Top 10 Best Backpacking Pillow – Secrets You Never Knew

There are many reasons why people buy comfort pads. When it comes to the pillow for backpacking, the main aim is to provide support for your neck and head. Imagine you’re on a flight seeking to take a quick nap with the wrong pad, it may be damaging to your neck and head! Getting the best backpacking pillows is what you should focus on it.

That’s why you’ll get to see an assortment of pillows in stores right now. These pads help in no small way to deliver maximum comfort level while being easy to move around.

What to Expect

In this review, expect nothing but the best description of top-notch backpacking pads that assure excellent quality. There are so many air pillows for camping and traveling you can use to get that comfort you’ve always sought.

You’ll see every feature of each product in detail in this backpacking pillow reviews. Also, you’ll get to know how these pads’ features provide a means users with benefits.

Top rated pillow for backpacking

Here, you’ve got top choices for a pillow that’ll support you when you need outdoor comfort. But before that, let’s take a look at the pillows in a flash. Quick facts are provided to give you an idea of what to expect should you make a choice here;

Comparison Table


Product Name



hyperlite mountain gear pack review

Cuben fiber 10 fabric


sea to summit aeros pillow ultralightsea to summit aeros pillow ultralight review

Tight-knit polyester weave


nemo fillo elitenemo fillo luxury pillow review

Luxury, air-insulated foam


exped air pillowExped Pillow Review

Extremely lightweight


teton sports backpack reviewteton sports backpack review

Automatic inflation feature


best self inflating sleeping padbest self inflating sleeping pad

SBP Technology


Huzi Infinity Pillow ReviewsHuzi Infinity Pillow Reviews

Mobius design for comfier rest


klymit pillow reviewklymit cush pillow review

X design


trekology ultralight pillowtrekology pillow review

Quick deflate/inflate function


thermarest travel cushion reviewthermarest travel cushion review

Urethane filling


How to pick the pillow when backpacking

It’s easy to get that rest you deserve with the best ultralight backpacking pillow. Picking a pillow that’s just right for you depends on where you intend to use it and how long you mean to rest with it.

1. Hyperlite Mountain Gear Reviews- Best Stuff Sacks

When you’ve got a lot of stuff to move around in an outdoor environment, the lightweight stuff sacks is your most natural choice.

A lot of buyers have made this stuff sack their natural pick after reading through this Hyperlite backpack review, don’t be left out!

At 7g, this stuff sack won’t add any significant weight to what you’re carrying in it. When you have to get through areas where you’ll get in contact with water, this pad will come in handy.

It can withstand pressure and isn’t easily overcome by wear and tear. Oddly-shaped objects can also be packed easily into this stuff sack. Its Cuben fiber outer shell tightly holds the sack’s contents in place.

The drawstring makes it easier to handle even in unforgiving environments, and its cord lock design keeps the sack’s contents tightly secure. The pad comes in six sizes to accommodate different sizes of outdoor equipment.

2. Sea to Summit Aeros Pillow Premium Traveller Review

It's sure to pick your interest in this sea to summit pillow. It has all you've searching for from an outdoor cushion, and more to provide that comfort level you've been seeking for a while. Look through this sea to summit aeros pillow ultralight review to help you make a better choice.

Its tight polyester weave provides ample covering and a comfy feel for your neck and back. Its contours come with a design that collapses in the middle with elevated sides for excellent head support.

The sea to summit backpacking pillow has an easygoing texture when rested on. It also provides a support feature for your neck and back. You can quickly get this pad inflated with a few pumps of air to the air core pillow.

Store easy and can be put in a small pouch, your backpack or suitcase. You can get the pillow quickly rolled out from its case and get it working in a few seconds.

It’s made with incredibly durable materials that ensure you’ll use this best ultralight pillow in any outdoor condition without issues. The lining of this pad is sewn to be of top quality. Air pumped into this pillow can’t escape easily; the air core pillow quality is excellent.

With a casing included, you’ll find it easier to get your pillow packed and travel-ready in no time at all!

3. Nemo Fillo Elite Ultralight Backpacking Pillow

The Nemo fillo pillow has every exciting feature you need to get that free rest you deserve. Take a look at all features in this nemo fillo luxury pillow review below and how they help you get that comfiest rest possible;

Luxury foam filling encourages comfort around your pillow, and its fluffy nature boosts your outdoor nap time. The foam fill has a quality air core where air can pump in. This increases your pillow’s loftiness and boosts comfort.

