The Best Backpacking Pillow in 2024

If you can’t sleep well during the journey, the enthusiasm for travel ebbs. I have faced it initially, and I’ve talked to multiple travelers to know how they solve it. All they advise me to use the best backpacking pillow suitable for my sleeping styles.

After long research and testing practically, I get to know about it, and I think I should let them know to help other travelers. Always choose the compressible pillow that is easy to carry and can be used to sleep comfortably in any situation; that is the best lightweight backpacking backpacking pillow

Imagine you’re on a flight and taking a nap by the wrong travel pillow; it may injure you for its size and shape. In this situation, the best travel pillow for long-haul flights can solve this.

Here, you are going to know the backpacking pillow review that is from my own experience. All this lightest backpacking pillow will provide you comfort and support. If you hurry, then pick the best overall.

Top 10 Best pillow for backpacking

10 Best ultralight backpacking pillow

  • Smallest size.
  • Pack down very small.
  • Compact and comfortable.
  • Pillow cases and pillow can wash together.
  • Dimentions:12 x 18 x 18 inches.
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Trekology ul pillow Editors Ratings:
  • Soft compressible travel pillow.
  • Suitable for camping, hiking, climbing.
  • Dimensions: 16 x 4 x 12 inches
  • Weight stuff 2.75 oz
  • Anti-slip pillow.
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Klymit x pillow review Editors Ratings:
  • Supportive pillow.
  • Ultralight inflatable pillow.
  • Perfect head pillow.
  • Fully inflated size: 15 x 11 x 4 Inches.
  • Adjust the height to support. H
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  • Thermarest pillow best for airplanes, camping, road trips.
  • Best compressible pillow.
  • Air head pillow.
  • Compressed size 14 x 5 x 6 inches.
  • Machine washed.
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  • Made of high-quality foam.
  • Microsuede outer cover.
  • Valve for inflation.
  • Soft feel.
  • Dimensions: 17 x 11 x 3 inches
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  • Pillow full size 10.63 x 2.76 x 2.76 inches.
  • Brushed 50d polyester knit cover.
  • Tpu fabric.
  • Rest air head pillow.
  • Inflates quickly.
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  • Small inflatable pillow.
  • Removable pillowcase machine washable.
  • Integrated stuff sack
  • Weight: 3 oz
  • Dimensions: 3 x 8 x 10 inches
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  • Luxurious down pillow.
  • Inflatable Pillow.
  • Inflation valves.
  • RDS certified.
  • Dimensions: 23.2 x 15 x 4.7 inches
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Cocoon camp pillow Editors Ratings:
  • Ultralight air core pillow.
  • 100% Polyester.
  • Valve systems.
  • Soft microfiber surface.
  • Dimensions: 11.81 x 8.46 x 3.94 inches
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What is the best backpacking pillow?

Pillows that can be easily pack in a backpack and are comfortable for travel, that is, they can give you a comfortable sleep in any situation, are the best.  This article will let you know about 10 top picks, and all are suitable for travel.

Teton travel pillow camping

Whenever I plan camping, hiking, or backpacking trips, I always carry the most comfortable backpacking pillow. If my night’s sleep is not proper, then my travel adventure will be a collapse. Pillow may be a hassle to carry, but you don’t need to worry about carrying it with you when you have a Teton pillow.

There is something interesting waiting for you on this most comfortable camp pillow that you won’t realize until you get used to it. This company has sleeping bags with pillows that are matched. This car camping pillow has unique features that are not in others. Its size and weight are convenient to carry. After the pack, it is 10 x 18 x 23 cm, and the weight is only 0.8 lbs.

Without inflating, you can easily maintain these backpacking pillows. The Teton self-inflating pillows have been made for multipurpose use. Its features are stand out and will ensure you adapt to any environment better. The inner pillow and pillow case are machine washable.

This inflatable pillow for camping is built with an anti-rip feature, making sure it doesn’t tear during use. The outer cover of this pack pillow ensures you get a soft feel whenever you rest on it. The pad can expand to a bedroom pillow size so that you won’t feel discomfort away from home. The customer support is satisfactory.

