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The good recliners for bad backs have proven to be one of the most effective remedies. Since the advent of the recliner chair in the 20th century, it is continuously dominating the market. It is suitable for a healthy working condition, and also essential for a living room where you spend a lot of time watching TV or reading books. And now these days it is a part of your car. It is a fact to state that a usual problem associated with people globally is back pain. If you are suffering from back pain and looking for the best recliner chair for back pain; then definitely this is the best option for your consideration.

What Is A Recliner Chair?

A recliner is essentially a seat with diverse functions that affords you the choice of sitting with back support recliner as you would do with a standard position of any type. It is interesting to know that one of its features gives you the liberty to adjust the chair by stretching in a backward direction to a new position that fits your choice.

Another exciting feature in a lumbar support recliner chair is footrest that is attached to the end of the chair. It offers you the right way of relaxing your aching back by merely resting your feet on the footrest to lessen the weight, and this sounds cool, right?

This review should help you in deciding the best selection for your specific need and will remove any regrettable feeling for spending your money on the wrong choice. It explains what to consider before purchasing a new recliner chair.

Top 5 Best Recliner Chair For Back Pain

Review of Our Top Recliners:

Since the introduction of the Esright Massage Recliner Chair to the market, it's rated as one of the best recliners for lower back pain. First and foremost, the sleeping chair for back pain is high quality and easy to use, and also the price is reasonable.

It's very affordable as compared to other recliners. After the purchase, the item shipped in time and right to your doorstep. It is easy to assemble because it takes only a few minutes. Another unique factor is that the size is perfect, so it doesn't occupy much space.


  • It looks good, simple, soft, and sturdy; hence, this feature makes it suitable for intensive use.
  • Assemble it easily.
  • It has heating (Provides heat to the lower back), reclining, vibrating and massaging features.
  • 2 cup holders, 4 storage bags for drinks, and magazine holder.
  • 360-degree swivel and 150-degree recline feature and can control manually.
  • For armrest, the back cushion padded with an extra thick sponge.
  • Come with a remote controller, power cord, and 5 control modes.
  • 2 intensity levels and leg rest too.
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  • It is well-padded with an extra thick sponge for back cushion and armrest.
  • Manually–controlled.
  • Comes in a variety of colors, e.g. (white, black, cream, espresso, etc.)
  • It’s durable because of the material used.
  • Rocks gently.
  • The storage bags can store remotes, phones, puzzles, booklets, and magazines.

kahuna massage chair lm6800 review

I'm delighted to introduce you to one of the most popular and the best zero gravity recliners for back pain. It has a particular yoga stretching auto program (LM6800) that has proved to stretch your entire body to an awakening sensation.

It also has an SH – Chiro program to target the spinal cord and unlock the nerve energy; hence allowing it to flow throughout your entire body. So why not this best chairs for back pain at home?


  • Targeted and proportional manual massages that provisions as follows; 5 manual massage techniques, 5 levels of roller speed, 5 levels of air pressure, 3 levels of roller width, heating therapy and a fixed-point massage.
  • It has an L-track massage system, design to support your neck to back and buttocks, and this position decompresses each spine of your body and increases effects of massage.
  • Its massage system is air-cell massage technology that covers the entire body with a minimal number of air cells. Another factor is that the air cells design in a way that they inflate separately; hence, the body can twist and thus enabling it to a deep stretch. It ultimately brings up the massage quality and performance quieter.
  • Space-saving technology that only requires only inches when transitioning to the zero gravity positions.
  • 3 zero gravity positions.
  • It has dual foot roller on the feet area detachable and washable footer area cotton for sanitation purposes.
  • Computerized body scans technology.
  • Their 12 auto programs categorized as follows; Auto essential contains the refresh, energize, deep tissue, and sleep aid functions. Auto Stretching provides yoga stretching, active stretching, dynamic stretching, and SV–Chiro functions. And lastly, the auto elite that contains elite upper back, elite back, lower back, and senior mode functions.
  • Has an adjustable shoulder airbag that adjusts to different heights and a new end position button that changes the position of the recliner after it does a massage process.
  • Has a headrest designed that can use as a back paddler.
  • Its side arms ergonomically designed with acupoint nodes.
  • It has a custom memory saving function that enables you to save your massage programs as you desire.

