What’s The Best Pillow For Back Pain – Updated 2023

Back pain is more common in adults, sometimes mild and sometimes severe. It can cause tense muscles, stress, injuries, and underlying health conditions. While it’s a common problem, but it’s not an insignificant one. In most cases, the pain increases during sleep due to poor posture. 

Back pain affects sleep, and lack of sleep can have severe consequences for health, like shortening life expectancy. Poor sleep can also exacerbate back pain. All of this demonstrates the importance of choosing a pillow to relieve back pain.best pillow for back pain

Chronic back pain has an enormous impact on everyday activities in life, including sleep quality. Studies prove that back pain disturbs sleep. A Korean study found 32% of respondents experienced a lack of sleep. An Australian study found 58% of people.

According to the British Chiropractic Association, more people in the UK experience back pain each week than before. And sleepers get help from bed-back pillows.

We can use a support back pillow under the head to relieve back pain and underneath the legs and lumbar to relieve pressure on the spine. Here, I am trying to inform you “what is the best pillow for lower back pain.” So, choosing the best pillow for back pain is one of the good decisions you make. 

Best back support pillow for bed

Top 15 Best pillows for back pain

  • Ease your back pain.
  • Contoured shape.
  • Provide support and comfort.
  • Lifetime money back guarantee.
  • Dimensions: 9.8 x 7.9 x 6.3 inches.
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  • Gel infused memory foam pillow.
  • Low back pillow.
  • Knee pillow.
  • Aligned with the spine.
  • Pillow’s cover made of super-soft Lyocell fabric.
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  • Top lumbar support pillows for bed.
  • Pillow for side and back sleepers.
  • Ergonomic design features.
  • Support the spine.
  • Temperature regulation.
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  • Reduce neck and back pain.
  • Alleviate pressure and pain.
  • High density premium memory foam.
  • Machine washing cover.
  • Measurements: 22 x 22 x 7 inches.
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  • Lumbar pillow back pain relief.
  • Included cotton cover.
  • Available 3 sizes.
  • Pillows for different sleeping posture.
  • Free shipping and returns.
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Top Best pillow for back problems

After long research and customer feedback, I created the table below to pick up the best back pillow you need.

ComfiLife orthopedic wedge pillow for back pain


Comfilife orthopedic knee pillow reviews will help you know how to align with the spine when you suffer from back or joint pain, accidents and injuries, or related pain. It is designed for back sleepers so they can sleep comfortably. 

The ergonomic design pillow fits between knees and provides support and comfort and relieving pressure on the lower back. It may take few days to adjust the pillows with your body. what is the best pillow for back sleepers

ComfiLife pillow features a 100% high-density memory foam to provide support for comfy sleep. The sleeping supports won’t go flat overnight and provide a soft feel when warm and firm feel in the cooler temperature. 

Leg pillow for lower back pain measures 9.8 x 7.9 x 6.3 inches, and the breathable cover is machine washable. You will get a lifetime warranty, which is why customers are 100% satisfied with trust.

Pep step gel memory foam


Pep step waist pillow for sleeping provides a cool comfort that you won’t find in others. A regular memory foam pillow increases body temperature, and you will sweat during sleep. But, this pillow under waist design with a high-tech cooling gel memory foam allows for a relaxed deep sleep.

3″ thickness lower back support pillow for sleeping improves poor posture and reduces strained back muscles for the side and stomach sleepers. Some people want to know “where to place a pillow for lower back pain?” They will get the answer from the instruction of this low back support pillow.

This waist pillow for side sleepers molds your sleep position, creating a neutral spine and relieving tension through the back. If you don’t want back discomfort, looking for a lumbar support sleep pillow is the right choice. The cushion’s foam is not too dense, allowing your head to sink a little and become a therapeutic back pillow.

