How to Stop Snoring Immediately

Do you get a frequent complaint about your snoring? It’s embarrassing, isn’t so? No matter how eagerly you try to stop it, but you can’t. It becomes some disease that you cannot control.

Snoring is an unavoidable sound that is caused by vibration in your throat. Though it doesn’t disturb the snorer, it is troublesome for the snorer’s room partner. So, snoring should bring under control to give relief to your room partner.

Indeed, males are affected by this problem more than females. According to NBCI, approximately 25% of women and 45% of men report snoring. 

However, they don’t know the reasons behind snoring. That’s why; they can’t overcome their problem.

Now, how to stop snoring immediately? We’ll discuss that as well as the reasons behind the snoring. Let’s jump on the article to know about them.

Reasons for snoring

Are you suffering from the pathetic problem of “snoring”? Then you must curious to know how to stop snoring while sleeping. Next, we’ll explore different ways of stopping snoring. But before that, let’s understand the common reasons for snoring.


A person can suffer the snoring problem at any age in his lifetime. But predominantly, the old aged people suffer from snoring problems. That’s because, at an old age, the muscles of the throat and tongue become more relaxed. It creates nosy snoring.

Nasal structure

Some people have a problematic nasal structure, which cramps the air when taking a breath. Accordingly, they create snoring while sleeping.


Due to allergies, congestion, or deformities, your breathing may get cramped. When your breathing gets disrupted during sleeping, it makes snoring.

Drinking alcohol

Drinking alcohol is a pretty frequent cause of make snoring. Especially when a person drinks before sleeping at night, it leads him to make snoring. Alcohol relaxes the muscle around the throat and drives to deep sleep. It creates vibration during breathing.

Drugs and medications 

The snoring causes when your throat and tongue are relaxed. Consumption of drugs and sleeping pills makes the throat and tongue calmed. Consequently, it makes the snoring of a person when sleeping.


Excessive weight causes different types of health issues and problems. Snoring is one of those problems that a person makes when sleep. Too many muscles increase the tissues around the gullet and neck of a person. It causes the snoring of that person when sleeping.

To eradicate your snoring problem, firstly, you must be aware of the reasons behind snoring. That’s why; we have enlisted the most common causes that make snoring.

Health risk of snoring

Creating snoring is a disturbing matter. It enhances health risks both of the snorer and suffer. Let’s know what might happen if you have a snoring problem.

  • The snoring may cause a heart attack of a person. The risk of heart attack increases when the person creates longer and louder snores.
  • Snoring and sleeping apnea are the reasons for causing high blood pressure and artery disease. These might lead to heart disease, including heart attacks.  
  • Indeed, a person’s snoring habit creates an unsuitable environment for his bed partner to sleep in. It may cause a severe headache to the sufferer. Studies have shown that a person’s snoring habit also can cause a mental problem to his partner.
  • When a person creates snoring, his throat becomes closed with excessive air. It may cause heartburn for that person. In scientific terms, it is called gastroesophageal reflux disease.
  • People who make snoring during sleeping have a high risk of reducing the vibration of the heart. It might cause a sudden heart attack of the person.

All in all, snoring is harmful to the heart, mind, and body’s internal parts. So, the fast you can get rid of this problem, the more you will feel better.

How to stop snoring naturally?

No one intentionally wants to disturb others. But what would it like, if your sleeping habit disturbs others? You mustn’t like to have such kind of complaint. Therefore, you must try as much as possible to control your noisy sleeping habits.

Now, do you have a snoring problem? You don’t want to see a doctor but want to know how to stop snoring immediately? If so, perhaps our following solution will be best for you.

  • Avoid alcohol, drug, medication.
  • Are you habituated to taking drugs or any other intoxication? If so, then let us inform you sometimes drugs also play a role in creating snoring. Therefore, anything that loses consciousness should be avoided.
  • Stop taking a sleeping tablet.
  • The sleeping tablet makes one sleep senseless. By relaxing the muscles of the throat and neck, it causes snoring. Besides, taking excessive sleeping pills damages the internal organs of our body. So, you should stop taking sleeping pills to fall asleep. Instead, you should do regular exercise to fall asleep fast.
  • Change sleeping position
  • Do you make excessive snoring when you sleep straightly on your back? If so, then you better change your sleeping position. The best solution will be resting on your right arm or left arm.
  • Loss of weight
  • People with heavyweight make snoring more than the others. So, if you have a heavy weight, you must lose it. Do regular exercise and hard work to reduce your weight.
  • Throat exercise
  • The weak and relaxed throat muscle is a reason for creating snoring. To strengthen and prevent collapsing the throat muscles, you should do throat exercise for some time. There are available guidelines on the internet regarding the practice of throat muscles.
  • Take adequate nap

Too much sleeping or less sleeping might the cause of making snoring. If you are an adult person, then you should sleep at least 8 hours regularly.

  • Treat allergies
  • Having allergies are also a crucial reason for causing snoring. You should treat your allergies and take the pills timely.

Try all of the remedies to get rid of your problem. Still, if there is no improvement, you better consult a doctor.

How to stop someone from snoring?

After a long tiring day, how will you feel if someone disturbs your sleeping when you go to bed? You mustn’t like it, will you? So how will you stop him from making snoring? Let’s know some standard techniques about that.

  • To get relief from the snoring of your bed partner, you should go to sleep before him.
  • Don’t let the snorer lie on his back. Instead, force him to lie on his other side.
  • To create a peaceful environment and get relief from your partner’s snoring, use a white noise machine.
  • When your partner is unaware of the deepness of the problem, you should make him acknowledged it. So, record his snoring, play it in front of him to understand that there is a problem.
  • Switch your partner’s pillow with the anti-snore pad. These works somehow well to stop the snoring of a person. Purchase one of them for your room partner. 
  • Wear earphones to reduce the acuteness of snoring sound.

Do you have a room partner who makes continuous snoring? Then, these ways would be useful for you to avoid snoring. 

How to sleep to stop snoring?

How to sleep to stop snoringChanging sleeping positions sometimes becomes an excellent remedy to stop snoring.

Sleeping on the back enables one to take a long breath without any constraint. Consequently, it makes snoring louder while sleeping.

Therefore, to stop your snoring, you better lie either on your right side or left side. Lying on the right side is the best sleeping position, among others. It not only helps to reduce snoring but also beneficial for our body.  

The sum up!

Indeed, you want to get rid of your snoring problem as soon as possible. You might need to see a doctor to solve your problem. But first, you should try to eradicate your problem with natural remedies.

We have enlisted the best methods of how to stop snoring immediately. These are the most effective and essential natural remedies to reduce your snoring problem. But it is hard to say which method will cure your problem. Therefore, try them all one after one.


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