Best Down Pillows: Quality Rest for The Money in 2020

Jessica Hyden - Publish Date: February 10, 2019 - Modified Date: June 3, 2020

Getting up fresher after a much-deserved nap is a must for a fresher, energizing rest of your  head and neck. To get optimum relaxation during and after your rest, you need the best down pillows on your bed.

With the best pillow, more plump and fluffy support your body needs will be more than enough. Since these pillows are made from down and other extremely soft materials, there’s no chance you’d feel any discomfort.

But to ensure you’re not making a wrong choice when placing an order, there’s something you really need!

You need a complete set of facts to back your buying decision. With the details on all premium down cushions laid out, you’ll make a more natural selection to trigger unrivalled comfort!

Top Down Pillow Chart

Product Name

Special Feature(s)


45 oz. of goose down/feather fill; 7.6lbs; 300 thread count case


Double-layered cotton fill; polyester inner liner


240 Thread count cotton casing; hypoallergenic covering with piped edges


95% duck down/5% duck feathers;  Double-Line, four-layer technology


300 thread count casing; 33 oz. fill (goose); poke-free, hypoallergenic pillows


230 thread count casing; Rest-Assured Hypoallergenic Down


Premium-quality, Hungarian goose down; Damask cotton shell


100% Egyptian cotton; Three Chambers design


Double cushion pack; Responsible Down Standard compliant


600 Thread count cotton casing; no hazardous chemicals included


100% cotton casing; long 5yr warranty cover; 40-day, money-back guarantee


Down Filled Pillows Reviews By East Coast Bedding: Best Goose Feather Pillows

down pillow reviewsfeather and down pillows reviews

If you’re determined to get a premium cushion, this could be just what you need! It’s got a ton of breathtaking specs that ensure you get the best relaxation regardless of your sleep position.

Quick Summary

This pillow comes in a large-sized design with quality filling which assures better relaxation for your sleep.

Is This Cushion Top Quality?

For the large-sized cushion enthusiasts, this is your choice. It comes with a sizeable 20” X 36” dimension with a significant loft to boot. There’s a lot of space to ensure you get the maximum relaxation from this pillow. And space isn’t the only sizeable feature you’ll get.

Also, this pillow comes with 45 ounces of 15% - 85% goose down/plume filling. It’s the right mixture that ensures a comfier rest with no hassles. For a much lighter cushion, this pillow comes perfect for you weighing at 7.6 lbs.

To assure a decent level of comfort, this pillow’s shell comes wholly made in cotton. The cotton used has a 300 thread count for better texture while resting. It also comes hypoallergenic, making it ideal for sleepers with a soft spot for natural products.

You’ve got to love this pillow as it comes machine-washable. Get it washed in a jiff and get it dried for a fresher look every time. But when the stains aren’t too obvious, this pillow can be easily spot-cleaned with excellent results.

If you place an order for this pillow, expect it to come in a tightly-packed plastic bag. Ensure you air out your pillow to get your cushion to the right size. Any unpleasant odors will dissipate when you allow your pillow to breathe.

  • Lightweight design
  • Large dimensions
  • Full hypoallergenic treatment
  • Pricier than some other cushions

Puredown Pillow Review: Best Goose Down Feather Pillows

best feather pillowspuredown pillow review

Luxury cushions always come with an extra dose of top quality. And that’s exactly what you’ll assured with this down pillow.  Take a closer look at its features; it’s certain you’ll be impressed in an instant!

Quick Summary

Puredown pillow is a set of 2 standard-sized cushions with comfortable, white outer fabric and fluffy inner fillings. The cushion also comes in queen and king sizes.

Why’s This Cushion a Quality Choice?

This 100 goose down pillows set boasts a very smooth and comfy outer casing. For those who’ve been worried about inorganic casings on their pillows, this cushion brings you 100% cotton. And not just any kind of cotton, but double-layered cotton with polyester lined in.

Polyester’s lined into this best down pillow for side sleepers to prevent feathers from escaping through the soft cotton fabric.

Also, this cushions’ filling is worthy of note. It comes with a great percentage goose plume and down, assuring an oh-so comfy rest every time! And if you’re thinking these features are much, there’s still more!

