Best Cooling Pillow for Side Sleepers

The principal aim of using pillows is to provide support for your neck, back, and other vital parts of your body based on your sleeping position. But some pillows can add more value to your nap session. Pillows such as cooling and orthopedic pillows are now very much sought after.

If good sleep is what you seek from a pillow, then this Best Cooling Pillows for Side Sleepers will surely grant you a sounder nap than you expected.

Comparison Table of the Best Cooling Pillow on the Market

Product Name



Gel-infused fiber for increased coolness


High-cooling techno-gel


Moisture-control Tencel outer fabric


Omni technology for increased comfort


Tencel Lyocell and innovative design, ideal for side sleepers


Hypoallergenic foam filling


Constant-Cool covering for breathable sleep support


Phase-changing material (PCM) for better breathability


Inflatable cooling pillow


Top Selection of the Best Cooling Pillow for Side Sleepers

Before we dig deep into the best pillow selection for you, it’s vital we take a first glance at each of these pads. It’ll make it easier for you to ID these pads later, and who knows, you could get your dream pad from just looking through this section;

Sleep Restoration Gel Pillow Reviews

Need a double dose of comfort? Then you should take a good look at this pillow set to restore your comfort in a flash.

The cover design of this pad follows the conventional plump design. The design adds to the fluffiness of the pad and gives a lot of comfort to sleepers.

The filling of this pad is made with high-quality gel-infused fiber. The gel-infused fiber of this pad, along with the breathable cotton cover, increases the freshness of your sleep.

The pad is also made with allergen-free materials so you won’t get any irritating moments or bug attacks.

The pad set comes in standard, Queen and king-sizes. These sizes come in different dimensions, but all share a good amount of loftiness to ensure a comfier sleep.

The pad is perfect for people who have issues with their respiration. The pillow provides ample support to your neck and spine with the plump loft.

The pad’s cover is easy to maintain with its easy to remove, machine-washable cover.

Technogel Pillow Reviews

Looking through technogel pillows reviews will surely interest you in an instant. This pad comes with a load of cutting-edge designs to give you a quality nap.

The shape of this pad is awesome and promotes better rest however you need it. A lot of the support from this pad is as a result of the ergonomic design. The two-sided pillow comes designed with quality materials.

Technogel pillow reviews reveal that this pad comes in three size options – Standard/Queen, Queen and King-sizes.

These pads all come with two-sided lofts with an-inch variant on either side. The different loft sizes of this pad promote a better sleep no matter the rest support you desire. The higher loft of this pad gives your neck and head a more comfortable rest.

Also, the relaxed loft on the other side of this pad also increases the resting potential of your head. Your neck-spine alignment also receives a huge boost with the relaxed loft of this pad.

With the Technogel infused into this pad, you’ve got a harmless, hypoallergenic and cooling feature for your pad.

This gel improves airflow through your pad. When airflow is increased through your pad, those sweaty nights will swiftly be a thing of the past.

Apart from the exciting functions of the gel, it’s noteworthy that this pad is so easy to maintain. The two protective covers that come with this pad are easy to remove and clean.

Z Pillow Reviews

When you’re looking for an oddly-shaped, but high functioning pad for a quality night rest, consider taking a close look at this pad.

This pillow may pass off as a huge boomerang on your bed with its very beautiful design. It comes with so much ergonomic detailing to provide adequate support for your neck, spine, and back.

The outer casing of this pad comes designed with high-quality Tencel fabric. This fabric increases moisture repellence throughout your pillow, and there’ll be no need to change positions too much when napping.

Also, the memory foam filling used in this pad remains one of the most cutting-edge fills in the pillow business. Gel dough memory foam involves mixing up the cooling gel with the memory foam in the pad. The mixture guarantees much better breathability and coolness while you sleep.

The pad measures a standard 26” X 26” X 12”. Also, the loftiness of this pad stands at a comfortable 5” to provide extra comfort.

This pad has so many interesting functions based on its contouring. You have so much ease and increased adjustability in getting more rest positions without hassles.

The 5 year US Warranty protects your investment.

Columbia Cooling Pillow Reviews

Columbia pillows reviews details all features that ensure you have a much sounder sleep. Side sleepers have a lot to gain from this pad. The pad features special cooling tech that is exceptionally breathable.

Looking through numerous columbia pillow reviews will surely get you impressed, as you get direct access to Omni tech which promotes amazing comfort on both sides of your pad.