Let's Watch a Kahuna Chair Video Review

  • pros
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  • Price-friendly considering the features it offers.
  • Comes with a wide range of colors.
  • The excellent quality material (Leather) that is durable, easy to clean, and supports the massaging feature.
  • Comes with an extra foot padding and the remote controllers a factor that improves convenience.
  • It's a zero-gravity hence does not occupy much space.
  • The actual massage is above average; it offers a wide range of massage options.

best recliner with lumbar support

The forever-best premium massage chair is a true touch massage chair that positions you in a correct zero recline hence allow relaxation, way more effective massages, and blood circulation. It has different massages variations, namely:

(1) Knocking  (2) Kneading (3) Rolling (4) Shiatsu (5)​ Combo knocking (that's a favourite to the majority). 

With this lazy boy recliner, you also get to enjoy 4 automatic massage program such as:

(1) Stretch (2) Swin (3) Relax (4) Recover


  • Zero-gravity technology.
  • Has 3-foot rollers that offer foot are rolling massage and foot and calf acupressure that ensures relaxation along the foot area.
  • Has a foot elongation feature that caters for the taller people. All you have to do is push out the footrest, and the leg massager will extend outwards approximately up to 9 inches.
  • They equipped with a quad roller mechanism that provides deep massage.
  • Built-in heat system.
  • Forever Rest has built-in vibration seats and full-body stretch yoga system.

Let's Watch a Video Review

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  • The yoga auto stretching program design to squeeze your feet and legs and pull them down towards the ground as the backrest pulls your upper body back into the recline position. The fact that it has a large pull area makes it stand out from the chairs in the market that performs the same function.
  • Zero-gravity does not occupy much space.
  • Offers a variety of 4 different massage options thus ensure a more quality massage than what other chairs in the market offer.
  • They usually ship within 3 to 5 days.
  • It’s easy to assemble.
  • The company forever rest has as a 5-year warranty on the steel frame and 3-year in all the electronic parts.
  • There is a 10day return policy; from the day you receive your chair if you are not satisfied with its performance. All that is required to repack the chair as you received it to ensure safe return.

Relaxzen Massage Chair Reviews

This is an early innovator in massage seating and has a history dating back to 1919. The relaxed massage rocker recliner is the best chairs for back pain at home, office, and car. It offers a line of massages, namely orthopedic cushions, shiatsu massagers, therapeutic, wellness, and relaxation.

Its deeper cushioning makes you sink in it, giving you irresistible comfort. For those that are gamers, then this is also the best gaming chair for big guys out there. Its classic leather gives it an elegant appeal making it ideal for the media room, living room, and office to the den.


  • Two USB charging ports allow you to charge two devices at a time. 
  • Has a foam cushioning that’s design for supportive comfort and soothing. 
  • 8 powerful massage motors. These aid in active relaxation of the user.
  • Has a remote with its built-in side pocked. 
  • 5 intensity levels and 9 modes with mild lumbar heat.
  • Provision of a 10, 20 and 30-minute auto timer that gives you control over your massage and also caters for your safety.
  • Has a handy pullback control and rocks gently.
  • Has a soft microfiber upholstery that’s easy to clean and treatable. Its foam density is comfort soft in the back and soft in the seat.
  • It features several recline angles that accommodate a variety of body size and shape comfortably and with a lot of ease.
  • Has thick cushioned armrest that offers comfortable seating and cozy relaxation.
  • It measures 39 inches wide by 40 to 68 inches deep by 30 t0 40-inches high.
  • pros
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  • It easily reclines; it rocks gently with a pullback control that's situated just under the armrest and enables you to recline smoothly.
  • The material used is the PU leather that's durable, easy to clean, and treat. It also envelops your body in irresistible comfort.
  • Its heavy-duty construction supports up to 300 pounds.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • It's very affordable considering all the specs and provisions it’s offering.
  • It is easy to reach hand remote enables you to be in complete control of its 8 powerful massage motors.
  • While massaging, you can be able to target the lumbar, legs, lumbar and fullback individually or together.
  • Has a 1-year limited warranty.