Trekology inflatable air pillow

The Trekology ultralight inflating pillow will amaze you with its designs and tiny packed size. It promotes excellent support for your neck and back. So many pillows fail to meet your expectations, but the Trekology ultralight pillow will be an ideal choice for you.

The soft compressible travel pillow is a contoured design to relax your head. Its hollow center and raised edges are perfect for head support. You can use this best ultralight pillow for different sleep positions. It is ideal for side, back, and stomach sleepers.

When you’re on a long road or air journey, there is a high possibility that you’ll need lower back support. Well, if it is, then this pillow assures you a relief. You can use this as a lumbar support pillow when you need to provide comfort for your lower back area.

The ergonomic design of this air pillow provides neck support. It inflates up to 16 x 12 x 4 inches and 4 lofts for proper support. Your shoulders and upper torso aren’t left out.

Its outer material is a durable elastic TPU to enhance resistance to water and other liquids. These features maximize your comfort zone. The small packing size 5 X 2 inches and weighs 2.8 oz only.

Klymit inflatable camping cushion

Klymit pillow x review will impress you instantly! These best backpacking pillows have all the features that’ll excite you and drive you to buy. Take a look at every element of the Klymit inflatable pillow and how they help you.

The pillow provides comfort and support to your neck and back. It’s easy to inflate and deflate. The Klymit pillow x design attached a pattern in the middle of the pad where your head can adequately rest.

It can easily pack without much fuss. The packing size is too small (1.95 oz weight) to pack in your briefcase or backpack. This extra weight is nothing for a good night’s sleep. You can travel with it wherever you need. With the inflated size of 15 x 11 x 4 inches, you won’t feel any harshness.

You can customize the blow-up pillow height and sturdiness with a functional valve by removing/adding air as required. These air pillows for sleeping design make it incredibly comfy and retains its shape whenever you inflate it.

A stuff sack added to this cushion works well, and storage is also much more manageable. You’ve got an instant lifetime limited warranty when you buy this air pillow from a vetted dealer.

Thermarest compressible pillow review

When you’re thinking of outdoor sleeping with comfy, the Thermarest camp pillow is ideal for you. Its medium size dimension after expanding 14 X 18 X 4 inches, and when compressed for a pack, it is 14 x 5 x 6 inches. So if you go for the Thermarest compressible pillow size comparison, it is one of the small.

I recommend the Thermarest inflatable pillow for plane travel, road trips, camping, and backpacking. The soft foam fill makes the ultralight pillow more comfortable. With this feature, you’ll get a fresh sleep. In addition, the polyester fill allows the pillow to expand so you will sink into the soft when you hold the head.

This Thermarest camping pillow is fluffy when you rest on it. It is easily compressible for packing and ideal for a long journey. The soft brushed polyester makes it comfortable and provides coolness throughout the pad, ensuring a heat-free nap.

The 9 ounces therm-a-rest pillow carrying won’t cause you trouble. A backpacker can easily pack it. Though the pillow comes in different sizes: small, medium, large and extra-large. But I prefer the medium for comfort, weight, and size.

Nemo Fillo pillow review

Among the best backpacking pillows in the market, the Nemo Fillo backpacking and camping pillows are the most popular for a super comfortable soft, warm feel. Its microsuede cover provides a cooling feel.

The Nemo pillow comprises thick foam, a sturdy valve, a soft and washable microsuede or jersey cover, and a durable air bladder. You can use it on a long road trip, airplane, and as lumbar support.

Its weight is only 9 oz, and dimensions 17 x 11 x 4 inches when inflated. When the Nemo Fillo packs down, it looks like a potato. So, you can carry it in your backpack in a comfortable way.

Sea to summit aeros pillow ultra light

In the traveler’s arena, most of them know about these Sea to Summit pillow Aeros. The ultralight backpacking pillows have all the comfort support that you need for outdoor adventure. Among all Sea to Summit pillows, I always comfortable with the Aeros premium pillow.

The aeros inflatable pillow has a thin layer of synthetic fill on top. This  Synthetic foam absorbs sweat and increases comfort. Its brushed polyester also added comfort when you lay your head. The bent internal baffles cradle the head comfortably.

