How to Make a Bath Pillow

Are you in stress? Can't take a proper nap because of the mental pressure? If so, then take a long shower in your straight back tub. Hopefully, it will remove your stress in a short time.

Feel uncomfortable while taking a shower in the bathtub? Of course, you might do when the tub is uncomfortable to lie your head. No worries! You can get a comfortable and cheerful shower by setting a bath towel pillow in your bathtub. You can keep some essential oil for scent. Few drops of essential oil give you a nice bath with scent. 

You ever noticed how bathing makes you freshen up and relaxed? Also, it generates work efficiency and alleviates all the negative thoughts from the mind. However, these are possible when you take a bubble bath. For this, you must need full-body support from your bathtub. You can use a full-body cushion for it.

Bathtub pillows are soft, durable, and waterproof wedge pillows used in the bathtub for making it comfortable. It works as aromatherapy to remove body pain. So, it is better to take a fabric pillow and set up in your straight back tub. But if you use a cheap inflatable pillow, it will not provide much support. 

Now, the question is how to make a bath pillow? Well, it's quite easy if you follow some steps. We'll discuss them in this article. Follow us to know.

Why do I use a bath pillow? 

Bathtub pillows are a blessing to the people who spend lots of time when bathing. It refrains them from feeling uncomfortable in the bathtub. Here we have discussed in brief why you should use shower pillows and right bath products in your tub.

Deals with stress

Getting a stress-free life in current times is almost impossible. It is obvious to find a way to remove stress. Taking a deep bath with hot water can deal with regular stress. However, taking a deep bath is possible when you have vinyl pillows set in the bathtub.

Reduces the muscles pain

Most of the time, heavy tasks cause human muscle pains. So, you might need a simple but efficient treatment to reduce the muscle pains. To alleviate the muscle pain, spend some time in the bathtub that includes a bath cushion with the scented warm bath water.

Prevent back and neck pain

After a long tiring day, the human's back and neck becomes painful. Using a homemade bath neck pillow while taking a shower comforts the human's spinal cord. It helps them to get relief from their entire back as well as neck pains. 

Tackles with depression 

Ever did bathing reduce the depression? If you didn't then try it. It works! Unbelievably, taking a warm bath by lying on a homemade shower pillow, removes all the depression. 

Ensures a profound sleep

Are you going through insomnia? An NCBI study has shown that taking a bath warms up a human body that leads to a profound sleep.

Most researchers state that sleeping the duration bath should be at least 20 minutes to impact sleep positively. Such deep bathing is possible only when you use a pillow for the bathtub.

Makes shower enjoyable and comfortable

There are no alternatives to making your bath enjoyable but using a bath pillow. You can stay in your bathtub as much as you can if you're using a pillow. So, don't lose the opportunity of making your bathing enjoyable and comfortable by using a pillow.

Towel pillow method

Do you have an idea about how to make a bath pillow at home? Making a bath cushion at home is quite easy with your old soft towels—all you need to be aware of is transforming your old stuff into the foam pillows.

Let's know about two popular ways of making bath cushion.

The noddle floatie method

Noodle floaties are soft and available cheap materials. Probably that's why; it is highly preferable for children. However, you can give the noodle floaties a pillow shape to have neck support when bathing. You can keep some styrofoam beads for the pillow shape. 

Noddle Floatie
Things you need
  • A noodle floatie
  • A serrated edge knifes
Things to do

Step 1: Measure your bathtub where you are going to place the head pillow for added comfort. Note the measurement.

Step 2: Select the color of floaties according to your choice. Try to choose a color that goes best with your washroom.

Step 3: Cut the selected Floatie with the knife. Keep an extra one inch when cutting the floating for ensuring your maximum comfortability.

Step 4: Keep the Floatie on a suitable position in your bathtub so that you can float your head.

No worries if you don't find ease with the needle floatie. Make the towel pillow and try it.

The towel pillow technique

Bath towels are made of cotton fiber; you can use a hand towel to make it. It is lightweight and comfortable. Let's know what to do to make a bath pillow with a towel.

towel pillow
Things you need
  • Hand towel
  • Scissors
  • A tape measure
  • Sewing machine
  • Thread and needle
  • Thicker foam
Things to do

Step 1: To adjust the bath pillow in your bathtub, measure the tub with measuring tape.

Step 2: Make a pillow cover by sewing your old towel. Keep the size by adjusting with your recorded measurement.

Step 3: Fill the cover with a two-inch Foam Padding and close it by stitching.

Step 4: Finally, put the pillow on your straight back tub when taking a shower. Admittedly, you'll get full comfort by using it.

Some essential tips of placing bath pillow:

  • Place the pillow at the right place of the bathtub to get the full-body comfort.
  • Stick the pillow with the bathtub by adding some suction cups.

Where to buy a bath pillow?

You can purchase it online or offline.

The online medium includes different local and international e-commerce sites, social media, and so on. Simultaneously, the offline medium consists of the toiletries shops, body bath shop, and regional markets.

How to clean a bath pillow?

To clean it, you must use the most efficient and cost-effective materials for self-care routine. Let's know in brief about those materials.

  • Vinegar and baking soda

The vinegar and baking soda are natural cleaning ingredients. It helps in removing rust and mildew from the pillow. Moreover, it doesn't do any harm to our body. You have to think about your skin care. So, these are the safe ingredients of the cleaning bath pillow.

  • Bleach

Use the bleach to clean your bath pillow when the cushion contains an intense stain. It is a cleaning ingredient that includes a strong chemical. However, the blech can remove the heavy stains from clothes quickly. But it may create a negative impact on the fiber.

  • Detergent

Detergent is another cleaning material that contains an essential chemical for cleaning. They are comparatively less costly and makes no negative impact on the body.


Eventually, to get rid of your regular stress and pressure, you must take a deep shower. The comfortability is a vital part of taking a deep shower. So, you must know how to make a bath pillow and place it in your bathtub to enhance the ease.

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