Best Cooling Pillow for Side Sleepers

The primary aim of using sleeping pillows is to provide a level of support for your neck, back, and other vital parts of your body based on your sleep position.

Most of the sellers are talking about the cool sleeping pillows but not for the side sleeping position. Here, I value the side sleepers’ feel. Some cool touch pillows on the market can add more value to your sleeping positions, and I am talking about that. If you want a good night’s sleep, the below included Best Cooling Pillow for Side Sleepers will surely work as sleep medicine.

Best cooling pillow on the market

  1. Best Overall – Tempur-Pedic Tempur-Cloud Breeze Dual Cooling Pillow
  2. Best Budget – Shredded Memory Foam Pillow with Stay Cool Bamboo Cover
  3. Best Temperature Control – Sleep restoration gel pillow
  4. Best for Side Sleepers – Sleep Better Iso Cool Pillow
  5. Best Gel – Columbia Cooling Pillow Reviews
  6. Best Bed – Stay Cool Bamboo Pillows
  7. Best of Both Worlds – Z Dough Pillow
  8. Most Comfortable Cooling Pillow – Chillow Pillow Reviews
  9. Best Plush – Beckham Hotel Collection Gel Pillow Review

Top Rated Cooling Pillows Review

Before deep digging the pillow that stays cold all night, we must take a glance at each of these top cooling pillows. It’ll help you to choose the best bed pillows for sleeping.

Tempur-Pedic Tempur-Cloud Breeze Dual Cooling Pillow

This chill pillow is the best cooling pillow for side sleepers on my list, and I am using this chill cloud pillow for a long. So, I suggest you buy it without any hesitation. Both sides of the pillow have a special gel layer that will keep you cool and comfortable throughout the night. On Amazon, 69% of buyers rated 5 stars of this coldest pillow.

It can easily adapt to your neck, head, and shoulders for an amount of support. Its medium-firm feel provides a good night’s rest for the side back or stomach sleeper too. They made it with tempur materials, so it never loses its shape. Rather it will provide the perfect amount of support and alignment year after year.

If I compare the cooling options, the tempur-cloud breeze dual cooling pillow is incomparable. Its quilted cover is breathable and soft, and it is machine washable for easy care.

This cool pillow is a bit expensive, so you have to be prepared for an additional cost. The Tempur-Pedic Tempur-CLOUD Breeze Dual Pillow doesn’t allow for returns, but it has a limited 5-year warranty.

Shredded Memory Foam Pillow with Stay Cool Bamboo Cover

This shredded memory foam pillow is my second choice, and the manufacturer designs these best pillows for side sleepers. The bamboo shredded memory foam pillow has been infused with cooling gel. This technology will keep you cool through the night. Out of 15,207 customers, 60% rated 5 stars for this cool head pillow.

These top-rated cooling pillows can reduce all the usual sleeping problems. It provides proper neck support and relieves different sleeping issues like insomnia, snoring, and migraines. With side sleeping, it is also suitable for back sleepers and stomach sleepers.

The queen size measures 28 x 18 x 7.5 inches to adapt your head and neck, which will keep the spine aligned properly. These bamboo shredded memory foam pillows never go flat. This Plixio pillow best for side sleepers when compare with other shredded foam pillows.

The bamboo cover is washable for easy at home. This bamboo cover can be an alternative for those who like latex pillows or best down pillows. The soft pillows cover hypoallergenic super breathable. A ten-year warranty is ready with your purchase.

Sleep Restoration Gel Pillow Reviews

Need a double amount of comfort? You should take a good look at these always-cool pillows to restore your happiness. If you look at the amazon reviews, 70% of 5,473 buyers rated 5 stars.

With this always cold pillow, night sleep will be nice and cool if you have the best cooling mattress toppers. It is a top-rated cooling pillow in the market for infused with gel filling. The infused gel fiber, along with the soft and breathable knit cover, cool to the touch and increase your sleep’s freshness.

These best cooling pillows for side sleepers are dust mites, mold, and mildew resistant. You won’t get any irritating moments or bug attacks. The adjustable pillow is for allergy sufferers too.

The most comfortable pillow set comes in standard, Queen, and king-size with different dimensions. Its adjustable loft ensures sleep cool through the night. It’s perfect for people who have respiration issues because the pillow’s loft provides ample support to your neck and spine.

You are going to get a 30-day trial period. If you are not satisfied, return it. The machine-washable fabric cover is easy to clean.

