silk or satin pillowcase silk is so expensive. If you would like to know about the best silk pillowcases, please visit here.

On the other hand, original satin is made from silk. These days, satin is made from different synthetic fibers like polyester, nylon, and rayon, which gives a luxurious and shiny look.

The weaving technique of satin is also complex. However, for its smooth surface, the satin pillowcase is popular; when you move during sleep, your hair and skin rub against the surface much less.

FAQ: How to wash polyester satin pillowcase

How often to wash satin pillowcases?

Wash your satin pillowcases once a week, when you are using those regularly. In busy days, you may use those up to two weeks in a row, but it should not be longer. Body oil and dust it soaks over time must be cleaned to keep your satin pillowcases comfortable.

Do satin pillowcases prevent wrinkles?

Satin pillowcases promise to take care of your beauty while sleeping. When you fall asleep, it will help to reduce your wrinkles by its smooth surface.

Are satin pillowcases better for your hair?

Satin pillowcase benefits are that it helps to keep your hair fresh like a silk pillowcase. It is obvious the satin pillowcases for hair are better. The surface smoothness eliminates the irritation of your hair rubs against the pillow cover.

Do satin pillowcases stay cool?

Satin pillowcase is well known for its temperature-control quality. So, it always keeps you stay cool.

Why should you sleep on a satin pillowcase?

There are lots of reasons to using the satin pillowcase, which is described above. It takes care of your hair and skin, prevents wrinkles, and for the excellent surface, you will fall asleep quickly.

Where to buy satin pillowcases?

There are many platforms to buy satin pillowcases. Online is one of the biggest platforms, and if you would like to go to a bedding store near you, google for the nearest shopping mall. You will get the satin pillowcase in most of the bedding stores.

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