HomCom Massage Chair Reviews

If you are in the market for a compact-sized recliner chair, the homcom deluxe massage recliner chair is what you should go for. This model favors relaxing treatment. It made from faux leather, plastic, metal and foam sponge.

Its weight capacity is 330 lbs. It has a maximum reclining angle of 150 degrees and has a net weight of 80 lbs, making it the best lazy boy recliner for back pain.


  • Contains an attached remote that aids in adjusting the chair at your convenience.
  • The heating and vibration functions in the waist area and arms that promote the circulation of blood in the body by warming and soothing the body aches and pains as you recline.
  • It features an adjustable backrest that reclines, and leg rests that protrude out and enables you to lay back.
  • It rocks and can spin to up to 360 degrees.
  • Contains 4 massaging focal areas.
  • Contains 5 massaging functions that target the zones in the upper and lower back, thighs, and calves that are beneficial to your overall wellbeing.
  • Two different speeds, high and low, and heated massage.
  • Have two-cup holders, two side pouches, a padded arm, and headrest.
  • Can hold up to 330 lbs.
  • It has 5 pre-programmed modes and two intensity levels you can always choose from.
  • It reclines in comfort and style; this aided because it has overstuffed padding, soft and supple faux leather, heating, and vibrations options. Another factor is that it reclines fully.

Let's Watch a HomCom Chair Video Review

  • pros
  • cons
  • Very soft and firm.
  • They used PU leather material that's durable, easy to clean and treatable. It looks sleek and elegant.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Has good lumbar support.
  • Comes with an extra pillow.
  • It’s very affordable considering the specs, type body, and design.

Benefits Of Recliner Chair

Having the best recliner chair for back pain will certainly enable you to enjoy the benefits listed here for using it.

The most benefit you derive from using a recliner chair is that it gives comfort by providing you a relax angle to position your body.

By alleviating the strains and pains from your back, the recliners relieve pressure and tension from your spine. Zero gravity recliner is an excellent example. They alleviate feet swelling and stiffness.

The lazy boy recliners are specifically designed to make sure that you maintain the correct position thereby alleviating problems such as spinal and neck pains which are as a result of bad postures.

Pregnant women also benefits from using recliners as it relieves back pains related to pregnancy by aligning there back and taking off their weight.

Most people who experience neck, back and hip pains do not know that heat application on the areas relieves pain. Strained muscle is an indication of improper blood circulation, this in turn sends pain signals to the brain.

This is a prominent reason why the best recliners for sleeping is usually equipped with multiple heating zones for heating the blood vessels and causing them to increase and hence leading to effective blood circulation; the flow of oxygen and nutrients.

Millions of people struggle with mobility, the elders especially and not leaving out people suffering from chronic conditions, surgeries, nervous system, cardiovascular or even pulmonary condition to mention a few. This implies that getting up and down for such people could be extremely dangerous, difficult and painful.

Recliner Touch Sensor

The perfect recliner chair being a lift chair has provided remedy for people with such condition as it supports you during the situation getting up and down an easy, painless and safe experience at the touch of a button.

  • Relieve from acid flux.
  • Lessen the pressure imposed on lungs.
  • Reduces the pressure imposed on heart.
  • The recliner chair for sleeping aids a lot of people with sleeping difficulty. Most recliners have been built with a mechanism that allows cyclo-therapy technology.

Types Of Recliners In The Market

There exist diverse types of best recliners for back pain, depending on your specific need. One amazing thing about best recliners is that they are made in different and unique ways to fit into the diverse needs of various people. For example, the young, the old, people with chronic back problems and the ones with normal back issues.