The Sea to Summit’s aeros ultralight pillow is good for side and back sleepers. It provides neck and shoulder support. It comes in two sizes and perfect for those who move around in their sleep. Your sleeping experience will not complete without this aeros pillow ultralight.

You will get an inflation valve in this Sea to summit premium pillow. It can quickly inflate the pillow with a little air pump and adjust the air pressure if necessary. Again when you need to deflate the pillow, open the second tab, and pack it. The packing size will be small, and a backpacker can easily pack it.

The pillow quickly rolled out from its pillow cases and started working in a few seconds. It’s made with durable material that ensures you’ll use this best ultralight pillow in any outdoor condition without issues. The lining of this pad is sewn to be of top quality. Air pumped into this pillow can’t escape easily; the air-core pillow quality is excellent.

Nemo Fillo elite pillow review

There are different types of backpacking pillows on the market. The Nemo elite luxury pillow has various pillows for traveling, camping, hiking, backpacking, or just napping around. Most of the inflatable hybrid pillows feature is present in this cushion.

With a synthetic insulation layer, the luxury backpacking pillow Nemo Fillo is more comfortable than most ultralight pillows. The Nemo Fillo Elite ultralight pillow is the best choice for backpackers. Its fluffy nature boosts outdoor nap time. Pillow weight is only 3 oz, and when it packs down, it looks like a tennis ball. So this stuff sack pillow won’t need much space to pack it.

It is easy to inflate and deflate to adjust the loft. After fully inflated, the air-core pillow loft will be 3 inches thick, good for head and neck contours. Nemo Fillo Elite pillowcase is made of a cotton jersey that is easy to remove and wash.

Sea to summit ultralight pillow

The Sea to summit travel pillow is super lightweight than the average ultralight pillow in the market. The weight of the pillow is 2.5 oz only. And inflated size is 13.4 x 9.4 x 4.7 inches, and the packed size is 3.15 x 2.6 inches. Several times I used it in my travel.

This luxury backpacking pillow ​top is soft and supportive that provides comfort. With its multi-function valve system, it can inflate and deflate quickly. Even though it is expensive but if you look through the comfort, you can compromise the price.

Cocoon ultralight pillow

I am too comfortable with this Cocoon hyperlight air-core pillow. Its unique feature impressed me at all. It has two sides to use in different conditions. The microfiber surface is soft, warm, and cozy on a cool night, while its nylon side is well off to sleep on a warm night.

You can adjust the firm level of this inflatable air core pillow. It is better for people who love to use a firm pillow. If it is not fully inflated, it might feel a little shaky. The available air-core size is 14 x 18 inches and 16 x 22 inches. The valve system accompanied by a twist cap mechanism adjusts individually.

Types of backpacking pillows

best hiking pillow

Inflatable pillows: Blow-up pillows are the most common lightweight backpacking pillows in the stores. Some ultralight pillows have to blow up with breath, and some are auto inflates. For auto inflates, open the valve, and it expands automatically. Adjust the loft by the amount of air. If the pillow is tight enough by full of air, it can make noise when moving your head. I always prefer NEMO Fillo Elite or Sea to Summit Aeros Premium.

Hybrid pillow: Hybrid pillows are the combination of elements; it is compressible and inflatable. The pillow’s top is fluffy to provide comfort to your head, and the bottom to increase support. The height and the support are the same as air pillows. For all these, it’s the best of both worlds.

Compressible pillows; These pillows are made of different shredded materials like foam, synthetic fiber, etc. They are comfortable but heavier and bulkier to compare with the stuff sack pillows or other ultralight pillows. If you want to pay for comfortability, move with this and with down feathers. It is easy to carry for lightweight. I like to move with REI Co-op Trail Break Foam Pillow or Therm-a-rest Compressible Pillow.

Stuff sack pillows; It is one of the best options for a backpacking trip. Do you know the “DIY backpacking pillow”? If you have a soft cloth or puffy jacket, stuff it inside the sack and keep your head for sleep. To increase the loft, you have to stuff more clothes. It is comfortable and lightweight if you fill it with the right clothes. I like to carry HMG Large Stuff Sack or ZPacks Medium Dry Bag.

