InteVision Foam Bed Wedge Pillow Review


Looking to get the right info on the best anti-snore pillow? This intevision foam bed wedge pillow review will give you all the relevant facts.

Resting on an ordinary pillow could increase the chances of you snoring at night. When snoring is an issue, and anti-snore pillow is your best option out.

These best pillows for snoring support your head position and give you a better alignment with your neck and spine. These anti-snore pads have so many exciting features, but getting the right one for you is something else entirely.

The comfort industry gets bigger every day with newer pad releases. Customers can easily get selection headaches with so many pads in the market. Also, pillows should have multiple features to promote better sleep regardless of your position.

The best pillow you can buy right now is the intevision foam wedge pillow(s).

What to expect from intevision foam bed wedge pillow review

When you get all the facts about a product, it becomes easier to make a natural choice. In this review, you get access to the shape, covering, fill, options, extras, and more to help you make this pad yours. 

  • Wedge ideal for sitting and sleeping
  • Anti-snoring build
  • Breathable bamboo/cotton fabric
  • Ideal for a range of sleepers with a need for special sleep positions
  • Inorganic filling
  • High shipping fees

The shape of foam wedge pillows

This pad is shaped to have a fully reclining position. The gradual slanting nature of this pad gives you a relaxed sleeping position. With this position, your airways remain open, and your nostrils release better air. When airflow through your nostrils is sustained, snoring is eliminated.

The shape of this best wedge pillow for side sleepers also helps against acid reflux, allergies, and other rare conditions.

Apart from being ideal for snoring, the shape of this pad ensures better sleep for people with acid reflux issues, allergic reactions, and more.

Covering of best wedge pillows

The covering of this best pillow for sinus problems comes made with high-quality bamboo covering. The bamboo viscose covering of this pad makes it ideal for a cooler nap time.

Apart from being so comfy to rest on, this pad is fully machine-washable, meaning it’s easier to maintain than lots of other pads.


The pad comes with a fill of memory foam. This memory foam fill is designed to improve breathability.

The best pillows for snorers should have higher breathability, and this pad is so comfy with the combination of the fill and covering of this pad.


The pad comes in three different sizes, so no matter your choice, there’s a pad just for you.


This pad comes with the option of another outer shell. The outer shell of this pad can either come in bamboo viscose by default or with an Egyptian cotton shell. No matter your choice, you’ve made sure your naps are breathable and comfy.

Final Word

This InteVision pad has all you need to make your snoring days a thing of the past. Get a product today, and make sure you have a better rest time.

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