The features stand out from one another to cater for people with particular problems and have surely been effective all time. The recliners include:

Zero Gravity Recliners:

These are specially and specifically made for persons to derive great comfort. Much creativity is usually invested into their production which ensures that a good rest is gotten for the person’s back when being used. They copy your body shape when you sit or lie on them and it reclines according to how the body positions itself. Stress release from the person’s hips and back ultimately follows in that state.

The lumber supports that cushion the back further enables this recliner in ensuring that your body is well positioned to rid your spinal cord and your entire back of stress and pressure.

The zero gravity recliners are highly recommending those who are suffering from different types of back pain; it can be temporal or permanent. They produce a calming effect on back and make more them relaxed when using. This recliner is good for sleeping.

Massaging Recliners:

When you feel, need to relax or massage to rejuvenating your tired muscles, the most appropriate chair would be a massaging recliner. The electrically operated massaging recliner for back pain swimmingly provides you maximum comforts. It also pumps into the tired joints, especially after having a stressful day at work. It is a chair to opt for when considering relaxation at its peak.

This chair is made of motors, rollers, vibrating and heating features that are important in ensuring your muscles are made warm, it also serves as a support for the elderly, especially the ones in hilly regions. These unique features also help in removing stiffness from your joints as it simulates the feeling of getting a massage done from professionals. Some massaging recliners also come with features like cushions that feel you more comfortable.

They are also effective in handling strain from the upper and lower body and also aids stress to relieve and improved blood circulation which is important for good health. It is the best option for relief from suffering neck pain, back pain, and arthritis.

Lifting Recliners:

Also known as lift chairs. They are suited for individuals with a disability, limited movement and people with incurable back pain. One important thing, it is motorized which ensures no effort or energy is necessary when standing up. This is a remedy for the elders, who are suffering from arthritis.

It also comes with a massage feature that helps you relax your spine. Another beautiful thing to note is that it comes with different colors, you could choose a color to match your home décor if you want. It also regarded as one of the best recliner chairs. Its disadvantage is that it is relatively expensive and may occupy a large space.

Classic Recliners:

Classic recliners or wingback recliners as it is also called are traditionally styled recliners. Being one of the earliest recliner avatars, it provides feet of comfort and also lumber support feature. This is a key feature of what a good classic recliner should have in market.

It is highly recommended for people with neck and back pain that can be corrected easily. In addition, it comes with a padded back that gives more comfort and also remote control that allows the user to select a suitable position. These remarkable features all summed up together makes it appropriate for people looking for a classy, traditional and working seat.

Recliners With Separate Ottomans:

This chairs helps people finding problem with the position of the neck rest or the footsteps of most recliners. Most people affected are either too short or too short than a normal person. It has proved efficient so far.

They come with separate ottoman, which affords the user opportunity to position them according to his/her want. One of it features is also that it provides a lumber support for back relaxation, one peculiar attribute is also that it is space conscious!

The Push-Back Recliner:

This recliner was designed to give support to your back and heightened convenience. This aid in giving maximum support. One major setback is that it has a mobile back and does not come with an inbuilt footrest.

However, it is relatively affordable and does not occupy much space. It can be the best recliner chair for back pain and could be paired with an ottoman if a footrest will be necessary to give you comfort at  no exorbitant cost.

push back recliner chair

Small Wall Hugger Recliners:

These recliners are designed to give you great comfort and also fit into smaller spaces. You can use it in your apartment and boathouses. It comes in various sizes ranging from 25-30 inches wide according to the size you require.

The swivels of the recliners allow a free movement and also gives it a rocking feature. An added advantage is also that the wall hanger can be purchased in pairs for two people to sit rather than one. It also comes with varieties of materials like leather, fabric, vinyl, and etcetera.

Power Recliners:

One major force that has pushed recliner manufactures into invention of power recliners with more power is innovation of recliners. Power recliners are relatively affordable, slim in size and big.

