Is a recliner better than a sofa?

With the various options, it almost confuses us, Is a recliner better than a sofa? However, if you go into little depth, you can decide what you should choose between them.

Indeed, the quality pieces of sofas are essential furniture for a home. It makes a living room appealing and beautiful. But when it comes to the standard reclining sofas, you’ll find it contains all the manual sofas features, not any special features.

It offers better facilities than the regular sofas in a home. Because of the reclining system and ultimate comfort, it’s considered a better option than traditional sofas. Let’s know why you must have a recliner sofa instead of the manual sofas in your home.

What is a recliner sofa?

A recliner is an armchair and sofa that provides excellent back and foot support to its users. It’s a well-adjustable sofa that goes to the backward, downward, and recliner position for assisting its users. As a consequence, the users get relief from their foot and back pain within a few minutes.

Unlike the traditional sofas, the recliner sofas come both in the manual and electric versions. In addition, both versions offer separate support and assistance to their users.

The manual recliner is excellent for the shoulder, arms, and body, and the electric ones offer something more. Some power recliners come with a rechargeable battery. So regardless of the healthy people, it’s also suitable for the older and surgery patients.

What to consider to buy a recliner sofa?

Because of covering all the manual sofa’s features, the recliner sofas are considered glory furniture. But there are some specific things that you need to consider when buying a recliner sofa. Here they are:

Comfort level and fit

Comfortability should be given top priority when purchasing a recliner sofa. If your selected sofa doesn’t fit you, ensuring the total comfort level would be difficult. And ensuring comfortability is the main motive of purchasing a recliner sofa.

Therefore, when purchasing a recliner, confirm it’s perfect for your height. Then, select the couch, its shallow seats, length, and depth based on your height. Also, make sure the downside of the couch supports your feet and knees best.


Considering the modern design of the couch is the basic thing that you mustn’t forget when buying. Are you confused about choosing a recliner’s design? If so, then look around your living room and think about what facing designs and colors will go best with the room.

You mustn’t forget what trends are going on when choosing a reclining sofa. Consider the modern design if you want to ensure a unique interior design for it.

Quality matters

The recliner sofas may come with a leather finish, leatherette, fabrics, and so on. If you want to assure the solid quality and price doesn’t concern you, choose the real leather sofas. They are too classy as well as durable.

Conversely, if you want a good quality sofa within the budgeted price, the leatherette sofa is your suitable option.

Finally, there comes the reclining sofa, which contains the fabric material. Unfortunately, it’s not that quality materials for the sofas; hence, avoiding the material would be wise. Nevertheless, there’s some durable fabric that is considered quality material at a low price.


The springs of your chosen recliner sofa must have to be firm and solidly built. Indeed, a well-built spring offers more significant support to your body when turning the sofa in a reclining position. Over time, it won’t get a break or damage, likewise the weak springs.


If you want to ensure your recliner’s long-lastingness and additional comfort, you must check its padding. To ensure great padding, check each corner of the recliner, including the seating area.

Make sure there is no inconvenient edge on the sofa. If there are any, you won’t find the recliner comfortable to use.

How do you choose the right recliner?

With the versatile reclining features, the recliner is the perfect choice for the customers. There are versatile types of recliners found in the market. Selecting the right sofa becomes easy if you know what the special features they include are.

Rocker recliners

rocker recliners for small spaces

Rocker recliners relax the body when you use them in a rocking motion. As a result, it facilitates sleeping better than the bed. If you have insomnia, sleeping on the rocker recliners will be the right treatment. To facilitate sleeping, purchase the best recliner for sleeping.

Wall-hugger recliners

wall hugger recliners big lots

The Wall-hugger doesn’t relax the body like the rocker recliner. Instead, it hangs up with the wall and facilitates the users to sit in a higher position. Excess movement is not allowed in the wall-hugger recliner.

Lift chairs

lift chairs for seniors

With versatile shapes and sizes, the lift recliners fit almost anyone’s body. That’s why it’s a suitable choice for the older one. The motorized mechanism, the reclining chair, goes back to the upright position above its base. If you have weak knees and legs’ limited capacity, you’ll find the recliner very useful.

Massage recliners

best recliners with heat and massage

For providing relaxation to your body, the massage recliners lift you from the base. In addition, some of those sofas also come with amazing heating functionality. As a consequence, you can stay warm when relaxing and messaging your body.

Choose a massage recliner if you spend long, tiring days commonly, and stress is your regular companion.

Wing-back recliner

wingback recliner rockerIf you don’t like the above recliner’s look, consider the classic and contemporary seating collection. With the contemporary style and aesthetic look, the wing-back is a perfect addition to a recliner.

You might get the aesthetic look; nevertheless, you won’t get the message recliners or lift chair features.

Should I purchase a sectional or a sofa?

recliner vs sofaSelecting a suitable type of sofas mostly depends on the space of your living room. If you have a spacious and large living room, the sectional recliner will be a great choice. A reclining sectional includes two or more parts of leather furniture that need a spacious space to adjust.
Conversely, select the standard types of sectional sofas when your guest room is medium or small-sized. The full sofa comes in a single piece so that you can adjust it anywhere you want.

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