Your cushions’ size also plays a vital role in getting your desired relaxation level. It comes measuring at 20” X 26” for the standard size. With enough space guaranteed to rest on your pillow, there’s no chance you won’t get a comfy nap every time.

Should you make an order for this cushion, expect it vacuum-packaged in a polymer bag to maintain its freshness for your full relaxation.

This 2-set pillow has all you’ve been looking for unmatched comfort, and it boasts an odorless, lightweight, and pristine makeup. It’s got a lot of decent features and boasts an awe-inspiringly affordable price ensuring you value for money!

  • Decent sizing 
  • Comfy filling
  • Natural covering and comfort-focused inner lining
  • White cotton casing prone to stains

Goose Feather Down Pillows By SleepMan: Best King Size Bed Pillows

good down pillowgoose down pillow reviews

Premium cushions should provide correct relaxation to assure a more relaxing naptime. And that’s medium firm precisely why this cushion has a lot of helpful features to guarantee you get a better rest at all times!

Quick Summary

This king down pillows set comes with a fluffy build and extra comfy features to boost your relaxation potential considerably. It also packs a lot of additional stuff to ensure you get a much better sleep with every passing day.

Why Should You Pick This Down Pillow?

For an increased dose of quality, this pillow comes with a premium-quality, high-percentage goose feathers (90%) and goose down (10%) mix. With this mix, you’ll have a slightly firm but comfortable feel whenever you take a rest.

To boost the relaxation you’ll get much further, this pillow’s covering comes as truly fascinating. It boasts a 240 thread count case for a much smoother texture when you come in contact with it. And thanks to its 100% cotton casing, you’ve got a fully natural cover for an allergy-free rest.

The cotton casing is built with piped edges to ensure you don’t encounter any discomfort.  Also, this pillow’s covering comes with double-layered fabric to make doubly sure your skin has no contact with poking feathers.

If you’re used to a particular sleep position, this pillow will serve your needs perfectly. It also comes with multiple certifications and adheres to the Responsible Down Standard.

All these make this pillow the right choice for a wide range of sleepers that need fluffy, comfy support for a soothing nap!

  • Huge, 42oz filling  
  • High thread count
  • Fully natural cotton casing
  • More filling may be required over time to maintain its robust nature

Duck Feather Down Pillows By JA Comforts: Best Hotel Quality Pillows       

best feather pillowhotel quality down pillows

Who doesn’t need a correct level of relaxation every time from a cushion? It’s so necessary we get the most from our naptime, and that’s what this duck down pillows set assures! You’d get a lot of fluffiness and relaxation in one package for a much fresher, energizing rest.

Quick Summary

This duck pillow set comes with a perfect covering for it’s equally top-quality filling. It’s an ideal choice for sleepers with an urgent need for increased relaxation. 

Why’s this Pillow a Top Choice?

First off, this pillow’s covering is totally cool! It boasts a Double-Line tech for restricted plume seep through. This tech works with two layers each of cotton and polyester fabric. Polyester holds the down and feathers in place while its cotton cover limits irritation and boosts relaxation.

 It comes as a tough down-proof pillow, ensuring the down filling remains inside getting you relaxation on the outside.

For this pillow’s filling, you’ll get a break from the norm. It comes filled with a 95% - 5% grey duck down and plume fill. Fluffiness and increased relaxation is more natural when you make this cushion your choice.

This down pillow collection comes with a comfortable maintenance potential. When you’ve made this down pillow your choice, expect it to come machine-washable. So you can toss it for a few minutes in your washer and allow to dry outdoors for a few hours of sunbathing.

And to ensure customers know and are satisfied with their purchase, there’s a thirty-day, money back guarantee added to this package. If you’re not satisfied with what you get from this cushion, return it and get your cash back hassle-free!

  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Large dimensions
  • Feathers could poke sleepers

Goose Feather Down Pillows: Best Queen Size Pillow

100 percent down pillowshotel quality feather pillows

When you’re keen on getting relaxation from a premium down pillow, it’s ideal you’ve assured durability and support with every feature.

Quick Summary

This feather down pillows set features 2 units in a single pack for two-pronged relaxation.  It boasts a comfortable covering and top quality filling for greater relaxation and refreshing sleep. It’s available in standard, queen, and king sizes.

What’s Special in This Feather Cushion?