This pillow can be rolled up to become smaller than a water bottle’s size, so you won’t need much space to pack it up. The covering of this pad is machine-washable for easy maintenance.

This stuff sack aids easy packing for storage. It can be used while you’re car camping, travelling, out on the beach, etc. You can deflate/inflate this pad to promote loftiness.

It weighs lesser than 9 ounces for easier movement. The compact design of this pad boosts its easy storage and travel-readiness for your ease. Also, your pillow comes with a micro-suede cover easy to maintain and gives a smooth texture when rested on.

4. Exped Air Pillow Review- Pillow for Backpacking

Do you need an air pillow that’s easy to pack and boasts that top quality rests you sorely need? Then this Exped Pillow Review is just the read for you. Looking through any will boost your interest in this pad, as there are many exciting features the pad provides.

With a multi-sleep function, any sleeper will feel comfier when using this pad. When you need a down pillow with supple support for your neck and back, then this exped neck pillow review shows the benefits of having this pad with you when you travel.

Take a closer look at this exped down pillow review and make a choice based on all facts in this review;

The cushion comes with a back-country support system. This system ensures you’re able to rest without taking up much space in your seat. Its ergonomic design makes this pad comfy for you regardless of your night’s sleep position.

The pad is built to be easy to carry around, whether, in your lightweight backpacking tents or pocket, it fits in nicely. The tricot surface makes this pad comfy to rest on and prevents discomfort and irritation.

It won’t take up much space in your backpack, as it’s easy to fit into small spaces. The stuff sack makes this pillow easily stored for re-use. Also, its valve makes your inflation/deflation of this pad rather easy to handle

5. Teton Sports Camp Pad Review- Best Hiking Pillow

The camp pillow is ideal for outdoor and travel enthusiasts who need a quick nap now and then. This pad is perfect for car camping, among other things, and will give you that relaxation you crave from sporty padding.

There’s certainly something that’ll interest you when you look through any Teton sports backpack review. This camper sleeping bag pack has all those features you’ve been missing in other pads, and much more.

You can easily maintain this pad. The inner and outer parts (pillow case) are hassle-free to wash. With an automatic inflation feature, you don’t have to blow air into your pad for usable. Just set it out from its packaging, and it’ll inflate itself for your convenience.

The cushion has a multipurpose build, making it perfect for a host of stuff. This pad is an ideal choice when you need to go camping. Its features are stand out and will ensure you adapt to any environment better.

This pad is built with an anti-rip feature, making sure that it doesn’t tear during use. It can be used while traveling by road, camping, in flights, etc. The outer casing of this pad ensures you get a fresh feel whenever you rest on it.

Also, its flannel shell is one reason behind that comfortable texture you feel when you rest on this pillow. The pad can expand up to a standard bedroom pad size so that you won’t feel discomfort away from home.

The storage sack makes it easier to travel with it more comfortably. At just a few ounces, this pad is easy to move around with. It’s also easier to pack when you’re done with it.

The customer support you’ll get for this pad is impeccable to satisfy you at every turn.

6. Outdoorsmanlab Sleeping Pad Review- Best Camping Mattress Pad

The best self inflating sleeping pads for your outdoor nap is here! With an ultra-light designed to provide more space than you expected.

With this pad, you’ll get nothing but top quality. It comes with SBP technology that increases the comfort you get when away from home. There are numerous exciting features from this pad, and they’re all provided in full glare below;

At 16 ounces, you won’t notice any weight from this pillow when you’re traveling with it in your backpack. The Sleeping Bag Pad (SBP) Technology makes it easy to rest with it. Also, its design is easily workable to suit your body shape.

This feature ensures you remain comfortable regardless of the weather. Also, its outer fabric promotes coolness and warmth, depending on sleeper requirements. The camping pad is sturdy and comes with a thick loft for more comfort while outdoors.

You’re assured more comfort with the nylon covering that holds its own against water and other scratchy materials. You can get this pad rolled up to a small 8” X 3” X 3”. This shape can easily fit into your backpack.