The edges of the pillow come in neatly-sewn seams. These seams add a rounded design to the sides of the pillow.

Also the wide design of the pad adds to the comfort potential it has for your neck and shoulders.

The memory foam in this pad comes designed with awe-inspiring springiness that’s second to none. This foam retains its shape regardless of the time you spend on it taking a much-needed nap.

The size of this pad comes designed with a Standard/Queen dimension of 16” X 25” (L X W). The loft of this pad comes at almost six inches (5.5”), making it ideal for sleepers that require an elevated head and neck rest during a nap.

The top layer of the pad comes with an Omni-Freeze tech, designed to keep a sleeper cool and well-rested through the night.

The bottom layer of the pad comes with an Omni-Wick tech, mainly designed to enhance the overall breathability of the pillow.

Apart from the sturdiness and comfort provided by the memory foam, there’s still more relaxation available for sleepers. Cooling gel is infused into this foam, meaning the chances of building up sweat are eliminated when you use this pad.

Malouf Pillow Reviews

Malouf has released a top class pad to ensure you get more comfort. This pillow has an interesting shape and equally exciting features you should closely consider.

There are many contour designs that fascinate buyers of pads today. This pad is a sure candidate in that selection.

The contouring of this pad has a fluffy look with an edge of the pad designed to fit your shoulders. If you’re a side sleeper, this should appeal to you quickly.

Another interesting feature of the pad is the covering material. The pad comes designed with tencel lyocell fabric that promotes coolness and lessens irritation from moisture. One exciting feature of this pad is that you’re sure of a comfy sleep no matter the weather.

The material and the covering design of this pad contribute to the ease you get when you’re keen on getting a nap. The contours suit your shoulder and prevent any irritation. Also, your neck and spine alignment is adequately catered for with an innovative shape design.

This pad is available in two sizes – King and Queen Size. The King Size of this pad measures at 16” X 35” (L X W). The king-size pad has a 6” loft for better elevated neck and head support.

The queen-size of this pad comes in a 16” x 25” (L X W). The loftiness of this pad measures at 5 inches to promote a comfy and equally cool rest for sleepers.

With the 100% moisture-resistant covering of this pad, the cooling potential of this pillow ranks among the highest.

Also, the loftiness of the pad increases the comfort potential your head and neck are provided, ensuring you’re relieved from any aches or lingering pains.

The casing of this pad features a zipper that promotes easier maintenance of your pad. Also, the Standard 100 certification of the textiles used in making this pad adds to its overall quality.

Classic Brands Cool Gel Review

Getting to use pads with high quality is one thing you’re sure to get with the Classic Brands Pillow. It has all you need to get that smooth night you’ve been wishing for.

The design of this pad ensures better rest with its cool gel layering on one side and memory foam on the other side of the pillow.

Regardless of the side you use, it’s sure to promote coolness and breathability throughout your pad.

Aside from the comfy nature of this pad, the anti-microbial build of the pad ensures there’s no event of irritation.

This fluffy pad comes in one of the best designs you can find. It is designed with a standard 16” X 24” (L X W) build for large support for your sleeping position.

Also, the 5” loft of this pad ensures you get the best support for your neck and remain comfy through your nap.

The pad comes with a full hypoallergenic build to promote universal use among sleepers. Apart from this pad coming with no allergens, it’s easy to maintain.

The cover of the pad is removable, and you can use a washing machine to get your pillow cleaned with ease.

When you purchase this pad, you’ve assured a high-level, round-the-clock customer service for your investment.

Serta Stay Cool Pillow Reviews

This Serta three layer comfort pillow reviews cooling pillows add more to the cooling potential of your nights, and you’d be glad you read through this.

At a first glance, you’d notice the extensive detail used in making the covering of this pad. The casing of this pad improves the smooth texture and fluffiness of the pad.

Apart from being incredibly fluffy, the shape retention of this pad receives a boost with the aid of the cool and breathable outer fabric.

No matter the serta cooling pillow reviews you look through, you’re sure to see this pad only comes in one size.

The pad comes in a standard queen size with normal dimensions (16” X 25”) with a 5” loft. The loftiness of this pad, along with the comfortable fabric improves your sleep remarkably.

When you’re looking for improved breathability, this serta side sleeper pillow reviews is the right spot for you!