This Cooling gel-filled “pillow” between unfused vertebrae incorporates Open Cell Memory Foam, allowing air to circulate through the pillow. It provides a more breathable surface upon which to lay your head in comparison to conventional foam. Naturally, hypoallergenic and resistant to mold, bacteria, and dust mites.

Mkicesky lower back pain pillows


Mkicesky’s back support bed pillow is delicately made to fill the gap between your waist and the bed. So, this lower back support pillow for bed will support your spine perfectly when lie in bed.

Side sleepers put this lower back support pillow of the waist curve to straighten the spine to a neutral position. The lumbar support sleep pillow also suitable for legs, hips, and under the knee. However, you use it; it will relieve your pain during sleep.

Another advantage of this bed pillow for back support is its temperature regulation. It will keep you cool when sleeping and wake you up refreshed. These back supporting pillows never go flat, and they can carry your body weight.

The lumbar bed pillows are made with a density sponge with a cooling pillow. No fire retardants or phthalates have been used to make this pillow. The manufacturer advises washing the cover in hand. Within 100 days, you can return the pillow if you are not satisfied.

AbcoTech back support pillow for sleeping


If you are used to sleeping in a recliner chair, this bed wedge pillow for back pain is the perfect pillow for you. The reclined position helps you a lot when your back pain is getting worse. It supports your upper torso, releases pressure on the spine, and provides comfort to enjoy your rest.

The pillows for upper back pain are made with density foam and provide contour support. It never collapses for your body weight. It measures 22 x 22 x 7 inches. You will get a washable cover with the pillow.

TruContour lumbar pillows for back pain in bed


Trucontour lumbar pillow provides support while sleeping on your back. This upper back support cushion is designed in collaboration with a neurologist specializing in neuromuscular disorders. So it has been developed with evidence-based science.

The best lumbar support pillow for sleeping in this list is created for the back, side, and stomach. It is proven to help sleep posture and reduce strain on the neck, muscles, and ligaments to alleviate back pain.

The available sizes are super lumber, wide lumbar, and original and the difference between these models is foam. They have several options, extra soft and firm feel for getting proper support. You don’t need to pay additional charges for it.

Trucontour’s comfy back pillow is full of happiness because its structure fits the back curve and alleviates discomfort. Customers report the ease of back and leg pain and wake up without distress after a night’s rest. It hit all the pressure points and alleviates pressure for users in the best way possible.

LoveHome back relief lumbar pillow


Many people suffer from chronic back pain. LoveHome memory foam pillows lumbar works like magic to reduce it. A long time sitting causes it. Do you know “how to ease lower back pain in bed?”

With the exercise advised by your physical instructor or doctor, if you use this pillow back, that will help reduce back pain. It supports your back curve for proper spinal alignment to improves posture.

It would best to use an orthopedic back support pillow when you suffer from chronic pain and spondylosis. It’s medically reviewed by written.

This pillow for lumbar pain has adjustable straps to keep the rump pad properly in any chair from sliding down. The 3D mesh is washable, and the ventilation cover protects sweat and moisture from air circulating. If you’re not satisfied, return it within 60 days.

Sleephi pillows for bad backs and necks


From SLEEPHI’s collection, this is recommended to pick for side and stomach sleepers. A reasonably thin filling and an indent for the head remove uncomfortable elevation and any unnatural bend in the neck while you sleep.

With these pillows for back pain relief, it will take a few days to get used to. You’ll no longer need to dream about a night of good sleep.

This hypoallergenic pillow is notably soft, which makes it ideal for those who are stomach sleepers. While side sleepers can use this pillow, there is another back support pillow for side sleepers in their range that is better suited.

Customers praise the pillow for giving them an all-around deeper sleep. As a result, more energy for their days. It helps alleviate aches and pains, and this pillow back seems to be causing those using it to “jump out of bed in the morning.” If you’re looking for a spring in your step, perhaps this is the best.

