Thermarest Compressible Pillow Review


With no bed to give you all-around support for your body when camping, traveling, or on a picnic, a comfy pad should be the best option for you. It’s a good thing you’re now going through this Thermarest Compressible Pillow Review.

Currently, you could get confused with the heap of pads on the market, but not all of these pillows can give you what you need. That’s why you should be attentive as possible to get the most from this read. It’ll surely make your outdoor adventure more comfortable than you ever expected.

What to expect

In this review, expect to see all the exciting elements of the Thermarest pillow. After that, you’ll see every other thing you need from a pad to ensure you get more comfortable.

  • Assortment of colors to pick from (13 in total)
  • Cool sleep function
  • Expandable foam filling
  • A bit expensive

Outer shell

The Thermarest compressible travel pillow comes built in a conventional design with regular pillows. Don’t be fooled by design, and it has so many unique features hidden in the pack.

Also, the material used in making these pads comprise polyester covering brushed to promote an even texture. The fill of this pad works with this comfy outer shell to guarantee better support for you every time.


The cushion’s fill comes in something that’ll thrill you when you get wind of it. With a high-quality, cool polyurethane foam fill, you’ve assured the right amount of support for your neck.

To make it more interesting, it’s noteworthy that this fill comes with an inflatable feature to ease your customization effort. You can easily pump air into the layer within the foam to expand or contract the pad as you please.


The Thermarest travel pillow enlarges to a substantial 16†X 27†for the large size. It also comes in small, medium, and large options.

Also, no matter the size of pad you choose, it’s incredibly lightweight and easy to store.


Any pad you get in the market should be lofty enough to give ample support to your head and neck area.

That’s why when you get to know that this cushion comes at 4†across all sizes, you’ll be in a rush to get one for yourself. When you’ve got a lofty, soothing pad like this, those outdoor moments will become comfier than ever!


The Thermarest camping pillow is ideal for keeping your head elevated while camping or on a trip with its high loft design.

Also, the pad comes with a design that goes a long way in promoting easy inflation. Easy inflation means you have a quicker chance of getting your desired, hassle-free outdoor nap.

Its build also makes it easy to pack into any small area in your backpack.


The pad is made in the US with high-quality materials, guaranteeing a quality addition to your outdoor accessories.

Final Word

The best backpacking pillow is here for you. To get the best off such a review, look closely at each feature, single out the points that appeal to you, and make a choice based on those points.

Choose your travel and camping adventure, and become more comfortable wherever you go!

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