It comes with a Constant-Cool feature which promotes high breathability. The breathability of this pad is as a result of the encouragement of airflow from the pad’s filling to the outer cover.

Also, the cooling gel infused into this pad adds a lot to the overall coolness of the pillow.

The memory foam pillow comes with a generous 5yr limited warranty for buyers.

Sleep Better Pillow Reviews

When you need an incredibly cool pad for resting on your side, then you’re sure to be interested in this pillow. The pad has a lot of exciting features meant to deliver a top-quality nap experience for sleepers.

The shape of this pad follows a very smooth design that supports your side position. Apart from the sleek contour design, the covering material of this pad improves its quality.

Smooth, highly breathable 100% cotton is the choice outer casing of this pad.

When you think about taking a cool rest, the memory foam filling of this pad is the best choice for you. The fill promotes coolness throughout the pad, and with the natural cover, you’ll not be involved in any sweaty nights.

The pad comes in a gusseted side sleeper, contour, and standard sizes. These size options have differences only in size, but the quality remains the same throughout.

The pad has a range of sizes that have lofts from 4.5” – 6”. The height of the loft increases the elevated support your pad provides.

The SleepBetter pad comes with an adaptive support feature, equipped with very tiny phase-changing material (PCM). These beads aid in the repellence of heat, promoting better, cooler sleep.

The machine-washable cover of this pad makes it rather easy to maintain and is a bonus feature ensuring you get a fresher rest.

Chillow Pillow Review

Chillow pillow reviews everything you need to boost your sleep routine, and you’ll never get a heated sleep episode ever again.

The shape of this cooling pad follows a simple design that allows you to get more comfort along with your regular pillow. It comes with a flexible material that aids you in getting better rest.

This pad only comes in 21” X 12”. You can adjust the loftiness of your pad depending on the amount of liquid you add to the pad.

The cool outer material has the ability to get your feet much cooler in a short while. All you need to do is get some water in the pillow through the holes provided.

It also improves the malleability of your pad, making sure you have a sleep you rightly deserve. As a side sleeper, such a feature could serve you well.

The temperature control feature of this cooling pillow makes sure you remain fresh regardless of the weather condition. This helps you in getting a much better sleep routine.

What to Expect

Cooling pillows are all we’ll be looking at in this read, and you’ll get to see the top pads you can choose from.

Apart from getting a look at several products, you’re provided with a clear description of these pillows and its essential content. You’ll get info on the size/shape, and lots more of these pads made just for you.

Cooling Pillows – What are They Really?

Cooling pillows, as the name implies, come with a range of designs to ensure the sleeper never gets uncomfortable during a nap.

The coolness of these pillows emanates from the materials used in making the pad. A characteristic feature of these pads is their breathable foam filling. The type of memory foam may differ in density to fulfill the varying needs of sleepers.

Most cooling pads come infused with materials that promote the overall freshness of the pillow. These materials function alongside the breathable foam to ensure you don’t break into a sweating episode.

Types of Cooling Pillows

Just as you’d expect, there’s got to be different types of cooling pads due to the numerous products on the market. Currently, there are four types of cooling pillows. Here they are;

Gel-infused pillows

Gel-infused pillows rank among the most common cooling pads. They come with a layer of cooling gel inserted into two overlapping layers of foam filling.

The gel in this foam is necessary to keep the foam cool throughout your nap.


These pillows come designed with a layer of foam filling with water in the middle. The water is sealed in a burst-proof pack and adds to the malleability of the pad.

Organic pillows

Organic pads come designed with materials that promote breathability, and in turn, coolness. These pads work with an organic hull (buckwheat, millet, etc.) filling. These fillings are tremendously breathable and ensure sleepers remain cool.

Also, the low thread count of this pad ensures you don’t have to get sweaty in a fascinating way.

The casing of these pillows work with the hollow hulls of the fillings, and let air through the pad continuously.

With this process, you’ll remain fresh during your sleep.

Special fillings

Apart from the other cooling pillows, there are select units currently on the market. Some pads come with a filling of tiny beads neatly packed in a tightly-fitting bag.

The beads are made of polymers and are highly resistant to heat build-up. With this feature, coupled with the breathable covering, these pads make sure heat absorption is limited.

Apart from the special fillings used in foams, there are now tech innovations in this part of the comfort industry. Some pads now come with a device that releases air into the pad at regular intervals to promote coolness.