Sleep Better Iso Cool Pillow

It’s an iso cool memory foam pillow for side sleepers, and you will be interested in this pillow for its special cooling comfort. The pillow features a cool pillow for hot flashes, so you’ll not sweats at night. 60% of 4,602 buyers have given 5 stars rating on Amazon.

The gusseted sides are suitable for side sleepers to remain cool and comfortable. Apart from the sleek contour design, the 100% cotton cover and the memory foam filling provide a cool feeling throughout the pillow.

The ac pillow is equipped with phase-changing material (PCM) to absorb heat and help people sleep comfortably.
The cooling pillow has a variety of sizes and has lofts from 4.5″ – 6″. The higher loft increases support. The machine washable cover is easy to maintain.

Columbia Cooling Pillow Reviews

This Columbia high-performance cooling pillow is one of the best-rated cool gel pillows for side sleeping. Also, the back and stomach sleepers can get a lot of cooling comfort from these medium-firm pillows. Its staying cool features instantly get thanks from hot sleepers.

The iso cool pillow reviews will surely impress you with its cooling technology. The Omni Wick technology keeps you dry. It allows perspiration to evaporate smoothly for a cool and breathable sleep experience.

The top layer comes with an Omni-Freeze tech, design to sleep relaxed and well-rested throughout the night. The chilling pillow’s bottom layer comes with an Omni-Wick tech, mainly intended to enhance the pillow’s naturally breathable.

The Columbia ice fiber pillow adds comfort to your head, neck, and shoulders and perfect for the back, side, and stomach sleepers. Its filling memory foam retains its shape within a short time.

This Columbia side sleeper pillow comes Standard/Queen of 16″ X 25″ (L X W). The loft of this true cool pillow comes at almost six inches (5.5″), making it ideal for sleepers. Apart from the cool and amazing sleep experience and comfort provided by the memory foam, there’s still more relaxation available for sleepers.

Stay Cool Bamboo Pillows

This shredded memory foam pillow’s side sleeper is another highest-rated cooling pillow on my list. If you look at the amazon reviews, 67% of 7,721 buyers rated 5 stars. The soft pillow offers firm support to keep the spine and neck in line. It helps to reduce pain and pressure points in that area.

This bed pillow is made from shredded foam, and it allows air to flow through every area of the pillow. The temperature regulating gel alleviates heat build-up to sleep comfortably. The Qutool pillow features a zipper to add or remove foam filling to adjust the loft. It also the best pillows for pregnant, back, and stomach sleepers.

Its eco-friendly materials increase ventilation and breathability.  The cover is made of 60% polyester with 40% bamboo rayon.
You are going to get a 90-night sleep trial with a 5-year warranty. I think you will not return it, as I am telling it from my experience.

Z Dough Pillow

When you’re looking for an L-shaped body pillow for a good night’s sleep, it means you are looking for a side sleeper pillow. Consider this best cooling memory foam pillow. It may pass off as a massive boomerang on your bed with its stunning ergonomic design. It provides neck and shoulder support adequately.

The cool gel memory foam pillow is filled with 100 percent polyurethane gel foam. It is cool to the touch and comfortable than a traditional pillow. So you will fall asleep faster.

The pillows cover made with sleep quality Tencel fabric. This fabric manages optimal sleeping temperature throughout the memory foam cooling pillow. So, you don’t need to change positions when sleeping with the best memory foam pillow for side sleepers.

The pillow measures 26″ X 26″ X 12″ (envelope), and the 5″ loft pillow provides extra comfort. This chill pillow has so many new functions based on its contouring. You have so much ease and adjustability in getting a comfortable night’s sleep without hassles.

The removable cover is machine washable. A 5-year warranty from the US protects our investment.

Chillow Pillow Reviews

When you need to boost your sleep routine, you should pick the chillow pillow amazon. This cooling pad’s shape follows a simple design that allows you to get more comfortable, like your regular pillow. It comes with a flexible material that aids you in getting better rest. Check the chillow pillow instructions to know clearly about it.

This cooling pillow comes in 21″ X 12″. You can adjust your pad’s loft, depending on the amount of liquid you add to the pad. All you need to do is put some water in the pillow through the holes provided.

The temperature control feature of this cooling pillow makes sure you remain fresh. It helps you in getting a much better sleep routine.

