EPABO Contour Memory Foam Pillow Review


The Contour Memory foam is designed to provide support for your neck, back, and shoulders. You can see this in the pillow’s design. If pain relief has been elusive in times past, I bet you’ll get the solution you need from the memory foam pillow.

With some of the best materials to make pillows, the EPABO ranks high as the best pillow for your sleep. It’s also an excellent accessory in your bed if you sleep on any side.

What to expect

The review is going to cover all the details that you need to know about memory foam pillows. EPABO is one of the best pillows available, and you need to understand the benefits you can get from it when you start using it.

Learn more about its shape, the filling, covering, and all the other extras which can make you want to purchase this pillow. Continue reading to start gaining all the details.

Contour Design

The pad is designed with some of the most advanced contouring you’ll ever see on a pillow. The shape creates an area where your neck can comfortably rest on. Also, one edge of the pad is designed with ample space to support your shoulder area. With sufficient support for your shoulders, your neck and back will fare better.


This pad is designed with high-quality, dense memory foam filling. This filling promotes a more robust feel from the pillow. With the padding and other parts of the foam, the comfort you’ll receive increases.

Also, the filling of this pad is made in a way that allows easy adjustment. If you want to add or remove fillings from this pad, know that it’ll be easier to do with the hidden zipper provided. This pad also comes fully hypoallergenic, so there’s no fear of any irritation coming up.

The filling of this pad, along with its contour design, makes it the best pillow for back sleepers with neck and shoulder pain. Stop looking through all those back sleeper pillow reviews, and get the best pillow for neck pain relief right now.


The outer shell of this pad is made with high-quality polyester/rayon fabric. The choice of material adds to the comfort of the pillow. Polyester fabric remains comfy when you come in contact with it, no matter the time or season. Rayon also makes the pad have that silky smoothness to increase your comfort level.

Also, the covering has a design that adds more to the feel of the pad. With tiny pores that are spread across the pad, the pillow has a high breathability percentage. This covering works with the memory foam fill and ensures air flows through your pad quickly. When you use this pad, the covering material will make heat retention limited, keeping your sleep cooler for longer.


If you choose to buy this pillow, you’ll get an extra pillowcase for free! The pillowcase that comes with this pad has been designed to not get in the way of its breathability. You also don’t need to get the first casing of this pad washed every time with an extra casing.

  • An extra pillowcase
  • A comfortable Rayon cover
  • The covering is breathable
  • Provides relief for some aches and pains
  • Some say not a very good orthopedic pillow
  • Some people do not like Rayon

Final Word

With the contour memory foam pillow, there’s no need to keep looking through those orthopedic pillow reviews. You’ll get the best relief from those aches, and it’s so fascinatingly good that this pad can fit any sleeping position.

If you need the best pillow for neck pain side sleeper, then consider getting the orthopedic pillow. It’ll turn your life around and make you feel fresher every morning!

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