This king-size pillow comes with an awesome 300 thread count for a smoother outer covering. Its covering is made with striped cotton.

For this casing, the cotton chosen is 100% natural. There’re no impurities to maintain your relaxation and keep you free from allergies. Also, there’s an extra layering of cotton within the outer shell to prevent down from escaping through the cushion.

When you’re keen on getting a fluffier cushion, this pillow’s got you covered! It features a 33 oz. mixture of goose down and feathers. With the exceptional mixture of goose down and feathers, this pillow boosts your relaxation potential unimaginably!

The feathers selected for addition into this down pillow are poke-free, meaning you’ll get extra relaxation when you rest on it.

It’s also worthy of note to point out the hypoallergenic treatment of this cushion. You’d find no discomfort from irritation when you rest on this pillow.

Also, lightweight is a must when you’re keen on getting more adjustability from your pillow. That’s why this pillow comes weighing at 2.5lbs per pillow for increased relaxation.  Its 20” X 28” build also boosts the space you get for additional relaxation.  

You can maintain this pillow with greater ease as it comes fully machine washable. It’s got much exceptional stuff to ensure you get a more refreshing rest round the clock.

  • Fluffy build
  • Lightweight
  • Premium-quality down filling
  • Covering prone to stains

Downlite Pillows Reviews: Best Hypoallergenic Down Pillows

downlite extra soft down pillowhypoallergenic down pillows reviews

Looking through hypoallergenic down pillows reviews has to give you a set of cushions that maximize your relaxation potential. And here’s a perfect choice to boost your relaxation while ensuring you’re free from irritation. 

Quick Summary

High-quality down pillow comes with a covering and fill made with equally top materials. It’s the best down pillows for stomach sleepers; and has a lot of exciting, comfort-filled features for other sleepers.

What’s Quality in This Pillow?

For greater softness, this cushion comes with a fluffy build and quality down filling. Its covering comes wholly made in cambric cotton which comes sleek and smooth all-round its surface.

This shell possesses a 230 thread count ensuring a much smoother feel for your body when you’re in a rest. For easier maintenance, this cotton shell is machine-washable along with other parts of the pillow.

And for the filling, you’ve got a Rest-Assured Hypoallergenic Down. You’d only get 525 ~ 550 fill power duck down in this pillow. For a greater plump build in this pillow, it boasts a 16 oz. fill, ensuring a greater level of relaxation in every nap.

For those who prefer a single pillow over a dual set, this is the right choice for you! It comes with a single standard size. It measures at 20” X 26” for spacious, all-round relaxation. 

When you fluff up this pillow, it adjusts to whatever size you desire, giving you more adjustability while you rest. To boost the awesomeness of this pillow, it comes with an affordable price. 

  • High-quality cotton covering
  • No duck feathers added
  • Top quality design and plump build
  • Cotton covering prone to stains

Hungarian Goose Down Pillow Review By Continental Bedding   

100 percent goose down pillowscontinental bedding down pillow

For a perfect blend of ergonomics and quality materials in your down pillows, consider making this your choice. It’s got a lot of exciting, relaxation – focused features to assure you a lot of relief when you take your nap!

Quick Summary

Hungarian goose down pillows boasts a perfect combination of a top-quality fill and outer casing with a decent size to boost your relaxation potential.

What’s So Special about This down Pillow?

When you’ve got a down pillow in your sights, the first thing you’d look at is its outer covering. And for this pillow, its casing comes made with 100% cotton. This cushion’s wholly natural casing comes in stripes which assures a greater relaxation potential when you rest on it.

And the covering isn’t this pillow’s only attractive aspect, as there’s more to boost your relaxation significantly.

For the filling, what you’d get is a combo of soft down and plume fill packed tightly to create a plump, fluffy pillow. It’s got about 25 ounces of filling sealed in for a rounded, more comfortable build. You’d rest on it and feel its softness and relax at the same time!

This ​Continental Bedding pillow also comes with a decent loftiness for increased support when you’ve got to take a rest.  To make doubly sure you get all-around coziness with this cushion, it comes with a decent-sized 26” X 30” build.

With this spacious dimension, you’d be able to rest in a range of positions hassle-free. Also, this cushion comes in a standard; or king-size measurement to give you more comfy options.