Arc4life reverse curve neck pillow


A perfect bed cushion for back pain may be a bit of a mouthful, but it does the job. The pain pillow offers two levels of support. Traction V side gently stretches the neck, and the roll side provides support. This pillow for upper back pain stretches your neck muscles; you need to build up the time on the Traction V side gradually. Initially, you may find it uncomfortable.

However, you will get used to it and help the neck and spine aligned. The combination of the two sides is this pillow’s secret to success.

If you want a super soft pillow, this is not for you, but this pillow is highly recommended if you look for better posture while sleeping. Whether you suffer from tension in the neck or have a reverse curve in your neck, this back pillow is proven to reduce pain and discomfort.

Once inside a pillowcase, it’s hard to distinguish the side. Our recommendation either buys a two-toned outer cover to identify each side or think of another intelligent way before covering it up.

Classic brands cool sleep ventilated gel memory foam gusseted pillow


The back aids for sleeping give a cold comfort that I haven’t found in others. A gel memory foam gusseted pillow helps regulate temperature and supports your head and neck with the responsive foam.

This waist pillow for side sleepers molds your sleep position, creating a neutral spine and relieving tension through the back.

This Cooling gel-filled “pillow” between unfused vertebrae incorporates Open Cell Memory Foam, allowing air to circulate through the pillow.

If you don’t want back discomfort, looking for a support pillow is the right choice. The cushion’s foam is not too dense, allowing your head to sink a little and become a therapeutic back pillow. Don’t worry about cleaning the pillow. It has a machine washable cover.

Xtreme Comforts neck and back pain pillow


Xtreme comforts shredded memory foam pillow is for those who like to sleep on a luxury down pillow. Whether you’re a back, side, or stomach sleeper, you can adjust the pillow.

An adjustable loft can be adjusted by add or remove fiberfill for comfortable sleeping. So whether you like to sleep on a puffy pillow, or a flat pillow, or in between, this good pillows for back pain can meet your needs.

It will not go flat or become lumpy because the filling is made up of shredded memory foam. It means the pillow helps with the alignment of your body. And it is proven to aid better blood circulation, nerve pain relief, and tight muscles.

You may take a little time to get comfortable with it. Because a few weeks needed to be softened. But time will give this pillow to the perfect state, extreme comfort. And the sleeping back support pillow comes in four sizes body, queen, king, and a standard pillow. So you can fit it to your requirements.

The Bamboo cover uses micro-vented Kool flow technology. It provides breathability and air circulation that helps regulate temperature, wick away moisture, and keep the pad surface cool. This back pain support pillow is machine washable.

Snuggle-Pedic support pillow for back


With a promise that it ‘never goes flat,’ these Snuggle-Pedic bamboo shredded memory foam pads top-rated. No one can resist this bamboo back support pillow.

This pillow is lighter than other pillows for back problems because of its high-quality memory foam. The headrest adjusts to any sleeping position and will shape your neck and head for excellent orthopedic support.

While the pillow adapts to you, it may not be perfect from the outset. You can adjust the loft as you wish. The company will supply you with additional foam if you want.

Many people don’t get comfort from the bed back support cushion. But this company does go above and do right for you. And you’ll never want to lay your head without this pillow.

The stomach and back sleepers pillow comes in 3 sizes; standard, queen, and king. Queen-size is the most popular, and It is the best body pillow for bad backs. 120-night sleep trial.

Unlike many of the list’s pillows, the bamboo pillow back support can be machine washed and tumble dried. 20-minute drying will inflate the foam cells and revitalize them over time.

Core ortho pillow for back pain


The pillow comes in different sizes. So you can choose the right size for your needs. Typically the large pad is ideal for men, the medium pillow for women, and the small pillow for children. But your choice can vary depending on your head size. The medium-sized pad easily fits a standard size pillowcase.

Tri-Core Cervical Pillow is a corrective pillow designed to adjust the head and neck position to create the spine’s right curvature. It is hypoallergenic and made from 100% polyester fiber, and the cover is a 50/50 cotton polyester blend.