Beckham Hotel Collection Gel Pillow Review

This soft pillow is the most popular and best sell pillow in the market. It feels similar to a down pillow, but it’s crafted with super plush gel fiber. The hypoallergenic design with 100% cotton provides maximum comfort for all sleeping positions.

If you look at the amazon reviews, 71% of 1,00,661 buyers rated 5 stars for this cool pillow. It is the best-selling bed pillow on amazon.

These gel-filled fiber pillows are stain-resistantâ no need to worry about their cleaning. The machine-washable pillow always looks new.

What is a cooling pillow?

As the name implies, it provides a cool surface to sleep. The coolness emanates from the materials used in making the pillow. Breathable fill materials are one of the features. The type of memory foam may differ in density to fulfill the varying needs of sleepers. Most of these pillows are made to provide the overall cool of the pillow. It ensures sweat protects.
There are different types of cool pillows on the market.

Gel Infused:

It ranks high among the most common cooling pillows. Commonly, the cooling gel layer inserts in between the foam fill layers to provide coolness.


The pillow is filled with a layer of foam and water in the middle. And the water is sealed in a burst-proof pack. The cold water provides coolness all over the pillow surface.

Organic pillows:

Organic pads come with materials that promote breathability and, in turn, coolness. These pillows are made with an organic hull (buckwheat, millet, etc.) filling that is tremendously breathable and ensures sleepers remain cool. Also, the low thread count of this pad ensures you don’t have to get sweaty.

Special fillings:

There are other cold pillows on the market. Some pillows come with a packing of tiny beads neatly packed in a tight-fitting bag. The beads are made of polymers and are highly resistant to heat build-up. With this feature, coupled with the breathable covering, these pillows make sure heat absorption.

How to choose the right pillow for side sleepers?

Cooling pillows are great for side sleep. These pillows have the right components to ensure they keep cool all night. Nowadays, there are so many inventions that could confuse you on how to choose the best pillows. You may seem to understand what to look for in a pillow? But how do you choose the right product?

Softer pillows design with synthetic materials, and some are made with organically sourced items. Now you have to decide which one is best suited for you. One should consider a few points when they’re in the valley of decision for the best cooling pillow for side sleepers.

Fill materials: Memory foam, latex, buckwheat, polystyrene beads are the first choice materials for filling today’s cooling pillows. But based on individual preferences, you may opt for an artificial filling when you don’t require organic fill.
Pillow size: You should choose the size pillow for side sleep based on your body type and other features.
Sleeping position: How you sleep has a role to play on the chill pillow you’ll select. There are many cold pillows for different sleeping positions, and you should consider this.
Loft preferences: The loft of the cooling pillow determines the height level of your headrests. Depending on your age and body size, you should choose the loft pillow. Some pillows come with a higher loft for mature sleepers and lower lofts for lower neck and head support.
Some cold pillow materials like wool, shredded foam, and down have a high loft, but they can easily compressible. Another cooling pillow can adjust the loft height by adding or removing the pillow filling.
Cover: Bamboo viscose, polyester, and cotton are the first choice materials for the covering. Bamboo is lightweight and natural fiber; cotton also natural and soft. These coverings differ in their cooling potentiality, and you could make a choice based on this feature. All these are easy to clean.


What is the best pillow that stays cool?

A cool tech pillow can absorb the body’s temperature or prevent night sweats during sleep. The best cooling body pillow release air through its vents, and the foam filling encourages coolness for a fresher sleep. You’ll get to see the top cooling pillows from our list that staying cool while sleep. 

Do cooling pillows really work?

Different brands manufacture cooling pillows. Though all makers use different methods and materials to make their cooling pillows, most of them use good materials. We have reviewed here the pillows that stay cool all the time. 

Are gel pillows safe?

The best cooling gel pillow is safe and can provide maximum comfort for sleepers, regardless of the weather/room condition. Currently, a lot of products share similar levels of materials and qualities so that any pillow can rank as the best cool gel pillow.

Where to buy coop home goods pillows?

There are many marketplaces to buy coop home goods eden pillows. You can visit your nearest bedding store or shopping malls or to the manufacturer store. And you also get it from the participant in the Amazon affiliate marketing programs.

Final Word

Now you have the info on the best cooling pillows for side sleepers. Choose the perfect cool pillow, which will give you the guarantee of all-around rest in your sleep time. With the forever cool pad, adjust the room temperature, mattress or mattress topper, and finally, your sleeping pajamas.

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