  • Damask cotton shell
  • Large amount of fill used
  • Easy maintenance potential
  • Expensive     

White Goose Down Pillow Review By L Lovsoul

best white goose down pillows

A quality white goose down pillow should have the correct inclusion of exceptional features to guarantee a comfier rest. If that’s what you’re looking for, then know this firm down pillow has all you need!

Quick Summary

Top-quality 100% down pillow is packaged in twos with identical features to ensure you get double relaxation for your money. It also comes in a decent size and shape for added relaxation.

Does This Pillow Have Any Exceptional Features?

This goose down pillow set comes with a 100% Egyptian cotton cover. With the cover on this goose down feather pillow, there’s no need for a heated search for all–round relaxation. The cotton on this cushion is anti-dust and ensures a proper fitting for your pillow’s fill.

The breathable fabric used in making this pillow makes it a favorite for hot sleepers.

To ensure you get maximum comfort, this cushion also comes in a top-quality Three Chambers design. There’s always an added level of relaxation for you when you’re keen on resting easy for a nap.

Goose down filling is the chosen padding on this cushion, and its sure it promotes better coolness for a sounder sleep.

With the Three Chambers design, you’ll get a great percentage of fluffy down with a low amount of goose feathers in your cushion. All you’ll get from this is a soft, fluffy filling that properly supports you during a nap.

When you make this cushion your choice, expect it in a vacuum packaging to maintain its freshness. After getting your package, allow it rest for some hours to retain its fluffiness.

There’s a low chance of your pillow bursting open as it comes with tightly-seamed edges for fill protection.

  • High down content
  • Tight seams for better sealing of fill
  • Three Chambers design increases comfort
  • Needs constant maintenance to avoid stains on covering     

Beckham Hotel Collection Reviews: Best Luxury Down Pillows

hotel quality feather pillowshotel quality down pillows

If you’ve been searching for a classy, incredibly comfy cushion, make the beckham hotel collection pillow your choice.

It packs a ton of extra-special features which assure you get great relaxation when you’ve got to take a nap.

Quick Summary

This set of down filled pillows (2 per pack) comes with a wholly natural covering and soft filling for a higher dose of relaxation in every rest.

What’s Stand-out in This Pillow?

Looking for the perfect cover on goose down feather pillows, this cushion’s 100% cotton casing will surely excite you! It’s got the right texture and smooth design for better, hassle-free rest every time! Also, there’re other breathtaking features this soft down pillows set provide.

This feather and down pillows set comes with down that meets the Responsible Down Standard. With such a standard, you’re sure no wrongdoing went into getting your pillow’s fill.

For increased relaxation and a better, irritation-free sleep, this pillow packs another decent feature. This luxury down pillows come dust-mite, mildew and mold resistant. With this, sleepers with a need for fully hypoallergenic cushions can get a fresher sleep.

When you’re keen on lightweight relaxation and ample space, this cushion comes weighing a little less than 8lbs (7.9lbs)!

Also, it comes with a spacious 20” X 28” queen size dimension for robust relaxation potential.

And to prove this pillow’s quality, it comes with a thirty-day, money back guarantee!

  • Fluffy build
  • Responsible Down Standard (RDS) met
  • Fully hypoallergenic build
  • Pillow may lose its shape over time     

White Goose Feather Pillow By Three Geese: Best Soft Support Pillow

royal hotel down pillowhigh quality down pillows

To boost the relaxation you’ll get from white goose down pillows, you’ve got to make a choice for top quality.

And if you’re bent on getting more quality from extra soft pillows, then check this out! It could be what you’ve been searching for to attain that optimal relaxation you sorely need!

Quick Summary

This down pillow comes with premium-quality materials and the finest seams for a well-rounded, top-notch build. It comes in Queen and Blue Queen 2-set or single options.

Why Choose This Plume Pillow?

If you’re a sucker for greater space from your pillow for better rest, this is the right choice for you. It comes in a queen-size of 20” X 28” to ensure you’ve got ample room to lay your head. This spacious design makes sure small and large-sized sleepers find this pillow useful.

The cushion comes with a fully hypoallergenic covering which ensures you get no irritation when you need a rest. This pillow’s 600 thread count comes with a smooth feel and assures exceptional relaxation.  The cotton casing is also certified to be free of hazardous substances.