With this feature in this pillow, you’ll get this pad easily set for use and packed for storage. 

When you have any questions/complaints, you’ll get a quick response from the customer service team of this product’s makers. A 30-day money-back guarantee makes sure you get your cash without questions when you’re not satisfied.

The flexibility of this pad makes it easy to work to your body shape when resting on it. It is perfect for stomach, back, and side sleepers. 

7. Huzi Infinity Pillow Reviews- Best Neck Support Travel Pillow

The Huzi travel pillow has an innovative design that’ll provides rest you’ve been longing for in a while. It has so many features that you’ll surely drive your purchasing decision when you take a closer look.

The scarf design of this pad provides a balanced support for your neck and head. It also makes it easier for you to store.

With a high quality bamboo/nylon covering, your rest won’t be marred by excess moisture and heat.

The Mobius design of this pad provides an easy comfort provision regardless of how you sleep. Do you use your pillow many times? Then this pad’s machine-washable feature makes it easy for you to maintain.

It has a rather smooth fell when you rest on it for a nap that’ll outmatch all others you’ve ever had. The microfiber filling is incredibly breathable and ensures a cooler sleep for you. With its malleable design, your pad is easy to use in numerous positions

With its roll-up design, it’s easier to use this pad during flights at any level you want. Also, support for your neck this pad provides is unprecedented. Use it as a neck, lumbar, back, and head support and get the rest that you’ve always desired.

8. Klymit Pillow Review

Looking through any klymit cush pillow review will impress you in an instant! This pad packs all the features that’ll excite you in a bit and drive you to make a buy. Take a look at every feature of the klymit inflatable pillow and how they help you;

Its cushion is highly inflatable, and it provides support for your neck and back. It’s also fairly easy to deflate in a short while. With an X design, a confluence forms at the middle of your pad where your head can be properly rested.

This pad can be easily packed and stored without much fuss. Based on its ease of packing, you can travel with it whenever you please. With the dimensions of this pad easy to work around, you can get it stored in your bag with no hassles attached.

At just a little over 1.9oz, you won’t notice this pad is packed in your briefcase or backpack. With a valve attached to this pad, you can customize the loft and sturdiness by removing/adding air as required.

A stuff sack added to this cushion makes it stress-free to move around with, and storage is also much easier. You’ve got an instant lifetime limited warranty when you buy this pad from a vetted dealer.

With a huge dimension of 15” X 11” (L X W) with a 4” loft from this pad, you won’t feel any harshness from the outdoors. This pad’s design makes it incredibly comfy, but still retains it shape whenever you inflate it.

9. Trekology Pillow Review- Best Compressible Travel Pillow

The trekology ultralight pillow is a pillow that’ll amaze you with its designs and specs. It comes with a design that promotes excellent support for your neck and back. With so many pads failing to meet your expectations, trekology camping pillow is an ideal choice for you.

The pad’s compressibility helps you get rested while retaining its shape when you’re through with it. Also, this pad’s contour design makes it a tad easier to get your head rested. Also, its hollow center and elevated edges are perfect for all-round head support.

This pad can also be used for more than one purpose, as you can get maximum rest regardless of your sleep position.

When you’re on a long road or air journey, there’s a high likelihood that you’ll need lower backs support. Well, if that’s the case, then you’ve assured total relief! You can use this pillow as a lumbar area support when you need to provide comfort for your lower back area hassle-free.

The pad has a featherweight design to enable you carry it around with greater ease. Its outer shell comes made in TPU fabric to enhance resistance to water and other liquids.

Your neck is supported with curved endings at the pad’s base to prevent neck trouble. This pillow inflates to a 16” X 12” with a generous 4” loft for proper support. Also, your shoulders and upper torso aren’t left out.

These features are all aimed at maximizing the rest you get while out of your comfort zone. Get one for yourself if it appeals to you right now!

10. Thermarest Compressible Pillow Review- Best Airplane Travel Pillow

When you’ve got to be outdoors and need a comfy rest, the therm a rest pillow is ideal for you. It expands to a massive 16” X 27” for a comfy sleep.

The Thermarest camping pillow is ideal for comfortable in harsh conditions with its sturdy build, and its urethane fill promotes better expansion for a more restful sleep.