To adjust the pillow, you may need several weeks. It helps relieve headaches, arthritis, and conditions that affect the neck as well as shoulders. The cushions shaped center is not for side sleeping. Still, it is flexible and supportive in a range of sleeping positions.

Reviews support the manufacturer’s assurances that this high-quality pillow will help relieve universal head, back, neck, and shoulders pain. To get more from this cushion, you must follow the care instructions provided; hand wash and air dry, do not put it in a washing machine.

Nature’s guest cervical support pillow


Chiropractor and Orthopedic Doctors; this pillow provides the ideal support for your spinal alignment while you sleep, thereby relieving back pain.

They are designed to provide for side and back sleepers. Nature’s guest pillow provides cervical support to maintain the head, neck, and spine alignment. Once you use this pillow, you will understand the benefits of using this pillow for posture. This product is proven to reduce headaches as well as back and neck pain during poor sleep.

You can adjust the firmness level from medium to firm support. If you require more fills, they will send you a mixture to increase the pillow’s loft.

The neck pillow covers made from hygiene materials. So, it’s better for your skin and healthy sleep. You are going to get a 30-night sleep trial period. If you are not satisfied, return it within the duration for a full refund.

Coisum contour pillow for back pain


With a slightly odd shape, you’d be wondering how exactly you can use this pillow for help. Though Coisum pillows are designed for all kinds of sleepers, it is perfect for back and side sleepers.

The Orthopedic memory foam pillow is contoured for shoulder and neck pain. This pillow itself will mold your head and neck to the shape of your head and prevent your head from tilting back or forwards.

When sleeping on your side, your shoulders won’t feel the pressure. You can relax your arms for weird shape.

An additional advantage is dual-sided, with a high side not dissimilar to a wedge pillow, allowing the spine’s correct curvature when lying on your back. That’s why it is the best pillow for back support. And the alternative side is ideal for the lower side, offering a cut-out area to support your shoulder without additional pressure.

Coisum cervical pillow review is a wonder in marvel at how such an odd-looking pad can provide much comfort and support from backache, neck aches, and headaches. This contour pillow for back pain is machine washable, so you can easily keep it clean.

How to choose the best pillow for back pain?

You have to remember the following when purchasing pillows that help with back pain. There is a variety of good pillows for back pain in the market. You have to focus on the right amount of support and comfort. With these, you should consider your head size and sleep positions.

Quality materials: Quality materials decide the comfort and longevity of a pillow. Memory foam, feathers, latex, and high-density foams are durable pillow materials. Purchasers should keep in mind that high-quality pillows are costly, and the advantage is you don’t need the change them often.

Size and shape: It is vital for all types of sleepers. If a cushion retains its shape without adjusting the loft pillow, it is always suitable for back pain sufferers. Some sleepers like to mold their pillow as their preferred shape.

Level of firmness: Pillow firmness always depends on sleep position, helps distribute body weight, and some other factors. Stomach sleepers like to use a soft cushion, but back sleeper wants to use a medium-firm.

Supportive pillow: If your spine alignment is perfect, it means the cushion gives you maximum support. This way, it is reducing the shoulders and neck pressure for a night’s rest.

Relieve pressure: When the cushion conforms to the shape of the head, neck, and shoulders, determine how much pressure it is relieving. If your pillow doesn’t support properly, it can start back pain for that pressure.

Price: I have chosen the back pain bed pillow for you is not costly, but you should set a budget before purchasing a pillow. Down pillows are affordable, but buckwheat, memory foam, down fill is expensive.


How to sleep with pillows for back pain?

Choosing the right pillow will depend on your sleeping position. If a pad is too high, it can put the neck into an area that causes muscle strain on the back and shoulders. The role of the pillow should support the natural curve of your neck and be comfortable. So, you should not compromise the quality of pillows for bad backs. You can watch the video to know “How should I sleep to relieve back pain?”

How to use an orthopedic pillow?