For a more comfortable rest, this pillow’s filling comes with a top-quality Three Chambers design.

With the Three Chambers design, there’re two layers of quality fiber overlaid with a fluffy down filling. This design ensures more relaxation and robustness from your cushion.

  • Comfortable Three Chambers design
  • Ideal for all sleeping positions
  • Comes with a significant thread count casing
  • Not filled entirely with down feathers 

Hotel Collection Down Pillow Review By BESC: Best Soft Feather Pillow

royal hotel down pillowsbest feather pillows reviews

Quality is a must when you’re on the hunt for relaxation from best down pillows reviews. That’s why you’ve got to take a look at this exquisite hotel collection pillows review for a comfort-filled choice.

Quick Summary

This royal hotel pillows come in a pack of two with equal features and dimensions to ensure an optimal level of relaxation is what you get. This set also comes certified for efficiency and allergy prevention.

Is This Down Pillow the Right Choice?

When you take a closer look at this down pillow, you’ll notice its rather smooth and sleek cotton covering. This casing is made from 100% cotton to make sure you get perfect relaxation from your pillow.

Also, its filling is made with a combination of goose down/feathers for a balanced and comforting fluff from your pillow. With this filling, you’ll notice correct head support and relaxation through your nap. It could be just what you need for neck pain relief.

If you find more relaxation sleeping at a particular position this pillow set could be just what you’ve been searching for! It ranks among the top cushions capable of supporting any sleep position.

Should you place an order for this set of hotel down pillows, you’ll notice it comes in a tightly-sealed packaging. The package has been vacuum-packed to ensure it remains fully factory fresh.

When you get your package, it’s a great idea to allow the cushions rest for a few hours before use. It’ll allow your pillows fluff and retain their original shape. And for maintenance ease, these pillows are fully machine-washable and retain their full shape after drying off at a low heat.

To add more quality to this set of pillows, this unit comes with a 5yr warranty ensuring you’ll get more value for money.

  • Forty-day, money back guarantee
  • Quality shipping packaging
  • Long warranty cover
  • Chemical smells noticeable on some units

Buying Guide: Everything You Need for the Perfect Down Pillow

When you’ve made a choice for 100% goose down pillows, it’s a perfect choice to stock up on additional info. With the info you’ll get on the best down pillows, you’ll get a more comfortable rest every time!

What to Consider Before Buying a Down Pillow

Here’s what to do for maximizing the performance of your choice down bed pillows;


For an assurance of more comfort, your down pillow’s covering is a must to consider. And when you’re considering your cushion’s shell, here’s what you should take a look at;

Covering design

To boost relaxation during a rest, you’ve got to inspect the cushion’s seams and edges properly. When these are under assessment, ensure you check out if your pillow’s knife points aren’t awkwardly pointed out.

You’ve also got to ensure your chosen pillow has a provision to keep its filling in place. This prevents irritation of any kind from taking place while you’re getting a much-deserved rest.

Covering material

Cotton is the gold standard when it comes to making down pillow shells. It’s the favorite based on its simple workability and tight-fitting properties. It also increases smoothness around the pillow, giving a well-rounded finish after it’s joined at its edges.

If you’re keen on getting more comfort, you’ve got to consider the cotton layering in holding the down/feathers together. Some pillows come with two layers or more of cotton and other materials to increase relaxation and avoid poking feathers.

Thread count

It’s a decent choice to check out your preferred pillow’s thread count.

Your cushion’s thread count refers to your pillow’s texture level. If you’ve got a desire for added comfort, getting a pillow with a much higher thread count assures better smoothness.

But note that cushions with much higher thread counts come at a higher price and have to be maintained regularly to keep it in pristine shape.

Maintenance Ease

You’ve got to get maximum maintenance for your pillow to ensure its longevity. And down pillows differ when it comes to the type of maintenance that’ll keep them in top form.

Most down pillows come as machine-washable, and there’re also other pillows capable of retaining its shape with a few fluffs.


Money’s got a role to play when you’re intent on getting a down pillow. A lot of details go into making down pillows, and admittedly, some are pricier than others.

Your selection cushion’s filling, thread count, casing material, etc. could shoot its price higher than other common models.  