This Thermarest pillow review also comes with a drawstring design to make moving and storage more comfortable than expected. The therm a rest pillow is fluffy when rested on, but retains its shape after use without any defects, and it's ideal for long journey relaxing.

It has available storage capacity, which makes it more comfortable to move around with. 

The brushed polyester makes it easier for you to rest on this pillow. It promotes coolness through your pad, ensuring a heat-free nap. The filling of this pad has expandable properties and makes customizing your pad very easy.

This Thermarest travel cushion weighs 9 ounces, meaning carrying it around won’t cause you any trouble. Store easily with its collapsible design. You can fit into any pocket in a bag. The pad’s soft feel helps to promote better rest. Also, its springy texture caters to your head support.

Also, its urethane fill helps in increasing the breathable nature of this pad. With this feature, you’ll get a fresher sleep every time. Its drawstring makes the pillow easy to pack for storage. It won’t expand without notice when packed.

The cord lock of this pillow makes it easier to travel with.

What is the backpack pillow?

It's a pad useful for free rest. The designs may be unconventional, and portability is the focus of most of these pads.

These pads come with designs to promote easier headrest while outdoors. These pillows are made with different materials and ensure the user is balanced when on a journey or camping outdoors.

Types of pillows

When you’re in the market for a pillow travel bag, you must get info on all kinds available. Here’s every type of my pillow travel bag choices in stores right now;

Inflatable pillows

Inflatable pillows are the most common lightweight backpacking pillows in stores right now. When you need it for camping, you have to carefully consider getting a pillow that can easily fit into your bag.


Air-infused pillows work with air pumped into their casing. An inflatable camp pillow typically comes with an air infusion feature.

The inflatable neck pillow is perfect for moving long distances, and also ideal for packing in a small space.

Foam/Air pillows

Foam/air pads are a combo of air and foam fillings. It usually has a layer of foam on both ends of the pad with an embedded segment to make air infusion possible.

This best pillow for camping is ideal for getting more comfort while outdoors with small spaces needed to pack it up.

Inflatable foam pillows

The best inflatable backpacking pillow you’ve been looking for could be an inflatable foam pad. It comes with a foam filling that responds to air infusion, causing it to expand to its original shape.

This lightest backpacking pillow is also easy to store and pack.

Sizes of the pillow for backpacking

The best backpacking pillows come in single sizes, but some of these pads have several options. You can get some pads to come in petite, standard and large sizes. Your choice depends on certain factors. These factors mainly border on your resting position, amongst others.

Why should you choose

Choosing the best pillow for backpacking depends on certain factors, and selecting a light pillow could be your solution to that neck trouble you’ve been experiencing.

Also, a small pillow is ideal for setting up camp in harsh conditions when you need to be outdoors. It would be best if you required an ultralight camping pillow to give you some degree of comfort.

What to Consider When Choosing it

There are a few points you should keep in mind when you’re in the valley of decision for a cooling pillow. Let’s take a look at them;

  • The outer covering
  • The pad’s storage – Is it collapsible or rigid?
  • Size of the pad
  • How the pad supports your head
  • Is it easy to maintain?
  • Firmness
  • Affordability
  • Is it made from durable materials?
  • What kind of insulation does it use?

Outer covering

Your choice pillow’s shell is a major determinant as to what your pad can provide. Get a pillow with a comfortable outer cover for maximum comfort and relief from any lingering outdoor unpleasantness.

Storage – Is it collapsible or rigid?

Some backpacking down pillow comes in designs that allow it to be compressed into much smaller shapes. Some of these pads can even get squeezed up to the size of a lighter! If space in your backpack would be an issue, select a pillow with easy movability.


The size of an ultralight pillow you choose depends on your sleep position and your body size. How you sleep and your size could call for more or lesser space when making a choice.

How the best backpacking pad supports your head

Your head support is a focal point to look at when selecting a self inflatable pillow. Ample support from the best camp pillow will avert any pains you could’ve felt with the wrong choice.

Maintenance potential

When a pillow isn’t easy to maintain, your investment may waste away faster than you’d expect. Consider if your preferred pillow is easily washable. Also, if you live on the fast lane, a machine-washable pillow should be top on your list when making a choice.


