How to Relieve Tailbone Pain While Sleeping

Are you a working person? What type of job do you do? Is it an office-based job or physical job? Indeed, the office-based job has to work for a long time by sitting at one place. Eventually, it causes the tailbone pain.

Due to tailbone pain, you mightn't be able to sit or stand properly. Even you cannot take a proper nap due to the illness. However, it makes a person inattentive to his work, which creates an adverse impact on his performance.

The person who works by sitting on a hard chair is mostly sufferer of tailbone pain. There are different jobs done by sitting at one place. The duties include the driving, call center job, corporate office job, govt official job, and so on.

However, using high heels while walking also creates pressure on the nerve of the tailbone. Consequently, it creates the tailbone pain. Moreover, your sitting way may another cause of having tailbone pain.

Now, how to relieve tailbone pain while sleeping? To know that, you must know the reason behind the tailbone pain. In this article, we are going to discuss the causes and ways of getting tailbone pain. Follow us to get your answers.

What is the tailbone pain?

Have you ever experienced sudden pain at your coccyx after getting up from sitting? Or while walking with your favorite heel? It makes a person uncomfortable to sit further or walk.

More specifically, the tailbone pain is the extreme pain caused by the damage of coccyx's surrounded tissues. In many cases, the reason behind the causing tailbone pain remains unidentified. But it is assumed that mostly the tailbone pain is caused by sitting or sleeping in one position.

Causes of tailbone pain 

The tailbone pain may cause severe injury in your back. You may get the trauma for many reasons. Also, several sources create sharp waist pain. Let's find them out.

  • An injury that happens by falling from the bicycle or any other vehicle may cause the tailbone pain.
  • During pregnancy time, women go through excessive pressure. The pressure creates sharp pain in a different part of their body, including the waist.
  • The waist of women can break or injured while delivering a baby. It also causes severe coccyx pain.
  • An office-based job refers to perform tasks by sitting for an extended period. Sitting in an awkward position is a remarkable reason for causing back pain.
  • At old age, the bones start to weaken, which leads to the body's joint pains. So, old-aged people mostly suffer back pain.
  • Due to the internal surgery, if a person's spinal nerves are damaged, it may cause tailbone pain.
  • Imbalance in walking is another cause of having coccyx pain. Notably, women who use high hills are more positive to the risk.
  • Carrying wallet on the back pocket of jeans is very common. But it makes awkward the sitting position, especially when sitting in local conveyance. However, it may create sudden pain at the person's waist.
  • It rarely happens, but coccyx pain also may cause by infections, growths, tumors, and so on.

Are you having sharp coccyx pain? Then you must figure out the reasons behind your waist pain before curing it. Indeed, our given researches will let you know the causes behind your pain.

How to relieve the tailbone pain

Having the tailbone pain is quite common due to modern technology. The technologies have reduced our physical work. It leads us to several types of body pains, including tailbone pain. To get relief from it, you must have to maintain a structured life.

How to relieve your tailbone pain while sleeping? Here, we have provided our best guidance about it. Let's jump on remedies to get relieved from tailbone pain naturally.

Use a pillow under knees

pillow under the knees

Have you ever experienced sudden strain in your tailbone while sleeping? Of course, many of us felt it. During this time, you mightn't get the help of anyone. So, it is the most adverse situation for the sufferer.

To alleviate the coccyx pain while sleeping, put a pillow under your knees, or use a pillow for tailbone pain. It will make you feel better. By lightening the Coccydynia, this step will provide you a relaxed nap.

Change sitting positions

sitting position

People mostly suffer from tailbone pain for an awkward sitting position. Therefore, to avoid the waist pain, you mustn't sit on the hard chair or sofa. Instead, use the flexible sitting place while working.

Moreover, don't sit at a fixed position for an extended period. Have a walk or exercise after working for some time.

Switch sleeping positions

The tailbone pain also may cause by sleeping on one side for a prolonged time. Due to staying in one position for an extended time, the nerves of bones may lose their energy. Subsequently, it makes the waist unable to move.

Therefore, you have to make a habit of switching your side while sleeping.

Weight loss

Lessen the weight

The NCBI states, obesity, and the female gender are among the key factors that enhance the rate of Coccydynia.

Obesity makes the body’s skeletons weaker and leads them to decay quickly. Consequently, your coccyx may suddenly break or injured if you lose your balance while walking or sitting.

To avoid waist pain, you must lessen your weight. Maintain a proper diet and do regular exercise to reduce your weight.

Avoid high heels

Avoid high heels

Stylish women like to put on high heels. But it is the cause of several types of health risks, including back pain. So, it would help if you avoid high heels. Instead, you should use flat shoes to avoid health risks.

Nevertheless, if you cannot avoid the high heels totally, you should reduce the use of it.

Use doughnut cushion

Use doughnut cushion

The doughnut cushion is a particular type of pillow that comforts the person having pain on his waist. It keeps our spine straight, which is an immediate cure to alleviate the coccyx pain.

So it is better to purchase a doughnut cushion and use the buffer while sitting on a hard chair.

Apply ice bag

Apply ice

Are you having unbearable tailbone pain? Then, you may want to get rid of it instantly. In such a situation, applying an ice pack will be most beneficial for the sufferer.

Lie down on your chest in a bed and apply an ice pack on the painting bone. Keep it for 15-20 minutes at least to lessen the pain. You can also extend the application time if needed.

These are the natural remedies of alleviating the tailbone pains. But, if you are having pain due to pregnancy, tumors, age, etc. then you better consult a doctor.

The sum up!

Eventually, the tailbone pain is a known problem for us.

Most of us must have faced the Coccydynia at least once in a lifetime. Some are also facing the problem frequently and regularly. It might happen all of a sudden while we are doing something. Immediately consulting with a doctor mightn't possible at that time.

Therefore, we all have to know how to relieve from tailbone pain while sleeping. Also, you must know the remedies for preventing it from occurring repeatedly.

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