Is Sitting In A Recliner Bad For Your Back?

So, after a stressful day, you finally get to throw yourself on your recliner. As your body presses the marshmallow-like chair, you can’t stop yourself from taking a nap.

When you wake up, you feel the soothing refreshment and your energy has got its boost. You say to yourself ‘Hey, I can try this every day.’

Days go by and you’re still loving it. However, you do see some slight issues with your body’s you don’t like. Now, you’re having a second thought about using the recliner.

Is sitting in a recliner bad for your back? It didn’t seem bad in the first place, though. Well, today we’re about to find that answer. I’ll let you know all the pros and cons of sitting in a recliner.

So, without more chit-chat, let’s hit it.

Is Sitting in a Recliner Bad for Your Back?

Using Recliner has both its benefits and drawbacks. Give the pros and cons a read to know all the details.

Benefits of Using a Recliner

Want to know the benefits first? I got a handful of good news for you below.

Stress Relief

Tired? You can take off your socks and shoes and throw yourself on your recliner. As you sit back on the recliner while your legs are slightly raised, you’ll feel the warming embrace.

And this takes you forward to take a power nap. After you wake up, you feel the energy like never before. Stress, worries, your bad mood, you name it, everything’s JUST GONE.

Now, stress and back-pain are connected to each other, at least that’s what experts say. People who tend to work for hours not only face stress as their archenemy but finds back pain teaming up with all the drags.

Once you say your stress goodbye, you also say goodbye to your backache as well. However, you’ll see the progress gradually.

Helps in Circulation

Let me ask you these simple questions. Let’s see if you can relate to it. When you’re on the extremities, do you go through all those muscle-cramps? Do your limbs start to tingle? Or is it more like a throbbing-pain?

If you’re like ‘Hey, I do face these issues daily.’, I got news for you. You’ve got poor-circulation problems, mate. What worse, it can push you towards arterial problems, diabetes, and heart conditions.

You can say goodbye to these problems easily with the help of your recliner seat. Just simply put your feet up and this will help your body to make sure all those fluids inside your body are recirculated.

Moreover, this position will also open your lungs up along with the airways, helping you to cope up with deep breathes while you’ll be getting more oxygen-rich blood inside your body.

So, when you have everything covered in your body, you have almost everything fixed inside including your back as well.

A solution to Painful Joints

If you’re suffering from arthritis discomfort and your joints are hurting you, well, using a recliner may help. This excruciating pain comes from your spinal-area and hampers your health and mobility.

And if you’re someone who’s a mom to be, don’t be surprised if you face these problems daily. If you’re up for eliminating all these bummers, I’ll recommend you the reclined position.

Sitting on a recliner can help you up getting rid of the tension. It dominates the pain-ridden area and relaxes your surrounding muscles. You’ll be surprised to know that you can minimize your muscle-strain up to an impressive 77%.

As for the back pain you’re experiencing for pregnancy, you can reduce it up to 60%, cool, right? Experts’ researches show reclining seats basically do the job of hospital beds. In fact, it boosts you up pretty faster to reach the ‘home-remedy’ stage, for which, you have a quick recovery.

So, you’ve been a lot and suddenly you experienced a backache? Well, here’s news that might bring a smile on your face. It doesn’t matter what type of pain or spine injury you’re going to deal with, the reclining seat will align the spine naturally and gradually over time.

The Drawbacks

So, you’ve read the benefits, how about the drawbacks? Recliners, as they can fix your body, may end up harming it as well. Let’s

Got Knee Injuries? It’ll be Worse

If you already have a weak knee that suffers from ache, recliner can make it worse. You see, as you rise from the recliner’s seat, you have to kick it down, that’s when the complication begins.

To keep the seat normally in a comfortable sitting position, you have to put some force and effort with your knees. You can’t help it because the center of gravity is close to the middle of your chair.

As you exert the force, this can cause injuries on your knees, making the matter worse. So, if you take it as a drawback of using a recliner, you can.

Sleeping Too Much? Bad News!

Some people tend to sleep longer on their recliners rather than going to bed. Sleeping for a long time doesn’t make it a ‘nap’, which the recliner is meant for. This can cause hip and knee contractures.

Eventually, you’ll find that your muscles are tightening over the joints, for which, you get mobility and posture limitations. This can lead to injuries and falls anytime.

Design Matters!

Design matters a lot. It’s the unique design of your recliner that aligns your spine. On the other hand, if it’s designed in such a way that you’re not getting the support you should be getting, I got bad news for you.

Some recliner seat creates a hollow space which happens to be in between the seat’s curvature and your lower back. This can turn the table and cause you misery.
However, you can simply avoid it using a puffy pillow so that you can eliminate this vacuum.

Wrapping Up!

Is sitting in a recliner bad for you? Well, this question has got different answers. The way I see it, it has a lot of good sides with slightly bad ones.

However, the drawbacks can often be overlooked if you use the recliners right.

Should you get one? I’ll say ‘Sure’. While using recliners has got a few cons, it has got a lot of benefits as well which you can’t ignore.

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