When to Give Baby a Pillow?

We love our babies and aren’t shy of showing that love, I can tell you from experience. There’s no time when we don’t want our little ones to have the maximum comfort possible. Even when they sleep, we can’t help but spy on them to check if they’re OK. But many of us don’t know when to give baby a pillow, and it’s something that remains debatable.

Most of us ask, “when can a toddler have a pillow?”. It’s a good question to ask because your little one will need a cushion at some point.

When Can a Baby Start Using a Pillow?

A baby can begin using a pillow when they’re a few months old. Before their leaner sleep supports can use that to keep their heads a bit elevated.

Smaller sleep supports are ideal for getting your toddler’s head comfy. Also, they won’t experience any neck trouble with a small-sized cushion.

The Types of Pillows Toddlers Can Use

If you’ve noticed your little one is a back sleeper, then there’re ideal back sleeping cushions to select from.

Many kids enjoy side sleeping, which means they need the best cold pillow for side sleepers.

One thing you must note is that toddlers tend to rest as we do. But the significant difference in their cushions is focused on its tinier build. 

What are the Main Features of a Good Pillow for Baby?

These should be present when the baby pillow you select is perfect for your little one;

Hypoallergenic treatment

When your toddler is just coming up, you’ve got to care for a lot of stuff concerning their health. One of the primary stuff to look at when picking a child pillow is the hypoallergenic treatment.

With a hypoallergenic toddler pillow, the sleep your little one is assured is sounder than you’d normally expect.

The right sizetoddler pillow size

Size is a feature that shouldn’t be overlooked if your toddler is to get maximum comfort from a cushion. Toddlers are adorably tiny, and they also need small-sized cushions to support their necks while they sleep. There’re many choices for mini-sized pillows, and each one should be just right for your little one’s neck and head.

Ensuring the pillow isn’t too large will prevent neck pain for your little one as they’ll get correct spine-neck coordination.

Proper fillingpillow filling material

Your baby sleeping pillow should have the correct filling to ensure no aches or irritation from using the pillow. There are tons of fillings used in cushions, so you shouldn’t through this task out the window. The filling you choose must have ample provisions to support the robustness of its outer covering.

A flabby pillow will cause problems for your baby’s neck, so you’ve got to be thorough when choosing a fill.

Gusseted edges (if possible)

We’re all used to four pointy ends on traditional cushions we grew up accustomed to. But they’re not essential sleep support for your little one.

What your little one needs are well-rounded sleep support. Gusseted edges are more than capable of giving complete comfort to your little one.

Right now, gusseted pillows aren’t in short supply. So it won’t be an uphill task getting one for your toddler’s rest time.

Outer shell

The outer covering of your toddler’s pillow is a make-or-mar factor when comfort is the central requirement.

They’re more natural fabrics used in making outer casings for pillows. Except you’re intent on getting the travel pillows for toddlers made from more synthetic materials.

A natural, breathable outer shell will add to the comfort your little one gets when they go to sleep.


Many believe down pillows are perfect for toddlers based on their super-soft build, but this isn’t true.

What your toddler needs are support which a very soft pillow can’t adequately provide. A medium to firm cushion is what you should look at when you need maximum comfort for your little sleeper.

Final Word

Right now, it’s a sure thing that your question of what age babies can use pillows has been adequately answered. So take time out to make a befitting choice for your little one. It’ll surely boost their comfort and make them sleep better.

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