Sleep Better Pillow Reviews


Sleeping on your side is one of the most stressful nap positions, especially when you don’t have the right support pillow.

It’s not your fault that you enjoy sleeping on a particular part of your body, and you should get the pad that’s perfect for you. Sleep better pillow reviews are required to make the most of your buying options for a support pad.

Right now, numerous pads on the market promise everything when it comes to pillow comfort. A good number of these pillows come made hurriedly, making the quality lower than required.

For your sleep to be assured, ensure you get the best cooling pillow for side sleepers that conform to your shape and allow you to rest effortlessly.

With such a pad in your bed, you’ll sleep better and wake up more energized.

What to Expect

In this review, expect no more than all the intricate features of this pad. Since there are so many pillows in stores, getting a heads-up on the info that’ll drive your buying decision is vital.

The contour design of the pad, the materials used in making the pad, the fill/loft, and lots more are provided for you.

Apart from the main features, extras are also provided to complement everything about this pad. With all this info, getting to choose this pad will become as effortless as ever. You’ll be overtly satisfied with what this pillow can deliver when you’re through with this read.

  • Easy to maintain
  • High loft
  • Ergonomic design
  • Heat dissipation technology included
  • Phase changing material (PCM) build
  • The casing could get stained easily

Contour Design/Material

The contour design of this pad is both innovative and breathtaking. It comes in a well-rounded design with the edges neatly sewn. Also, the covering material of this pad adds to its comfortable surface texture.

With a full cotton weave, the pad’s outer cover is all-natural and ready to provide the comfy nap you deserve.

Size & Loft

At a standard 23†X 15.5†size, the pad can provide extra support for your neck and back area hassle-free.

Also, the 5.5†loft will keep your head well-rested, staving off the chances of any pain.


The pad functions by supporting your neck and shoulders when you’re resting on your back with its ample dimensions.

Also, the high loft ensures you remain properly rested through your night’s rest. Apart from that, you have the memory foam fill that encourages breathability for your pad. This fill is comfortable and works with the cotton shell for a more refreshing rest.


Phase-changing material (PCM) is used in making this pad and helps increase the comfort of sleepers. The chosen material in this pad goes a long way in ensuring better absorption of heat for freshness during cold weather.

Also, it promotes heat dissipation to promote coolness for you during warm weather. Also, the machine-washable cover promotes easier maintenance for your pad’s outer shell.

Final Word

Now that you’ve seen all you need on the best sleeping pillow for your nap time, what’s left is to make a purchase. An informed decision makes your choice for a SleepBetter pad less tricky, and you’ve got everything here to help you maintain better sleep.

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