Contoured to fill the spaces under the head and neck, an orthopedic pillow (also called a cervical pillow) can help those with cervical spine problems. With a more profound depression where the head is typically positioned, this type of pillow offers extra support under the neck.

These pillows are favored by those suffering from cervical pain because it keeps the neck in proper alignment with the spine. It proved as an orthopedic back pillow.

How to use a body pillow for back pain?

For those who like to sleep on the side, a long pillow can provide the needed support. A J-shaped pillow is an ideal choice, as it keeps the heads in the correct position for spinal alignment.

The pillow’s topside can support the head and neck, and the bottom can keep the knees and legs. Some people prefer to use separate pads, but others find a single pillow comfortable.

Pregnant women tend to prefer support pillows for back pain due to added support of the abdomen. While body pillows have merits, but they can also exacerbate pain if not used correctly. When using this pillow, should align the legs with the pad in between. Some people tend to throw their legs too far over the pillow, causing the lower back to twist.

Can a wedge pillow cause back pain?

These types of pillows create a recliner position in the bed. They can help when recovering from back surgery or if suffering from back pain.

Using these pillows at an appropriate angle can reduce swelling, muscle tension, stress on the body, and overall pain and discomfort. These are ideal pillows for the back.

While you consider for back pain aid, there are bed wedge pillows that can help too; these include:

Coccyx pillow:

The pillow is designed for a chair and looks like a doughnut-shaped pad. It allows for sitting on a chair without pressure directly on the tailbone.

It is an ideal pillow for those suffering from chronic pain stemming from their tailbone. You also can use the best wheelchair cushion for pressure relief that suffers from neurogenic aches.

How to use a lumbar pillow in bed?

The lumbar support pillow is used mainly for sitting. It fills the natural gap between the spine and the chair to maintain spine alignment. It can also use as a travel pillow.

When the lumbar curve in your back is supported, gravity’s downward forces are better absorbed, helping avoid slouching and relieving back pain.

The proper way to use this pillow in bed is to lie on your back, raise your knees with a regular pillow, and place the lumbar cushion under the lower back.

Can pillows cause back pain?

Pillow can create back pain if you use an extra firm pillow. It can worsen by under pressure on the shoulder and neck.

What pillow is best for back pain?

Each pillow has drawbacks and benefits. So, all the cushions are not suitable for back pain, but a memory foam pillow is good for your back. Every customer has preferences to sleep comfortably at the end of the day.

Polyester fibers pillow: It is the cheapest material but can relieve back pain pressure. These types of pillows are affordable, but for the low-density, they can’t support properly.

Down Pillow: It refers to the pillows are filled under the feathers of geese or ducks. There are no quills, so it is soft and light. This type of pillow cradles the neck, head, and shoulders and can relieve your upper back.

Feather Pillow: This pillow is filled with the outer feathers of geese or ducks. It is a lightweight fill that compresses easily and cradles the head and reduces tension. Feather pillows are firmer than down pillows and can adjust the loft pillow by remove or add the filling.

Memory foam pillow: It conforms to the shape of the neck, head, and shoulders by pressure and heat. For the customized feel reduces tension and keeps the spine alignment. This pillow may have a shredded memory foam fill or memory foam core.

Latex pillow: It is harvested from the sap of rubber trees and offers excellent comfort. The cushion is durable, breathable, and helps to pressure relief. They are expensive.

Buckwheat pillows: These pillows are filled with seeds. Buckwheat hulls have a naturally open shape, so it allows airflow and dissipates heat. You can change the pillow loft by adding or removing


We spend a proportion of time in our beds. So it’s essential to find a pillow that works for you. Using the wrong pillow can make it worse and create back pain.

The importance of night sleep well recognizes across scientific research. And we all know if we don’t have a good sleep throughout the night, the next day will bad.

There are lots of choices here to find one from the popular sleeping pillows for back pain. Take the time to find the best pillows for back pain. It’s time to take your decision.


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