On the flip side, it’s noteworthy that these pads use batteries or direct electrical current to function.

Sizes of Cold/Cool Pillows 

Cooling pads mainly come in four different size options. You could get the much smaller standard version, the medium-sized or Queen size, the large or King-size, or the extra-large size. Note that these sizes may have different names depending on the maker, but the dimensions still remain almost the same.

Why Should You Choose a Cooling Pillow?

To be sure of what you’re intending to buy, it’s better you get all the info to make your choice the best possible one.

Pillows now come made wholly organic, and some others are made with materials that are simply cutting-edge. Choices could change due to the covering, filling, size, shape, and many more features of your pad options.

Cooling pillows are in high demand, and a lot of these pillows come made for a range of purposes. We’ll get to see everything about the pads made for side sleepers, and lots more. Pay close attention, as there’s so much you have to know for assured comfort.

When you’re through reading, you’ll see why it’s best you choose a cooling pillow to assure a healthful painless sleep routine.

What to Consider When Choosing a Side-Sleeping Cooling Pillow

There are a few points you should keep in mind when you’re in the valley of decision for a cooling pillow. Let’s take a look at them;

-   The outer covering

-   The filling

-   Is it organic or artificial?

-   Size of the pad

-   Your sleeping position

-   Easy maintenance

-   The firmness of the pad

-   The loft of the pillow

The outer covering

Bamboo viscose, polyester, and cotton are the main choice materials for the covering. These coverings differ in their cooling potential, and you could make a choice based on this feature.

Also, some of these materials are used in varying percentages to make a single cover. The makers do this in a bid to improve the coolness of the pad.

The filling – Is it organic or artificial?

Memory foam, buckwheat, polystyrene beads, among others is the choice materials for filling today’s cooling pillows.

Based on certain preferences, you may opt for an artificial filling material when you don’t have a need for organic fillings.

Also, if you’re allergic to making use of inorganic products, you can easily choose an organic hull filling for your pad.

Size of the pad

The size of the pillow is another crucial point to consider when you’re in the hunt for a cooling pillow.

Cooling pillows have different sizes, and you could make a natural choice for one based on your body type and some other features.

Your sleeping position

How you sleep has a role to play on the pad you’ll select. There are a lot of pads for different sleep positions, and you should consider this when you’re in the hunt for a cooling pillow.

Easy maintenance

Getting a pillow that’s so easy to maintain is one thing you should look out for when you need a cooling pad.

Many of these pads come with zippers that make maintenance of the outer cover easier than ever.

The firmness of the pad

Your pad’s firmness determines whether you’d be happy with your purchase or not. Some pads have filling materials that promote firmness. Such firmness is common to organic hull-filled pads and lump memory foam.

The loft of the pillow

The loft of the pillow determines the level at which your headrests. Depending on your age and body size, the loft of your pad could prove tricky in getting you a good rest.

Some pads come with an obviously high loft for mature sleepers, and there are much lower lofts for sleepers who need lower neck and head support.

How to Pick the Perfect Pillow for Side Sleepers

Cooling pillows have created a lot of comfort for a good number of sleepers. There’s a consensus that these pillows have the right components to ensure a night of better sleep.

Nowadays, there are so many inventions that could spoil you for choice. And that’s why you’ve got to know what you’re in the market for. You may seem to know what you need from a pillow, but how do you choose the right product?

But with the turn of numerous centuries, softer pillows were designed with synthetic materials, and some were made with plain organically-sourced items.


Is there a pillow that stays cool all night     

Yes. There is. A cooling pillow releases air through its vents, and the foam filling encourages all-night coolness for a fresher sleep.

What is the best cool gel pillow

The best cooling gel pad is a pad that can provide maximum comfort for sleepers, regardless of the weather/room condition.

Currently, a lot of products share similar levels of characteristics and qualities, so anyone of the m can rank as the best cool gel pillow right now.

What is the best cooling pillow for hot flashes 

Hot flashed tend to make your nights less comforting. The best cooling pillow should have the main features (cool filling, cool/breathable covering) to ensure protection against heat episodes.

Do cooling pillows really work?        

Different brands manufacture cooling pillows. Even though all makers use different methods and materials in making their cooling pillows, they actually work well when used for a nap.

Final Word

Now that you’ve seen the info on the best cooling pillows for side sleepers, make an informed choice to guarantee all-round rest in your nap time!

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