The Lazy Boy Recliner:

Famously known for its design and comfort, the lazy boy recliners stands out among recliners as it continued to reinvent recliners all through the year. No other recliner chair brand has been able to match up with their distinctive features over the years.

Factors To Consider When Buying Recliner Chair For Back Pain

Famously known for its design and comfort, the lazy boy recliners stands out among recliners as it continued to reinvent recliners all through the year. No other recliner chair brand has been able to match up with their distinctive features over the years.

User needs:

This is a prominent factor to be considered because it ensures that your needs are looked into. It is necessary to find out what you are suffering from, acute or chronic pain. For instance, heavy lifting, standing or sitting for a long time can cause an acute back pain while a chronic back pain can be caused by pregnancy or depression. Other treatment may work for acute back pain but for chronic back pain, recliners for back pain is highly recommended as it works efficiently.


The best option will be to go for a lazy boy recliner that will support you and make you relax without strain.


Ensure the frames are intact always. They come in different types like: wood, hardwood, plastic and metals. You should make sure that the construction is of high quality. You may also consider that hard wood is stronger than wood and metal is stronger than plastic.


Ensure the recliners are made from durable materials. An example is the common plywood.

  • Leather: Leathers are considered the best for their durability.  The material’s ability to heat up fast makes it offers the best massage. Cleaning is very easy too. Nevertheless, it is very expensive.
  • Fabric: they are very common and also available. They can be easily cleaned and treated too. It is the favorite of many support chairs for elders.
  • Vinyl: it has a lesser durability compared to the leather but higher than fabric. It is very affordable but one set back is that it wears off after regular use.


It is a very essential requirement at it provides you assurance for your money and provisions. Make sure you always get a recliner with a warranty as this ensures you get helped or compensated should any fault occur. In this case, recliner brands offers client with different warranty combinations as follows;

Full warranty: this covers all part of the recliner. Should a fault occur within the period of the warranty, the parts affected will be replaced. Most recliner companies offer six month full warranty.

Money back warranty: this is mostly effective within a period of thirty days (period differs with brands). If a fault should occur within this period, you return it and get your money returned.

Limited warranty: some companies offers warranty on different part of the chair. They will replace any defect within their rules and you may have to pay to get another if such defect is not captured within their rules.


With so many recliners to choose from, the best decision to take is to first choose the ones that suites your needs. The next step is to check for good quality and then select the appropriate one that matches your budget.


When selecting a recliner, you should select the one that fits your body size that will not be harmful as they come in different sizes. You should not select a recliner that is smaller than your body. Well fitting recliner also ensures you are comfortable so if you have s small space, it is advisable you get a smaller rectilinear.

Motorized Variants:

Additional comforts and convenience derived from motorized recliner being less stressful on the arms and hands have made it increasingly the favorite of the masses. However, they are more expensive than the manual ones.

Disadvantages Of Recliners Chairs

The popularity recliners chairs have gained has increased their demands and has seen recliner chairs of different sizes, shapes, styles and features. There are brands that construct them for medical purposes and ultimately to provide relief to the body while some others are designed merely as some add furniture purpose. It is therefore important for you to make a careful thought on why you need the recliner chair so that you do not end up purchasing a furniture that will not take care of your needs.

  • Recliner chairs that comes with fabric are usually too expensive and less affordable. They also tend to be not so comfortable.
  • It is not suited for small rooms if you have one has it can occupies a large space of your room.
  • Maintenance of recliner chairs is uneasy as it normally requires a lot of cleaning.
  • They are difficult to repair when damaged.
  • They are heavy to shift and may require disassembling some times.
  • Pets and children at home would make the recliner chair susceptible to damage due to misuse.

However, recliner chairs are still recommended by doctors as they enable you relax in a comfortable state.


At the end of the day, nothing feels good like than putting your feet up and relaxing. Using a best recliner chair for back pain offers a lot of advantages to your back as long the recliner chair offers good lumbar support, fits your body properly and elevates the feet above the heart level. If it doesn’t support your lower back properly it could cause a lot of damages.

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