Fill Power

You may have heard about this term but really have no idea what it means. Fill power simply means the amount of space in cubic inches one down ounce (1 oz.) will cover completely.

When you get a higher fill power in your pillow, more durability and support is assured for your naptime.

Sleep position

How you sleep has a part to play in the down pillow you eventually choose. For a range of side sleepers, a medium to firm goose pillow should be appropriate. It’s a perfect choice because side sleepers need adequate neck-spine alignment during a rest.

Also, if you’re a back sleeper, your chosen cushion needs to be tough. Your choice pillow should have a lot of feathers included for increased firmness and proper support for your position.

For stomach sleepers, it’s a bit different. Based on the need for a soft stomach support, you need a pillow with a significant amount of down for smoother and softer resting on your belly.

Pillow’s loft

The loftiness of your cushion determines whether you’ll sink in comfortably or fall flat on a hard surface.

What your pillow should possess is a perfect balance for your neck and adequate support to keep you comfortable. Pillows with a decent feather/down combination normally possess a higher loft.

Body size

There’re tons of choices for down pillows in stores, and most of these cushions come in different sizes. The sizes you choose should depend on your body. If you’re a heavily-built person, you’ve got to go for a king/queen size pillow for greater relaxation. 

But if you’re on the average to small side, you could get a standard or super standard pillow to meet your relaxation needs.

It’s a must you consider this to avoid a heart-wrenching experience with an over/under-sized pillow. 

Maintenance Tips for Your Down Pillows

To ensure a correct level of maintenance for your down pillows, you’ve got to do the following;

Use a secondary casing if possible:

To keep your pillow’s primary casing from getting stained, you’ve got to make use of another case of your choosing. You could either go for greater thread casing if you want more relaxation.  You can also opt for a low thread casing if you’re keen on getting more air through your pillow.

Spot-clean when necessary:

If you’ve got to clean up some spills from your pillow, ensure you make use of a spot-clean rather than a full wash. A spot-clean will get rid of the stains on your pillow and save the time you’d have used for a complete wash.

Fluff up the cushion regularly:

To maintain your cushion’s loft and comfort, get it worked around every now and then to sustain the fill’s robust build.


What’s a Down Pillow?

A down pillow is a cushion filled with down – the soft under part of a bird’s feathers. These down are treated and packed in large amounts for an extra soft feel. Also, mixing down with bird feathers are common, and are still regarded as down pillows. 

Are Down Pillows Worth It?

Down pillows are ideal for boosting relaxation potential during sleep. Based on the comfortable features most of these cushions possess, you’ll be able to rest with much support for your neck and upper torso.

Why Are Hotel Pillows So Comfy?   

Hotel pillows provide a lot of relaxation based on their makeup. These cushions come filled with a lot of soft and comfortable materials, making them perfect for a much-needed rest.

Also, hotel pillows are designed with luxurious materials to ensure you’ll get a 5-star experience with every nap.

Are Down Pillows Machine Washable?

Down pillows are fully machine washable. These cushions will only take a little while to get dried out in the sun for a perfect clean.

How Can I Restore My Down Pillow’s Shape after a Wash?

If you notice your down pillow flattened out after a wash, get its shape restored with a few fluffs from both edges of your cushion, pressing inward. The fillings will re-align and retain its proper loftiness and fluffiness.

Are Down Pillows Too Hot for Comfort?

The best feather and down pillows mostly possess breathable materials which promote increased relaxation throughout your nap.

So in hot conditions, a quality down pillow packs every feature to keep your sleep fresher and heat-free! They’re comfier than memory foam filled cushions and still provide good sleep support.

Can I Get Allergic to Down Pillows?

There’s no pointer to allergy buildup through using down pillows. Many of these cushions are made with decent thread count casing, improving relaxation and limiting irritation. There’re also other choices of down pads with an anti – dust mite, mildew, and mold – retardant.

Final Word

Down pillows assure a load of relaxation when we’re in need of a fluffy, soft head and body rest. There’re so many choices in stores capable of cheaply confusing buyers. That’s why I’ve taken a lot of time to go through most down pillows on the market.

The best down pillows collection have been listed above and described in detailed to ensure you get a well-informed buying decision. Make a choice for a whole new level of comfort, and get that rest you truly deserve!

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