What is a Pillow Top Mattress

Are you currently on a quest for maximum comfort? Do you wish to know everything about pillows and mattresses for that perfect dose of relaxation? Then questions such as what is a pillow top mattress should be what you’re asking.

If you’ve got an underperforming set of cushions, throw in a mattress for a comfier rest.

Also, you could easily employ this cushion as an aid if you need your entire body well rested. As a stomach sleeper, you could enjoy your mattress with all the comfy features it provides.

What’s a Pillow Top Mattress?

In simple terms, it’s a bed cased with a fluffed covering. The covering is regularly filled with fiber, wool, or soft foam fillings. With a soft covering on this mattress, it gets more comfortable when rested on.

In some cases, it could be referred to as a euro top mattress. Euro top mattresses come with an embedded fitting with the casing.

How Does it Look Like?

A pillow mattress normally comes with seams all around the casing to hold it filling in place. Also, it features very smooth materials which complement the soft fill of the padding.

How long does a pillow top mattress last?    

These mattresses could last several years, if you maintain them right. These mattresses have a lot of comfy functions for sleepers, and have an overall fluffy, fragile build.

So, in general terms, regular washing helps in preventing damage to your cushion.

How to fix a sagging pillow top mattress

If your mattress gets saggy, it could be as a result of it being aged or overused. To fix it isn’t as tricky as you’d expect. What you need to do is follow these steps for the finest repair effort;

  • Remove the covering of your mattress
  • Inspect the pillow top of your mattress thoroughly
  • Check if any part of the mattress is ripped or improperly sewn
  • Re-sew the loose part of the mattress for a tighter fit

If you’re currently not experiencing a loose cover, but a flabby mattress, here’s what to do;

  • Assess the part of the mattress in need of refurbishing
  • Get extra foam filling
  • Remove the pillow top casing
  • Place the extra foam in the obviously sagging part of the mattress
  • Cover up with the pillow top and ensure the foam has a tight fit

How to Handle Stains on Your Mattress, and More

When you’ve got a spill on your mattress, it could be tricky to get the perfect clean. But not anymore! Use these easy steps to get those hard stains off if you don’t need a full wash.

Pillow top vs memory foam mattress, which is better?

Depending on the comfort you need, lump memory foam could provide a more robust and equally comfy mattress. In general, the choice depends on you.

When you’re in need of comfort, your preferences for an ideal mattress could greatly differ. But what a pillow top mattress offers is extra-soft and fluffy.

How to make a pillow top mattress firm

Making a pillow top mattress firm mostly depends on the material you’ve got. You could employ memory foam, fiber, lump foam, among others to get the perfect fit.

Pillow top mattress problems: how can they be fixed?

There’re lots of problems which could be fixed in a pillow top mattress. Spills, stains, and more could spring up in a pillow top mattress.

To fix stains, you just need to get the pillow top mattress a thorough clean. It doesn’t mean you’ve got to get the whole mattress immersed in water.

The mattress’ affected area could be properly cleaned with a soft cloth and soap. Clean off the affected area and douse further in water.

Final Word

These mattresses hold a lot of comfort for your nap time. Now that you’ve seen much on this pad type, it’s easier to make it your ideal choice.

And don’t forget to give your selected cushion the maintenance it needs. It’ll go a long way in improving your health and assure you more rest!

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