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Without the right memory foam pillows on your bed, your sleep routine may be profoundly affected. As a result, you could develop aches and pains in places you never expected.

Due to the essence of pillows in getting us well-rested, it’s a fact that you need the best pillows to lay on hands.

That’s why this Malouf pillow reviews is the right read for you. Now the Malouf z shoulder pillow is here, let’s take a look at what you’ll get from reading through this review;

What to expect from Malouf Z pillow review

In so many product reviews, there’s inadequate information as to what you’ll get from making a purchase. It leaves a lot of buyers in a guess-work limbo. When buyers make a choice based on impulse, the chances of them being satisfied are incredibly low.

In this Malouf z shoulder pillow review, all the needs of buyers are catered to. They’ll get to see the principal elements they can draw comfort. Such facts help in getting buyers the rest they need. It also ensures their investments are secure for the future.

Features such as the fill, contour, material, functions, and lots more are made available. All these elements will help you choose better, and you’ll be more satisfied with your choice, even after a long time.

  • Gel dough foam
  • Liquid gel
  • Easy maintenance
  • Well-knit cover
  • Compressible nature may not appeal to sleepers

Contour Design/Material

When you’re an unrepentant side sleeper, this best cooling pillow for side sleepers is what you need. It comes with three edges sewn in a properly rounded shape. The makers create a somewhat hollow end for the fourth end of this pad.

The end is created to provide space for your shoulders to rest. Also, your neck area will receive adequate support with the pad’s beautiful contour design.

The outer covering of this z shoulder gel dough pillow makes sure you have the best comfort your money can buy. With a Tencel Lyocell fabric, coolness, and better rest assured through your pad.

Size & Loft

When size variety is what you’re looking for, ensure you get this pad as your first option. The pad comes in queen and king-sized to make your nights worthwhile.

  • King-size: 16” X 35” (L X W)
  • Queen-size: 16” x 25” (L X W)

This Malouf active dough pillow also ensures varying loftiness for the right sleep support for any person. The king-size pillow has a much higher loft than the queen size, but the effect of both pads remains sustained.

  • King-size: 6”
  • Queen-size: 5”


Moisture causes your sleep slightly uncomfortable, but you assure a more refreshing nap time for this pad.

The pad’s cover is made wholly with moisture-resistant fabric, ensuring your padding remains incredibly cool whenever you rest on it. Also, your pad’s loftiness promotes a springy texture to give you a more relaxing rest through your nap.


When you need to maintain a pad, a machine washable cover ranks so high. Due to this, the Malouf pillow side sleeper makers have added a zipper to the covering to make it easier to wash and replace.

Final Word

You’ve seen the top features of the coldest pillow review. Ponder over it, and check it out today!

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