Factors to consider when choosing a backpacking pillow

There are a few points you should keep in mind when you’re in the valley of decision. Let’s take a look at them;

Outer cover: During your camping trips, get a pillow with a comfortable pillow case for maximum comfort. I prefer a polyester cover, though it is less comfortable but easy to clean. You may want another but should protect the pillow inside.

Packed size: Is it collapsible or rigid? Some backpacking pillows compressible to fold in small size. Some of them get squeezed up to the size of a lighter. If you have a space issue in your backpack, select these lighter pillows ​for easy to pack.

Size and shape: The packable pillow comes in single sizes, but some have several options petite, standard, and larger pillow. Your choice depends on certain factors sleep position, body weight, etc.

How to sleep fast in 5 minutes? A comfortable sleeping position will help you do this. The shape of the pillow will allow your comfortable position. It will decide how much support you need to keep your spine aligned. Many people like a rectangular shape. Some are square and some others King or queen.

Loft: The height of the pad is a factor for good sleep. You have to choose adjustable sleeping pillows.

Insulation: When you are camping in cold weather, you need to use insulation traps that heat inside the pillow to feel warm. With this, if you have similar sleeping pads, you are safe. rei camp pillows

Noise: Some pillows make crinkly noise when you move your head, and some are silent. It’s because of the compressed air in the air pillow. So before buy, test the pillow by keeps your head on it. If you buy it online, check the customer’s review.

Comfort: Finally, you want a pillow that will support you. If above everything is okay, then make sure the outer fabric of the pillowcase is skin-friendly. Most of the pillow comes with a cover. Some pillows incorporate a soft layer on the top, and some have a removable cover. You have to select a suitable one.

If you look for a pillow cover for your home use, I must choose a silky pillow case, and it is excellent to make you happy.

Maintenance tips:

Getting the perfect backpack pillow doesn’t mean it’s all done. There are a few maintenance steps that you’ve got to follow. These steps will secure your investment and guarantee prolonged comfort from your selected air pillows for camping. Let’s take a look:

Deflate the pillow when not in use:

Blow-up camping pillows tend to support your head. But to keep it functioning for longer is not good. Emphasize keeping the cushion deflate when you don’t need it.

Don’t over-infuse the blow-up pillow:

Every air pillows for sleeping has an air accommodation limit in its air chamber. When you’ve inserted too much air in the air-head pillow, you could eventually get it damaged. Get moderate air infusion at all times to maintain your pillow.

Don’t over test the durability:

The manufacturer makes the camp pillows durable. However, using the pillow on a rough surface might lose its durability. Instead, use it where it’s less likely for your pillow to damage.

Maintain the valve system

It’s not a secret that inflatable backpacking pillows are washable. But note that not all the inflatable air pillows can withstand much stress around the multi-functional valve. Your pillow’s valve acts as a channel for releasing and inserting air and should take care of it.


What is the best travel neck pillow for long flights?

It should provide all-around support for your neck and head. So, when choosing the best inflatable pillow backpacking, keep in mind that it offers great support.

How to deodorize a sleeping bag?

The manufacturer always instructs sleeping bag and pillow washing instructions.  In most cases, inflatable camping pillows aren’t machine washable. However, most sleeping bag pillows are washable, which would be stated in your product’s packaging.

What size stuff sacks for backpacking?

The best use for backpacking is Gear Capacity (Size – L) 30 liters. And the materials should be nylon with a drawcord closure. Dimensions will be 11 x 22 inches.

Based on the hostile nature of outdoor environs, your stuff sack should be as sturdy as possible. It should have adequate anti-rip features. Also, resistance to water and a tight-lock mechanism are must-have features.

Final Word

You’ve got great info on pack pillows. Choose which pillow you think is convenient for you. When you follow this info, there’s a higher chance that you’ll be satisfied with your choice for longer. There is no wrong stuff; we have provided facts to choose the best backpacking pillows.

Get proper support for your travels, picnics, and outdoor adventures. You’d surely be glad. It’s a fact that there are several choices, but each pillow in this review is sure to give you the satisfaction you desire.

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