What is a Pillow Princess

There’s a lot of color in women when it comes to different expressions of sexual emotion. A “pillow princess” prefers to get a lot more sex than give. what is a pillow princess

What does pillow princess mean? Pillow princess definition; in a short LGBTQ woman wants to get sexual stimulation more than they do to give. It’s no doubt why you’re reading this. When sexual relations are a thing, you can expect only two things from a lady- she could either go all in or be a little laid back.

Let’s take a look at who the sexual princess described by this term are, and much more;

What is a Pillow Princess?

A pillow princess is a female, mostly an LGBTQI+ woman, who relishes having sex without any work. In most cases, a pillow princesshaving sex with a pillow under their head. It may be seen as lazy by some, but it s the way these girls like it.

pillow princess meaning

For the first time, the particular individual who used the term is a mystery, but the circle where the name propped up is very well known. The LGBTQI+ community is noted for coining the term, and it has been used to describe more than just princess lesbians ever since.
Due to the universal undertone the name carries, it s now OK to refer to a straight girl as a pillow princess with little or no lashing out expected.

Where s the term mostly used

The demo most attributed to using this term are the Gen Z s and X s after all, it was coined right within their rise to popularity. So, it s more likely to hear pillow princess from someone within their late 20s to early teens, rather than from a 40+ man or woman.

The pillow princess slang has taken over when teens/young adults try to describe a bashful girl who needs fun.

How do you have sex with a pillow princess?

If you currently have a pillow princess, having sex with your pillow could be easier with these steps. Follow these instructions, and you ll be assured the best sex with your pillow princess.

Make her feel very comfortable

Since the pillow princess has registered, she s bashful, and she needs someone who ll make her feel comfier. Get her to sit wherever she likes and keep her engaged in a friendly conversation. The chances are higher to get the pillow princess laid when she s more relaxed around you.

Be daring

You could feel the pillow muncher with you will enjoy you being gentle, but that’s not the truth. Note that this pillow lesbian already feels you’ve got what they need, and that’s why she’s with you. Don’t be afraid to get her to do what you want. And you ll notice her enjoying every bit of it before you know it.

You could get creative

Since she s made it clear that you re in full control, there s no need to keep your creative skills under wraps. Get her to be indifferent positions while still lying on the bed for more pleasure.

Also, you could get her legs on your shoulders to guarantee more penetration. With this position, you can also regulate the speed of thrusts, meaning the pleasure meter is all yours with this princess.

Being creative isn t restricted to the position you decide to take with your pillow princess. You could get her to another room when the action s getting heated. These girls like whatever you re offering; they don t just want to give off anything in return for fun.

Final Word

Now you’ve got all the info you need on what a pillow princess really is. She won t be hard to track anymore. These girls are out there looking for love, and there’s nothing stopping you from being the one to provide it.

And remember, since you re looking for a pillow princess, you ve got to get a nice, comfy pillow. When the action begins, the best pillows will add a lot to the fun you ll get!

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