Disadvantages Of Sleeping On The Floor

Truth be told, there are many stories and accounts here and there that would keep people who enjoy sleeping on floor pads doing it. However, you have to take special interest in the topic, and search beyond the first few pages of any book or website before you can find the numerous disadvantages of sleeping on the floor.

There are few advantages a person laying on ground would get, but nothing good comes without its disadvantage(s), and that doesn’t change when the topic is sleeping on the floor. Here, I will point out only five from the many disadvantages of sleeping on the floor. Yeah, you can read it on the floor, but I bet you would get up after reading this.

5 Disadvantages of sleeping on the floor

Is sleeping on the floor hygienic?

Not at all. Do I need to remind you that hygiene is a very important part of our lives? If we do things that are not hygienic enough, we might lose some bucks every week to the doctor. The floor is one of the dirtiest parts of our house. There is no way you are neat enough to make the floor extremely clean. You walk on it, and so do insects. Dusts, animal hairs, human hairs, and many other things considered as dirt settle on the floor.

Wipe the whole floor clean now, but at bedtime, you would walk to that point you would lay your body. Somehow, the floor would get dirty again. But what happens with a mattress?

Mattresses keep us at a safe distance from dirt. That’s a considerably perfect separation from insects, and a bet of better sleep. The body emits heat when you are asleep. This heat is not supposed to remain on the body surface once emitted, and your mattress helps absorb it.

If you are laying on the floor or sleeping on a yoga mat for long, when it gets all hot, the heat emitted may not be absorbed well, so you have it on your skin. That’s bad for your health. No matter how comfortable you think sleeping on the floor may be, it is not hygienic.

Sleeping on the Floor Is Bad for Bond

You think you know how to sleep comfortably on the floor? Wait till you have to someone beside you, and you will go completely clueless. Only a good, conventional mattress, is good enough to afford your partner and you the desired comfort. Neither the floor, nor a fold up mattress.

A nursing mother who wants to keep her beautiful baby warm, or a lover who wants to cuddle, even your teddy bear with you, or whoever else you want to keep close to you, will find it so difficult to keep that contact because the floor is too hard, and it does not support frequent rolling from side to side. It is going to be boring, difficult, and everything both you and your partner-in-sleep don’t like.

Before I realized the disadvantages, I once had a baby who slept on my chest while I slept on the floor. When the baby was fast asleep, he became a load and I had to put him down to get my nap. I was happy I didn’t need to care about the baby falling off. However, on the second thought, I pictured the baby trying to roll to the other side, I found it was going to be a lot of pain and discomfort. I had to put him in bed. Then I thought, if that would make him roll around better, what about me? Guess what I did. Yeah, nice guess!

What if winter is here?

When winter comes, what we need from our bed increases. We don’t only need a good night rest anymore, we need warmth, and yeah, your bed will provide you that, as much as possible. But what about the floor?

The floor is naturally a very cold surface. When it’s winter, it gets colder. You might be sleeping on yoga mat or a futon, they don’t give warmth, they are mere isolation from the bare floor. It would be a very great mistake to think wrapping yourself in a blanket would do the magic. That would only prevent you from the cold in the air. The only way of preventing yourself from the cold floor is keeping yourself at a distance from it, and it is only a mattress that can do that magic.

Elderly People Shouldn’t sleep on the floor

Sleeping on the floor is not the best option for people with weak muscles and bones. You might enjoy it as a youth, but as age comes by, it is possible to cause movement issues.  Dr. Carter explains that older people who sleep on the floor may not sleep comfortably and have difficulty getting up the following day.

Most people are used to sleeping in a position that has their face up, or face down. Only few sleep on the sides. With the support of pillows, sleeping face up or down is very comfortable. If elderly people, or others who have joint disorder issues, or other issues like lumbago, cervical issues, etc., sleep on the floor, they run the risk of increasing the discomfort and pains. They might have locomotion issues the next morning, and that might cause muscular pains.

It is true that people who have back pains are often advised to sleep on the floor, but the best advice would be asking them to get a very strong mattress, one probably recommended by their doctor, as sleeping on the floor will not come without its disadvantages.

Ready for the Stress?

You can put a mattress in a permanent corner where it will add to the beauty of your room. If you prefer sleeping on the floor, you are probably going to have a futon, yoga mat, etc. Whichever you have, you must take it off each day, and lay it again whenever you want to sleep.

Also, these materials cannot hold your body heat as much as your mattress would, therefore, you have to take them outside to get aerated almost every day. That’s enough stress to avoid.


So, I agree you may have learnt how to sleep on the floor properly, however, there is no way you can do it that you will avoid some disadvantages. What doesn’t help the situation are the articles you find around teaching you how to sleep on the floor comfortably. They never tell you the best choice you can make for yourself is getting a mattress that is suitable for your situation. Yes! All situations! You have a back pain, or you are running on a low budget, or you want beauty and comfort at the same time, etc. The truth is, there is a mattress good enough for you. 

Oh! I’m sorry to add the sixth, but did I forget to tell you if you sleep on the floor, someone might step on you? You live alone? What about rats and cockroaches? Sounds funny, but that’s the fact. Afterall, it’s a walking floor, not a sleeping floor.

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