Firmness of a backpacking pillow keeps your head elevated from harsh surroundings beneath you. Look through the specs of your potential buy to find out if it possesses high resistance to compressibility. It’s all for your comfort, so don’t take it lightly!


Price remains a major factor when you seek to buy anything, pillows included. Just as the features of backpacking pillows differ, they also differ in price.

Some may be incredibly affordable while some others may seem downright exorbitant to buyers. Consider your pocket before making a choice.

Is it made from durable materials?

The materials used in making your choice backpacking pillow should be closely considered. Ensure you get your facts together when selecting an outdoor sleep support.

There are pillows made with inferior/inappropriate materials. These kinds of pillows should be avoided if you don’t need a head-scratching moment.

What kind of insulation does it use?

Does your pillow come with an air, foam, or combined insulation. Air backpacking pillows may not be ideal for some people, while it may be an ideal choice for others.

Consider the insulation just right for you, and make a choice based on every detail at your disposal.

Maintenance Tips for Your Backpacking Pillow

Getting the perfect pillow doesn’t mean it’s all done and dusted. There are a few maintenance steps that you’ve got to follow. These steps will secure your investment and guarantee prolonged comfort from your selected cushion. Let’s take a look:

Keep the cushion deflated when not in use

It’s fascinating how pillows tend to inflate and support your head or other body parts. But to keep your pillow functioning for longer; place emphasis on keeping the cushion at rest when you don’t need it.

When air insulation is prolonged, some pillows may burst open at their seams, leading to an epic fail. Ensure you keep this in mind when using inflatable pillows.

Don’t attempt to over-infuse the pillow with air

Every pillow has an air accommodation limit. When you’ve inserted too much air at different occasions in the pillow, you could eventually get it damaged. Get moderate air infusion at all times to maintain your pillow.

Don’t over test the durability of your preferred cushion

Just because most makers attest to their pillow’s durable nature doesn’t mean you should abuse it. Placing your pillow on a rough surface will likely get it to fail regardless of what the makers say. Use it in places where it’s less likely for your pillow to receive any damage.

Maintain the valve area

It’s no secret that inflatable pillows are washable. But note that not all of these pillows can withstand too much stress around the valve area. Your pillow’s valve acts as a channel for releasing and inserting air, and should be taken care of.


What is the best travel neck pillow for long flights?

The best travel pillow for long haul flights should provide all-round support for your neck and head. Spine alignment with your neck should also offer when choosing the best inflatable pillow for backpacking.

How Do Self-Inflating Pillows Work?

A self inflating camping pillow works in two ways – through a button or automatically. Some of these pads work when you press a button on it which allows airflow. Some other pads unfold when they’re removed from their packaging.

Can You Wash Sleeping Bags in a Washing Machine?

The washable nature of sleeping bags depends on certain brand specifications. In most cases, inflatable camping pillows aren’t readily washable.

Sleeping bag pillows come in designs that could be easily washable, and this would be stated in your product’s packaging.

Can You Re-Use Sleeping Bags for a Long Period of Time?

Sleeping bags come in different sizes. Regardless of your preferred size for a backpacking pillow, maintenance is crucial. When you package your sleeping bag properly, there may be no need to get another bag anytime soon.

So yes, you can re-use your sleeping bag as many times as you want.

What Type of Stuff Sack Do I Need to Package My Outdoor Stuff?

Based on the hostile nature of outdoor environs, your stuff sack should be as sturdy as possible. It should have adequate anti-rip features. Also, resistance to water and a tight-lock mechanism are must-have features.

How Long Do I Need to Use My Backpacking Pillow before washing it?

If you regularly travel, go on picnics, hikes, etc. and make use of your pillow, you may need to wash it up frequently. But if you don’t make use of it after several weeks, you may use a sparing washing routine to maintain your pillow.

Final Word

Now that you’ve got great info on packing pillows, what’s left is to make your choice based on what you’ve seen.

When you follow this info to the letter, there’s a higher chance that you’ll be satisfied with your choice for longer. It’s a sure thing that you’ve noticed there is no hard sold stuff, but complete, real facts to keep your choice better informed.

Get correct support for your travels, picnics, and outdoor adventures. You’d surely be glad you did.

It’s a fact that there are several choices, but each pillow in this review is sure to give you that satisfaction you desire.

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