When Can A Toddler Sleep With A Blanket?

I was with my friend as she put her one-month-old baby to bed. She held a gorgeous blanket in her hand for long. She looked like she was contemplating but later dropped it. I knew what was running through her mind. She must have been asking herself, “when can a toddler sleep with a blanket?” This happens to almost every nursing mother.

The congratulations and gifts that immediately follow the birth of your beautiful kid is something very memorable. Every mother loves that moment because it is a dream come true, a burden relieved, and a new addition to the family.

As interesting as the moment is, it takes only a little time before the pediatrician(s) appears to dish out some dos and don’ts. They give too many pieces of advice that are rules in the real sense.

It could mount pressure on the mother, especially one with the first child. One major instruction you are most likely to be given is that you should not put your sleeping kid under a blanket. However, not all pediatricians are patient enough to tell you the reason.

In this post, I will be giving you enough details on when can a toddler sleep with a blanket. Not only will I tell you the reasons for the suggestion, but I will also give you some useful recommendations regarding this topic that will help you. Let’s take it step-by-step. Please, read on!

Can Toddler Suffocate Under Blanket?

I understand you have been gifted some amazing toddlers’ blankets during shower and you can’t wait to put your kid under them, take pictures, and upload the beauty for the whole world to see.

However, the big problem here is you have been instructed against it. Although most mothers don’t care, it is vital to understand the reasons.

There something called SIDS, and if you haven’t heard before, it means Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) has always warned against keeping blankets and anything heavy made of soft material such as wool or silk around infants.

This is because they can cause suffocation. Your baby is too young to be able to communicate suffocation and other hazards, so you must keep your baby safe.

You may think that is not enough reason not to use blankets, because you are staying up, watching your baby sleep, and because you have seen a baby sleeping with blankets.

However, sometimes, we don’t have full control over our sleep. You may sleep off or get temporarily engaged in another important thing, and just within a short timeframe, a lot could happen. So, putting your baby under a blanket does not mean your baby would die, but that’s exposing him to death.

Blanket is a no-no, and you must now be wondering, “at what age can a toddler sleep with a blanket?”

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When Can Babies Start Sleeping With Blankets?

It will only last for 12 months. I understand that’s too much time to wait but it’s worth it. When your baby clocks 12 months, he can make basic moves on his own. At that age, it is possible for your baby to get rid of clothing materials that may want to cover the face and nose, and affect breathing.

However, this does not mean you’re going to completely keep your eyes off. Babies are babies. They need you for their safety.

I have to get you prepared, there is something that will break your heart after transition out of sleep sack. After waiting for 12 good months, you finally put your baby under the blanket and you are most likely going to find out he/she is not sleeping under it just after minutes.

Between age 1 and 2, kids love to roll around when they are in bed. So, if you don’t want to disturb his/her nice sleep, take the picture immediately he starts sleeping, before he starts rolling.

Now that you know that putting your kid, who is less than 12 months old, under a blanket is wrong, you must be really interested in possible alternatives that would provide similar comfort and luxury before the stated age is reached. Well, that’s the next issue to be addressed.

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How To Go About Keeping The Baby Warm At Night In A Cold House

When it’s too cold inside, you don’t have to regret that you can’t use blankets. There is a safe recommendation, and that’s a sleep sack.

Yeah, there are safe blankets for babies, but they are not safer than sleep sacks. Sleep sacks are made of materials that look exactly like blankets. They are made into bodysuits, inside it, the baby can be zipped up. There are holes for the hands and necks, and although most sleep sacks don’t have holes for legs, some manufacturers add it.

Sleep sacks are not only recommended because we don’t want to use blankets, they also come with a number of advantages that would have made it worth the consideration, even If the use of blanket for infants isn’t prohibited.

The Following Are Benefits Of Using Sleep Sacks:

  • Your toddler sleeps under a regulated temperature.

The blanket might get too hot, but sleep sacks would keep the temperature regulated. It is neither too hot, nor too cold. Some sleep sacks come with guides that will give you information on what your toddler should be wearing in each temperature.

  • Sleep sacks stay throughout the night.

Blankets may come off in the night, but sleep sacks will stay on the baby throughout. That’s proven protection.

  • Sleep Sacks reduce risk of SIDS

Sleep sacks are recommended by pediatricians because they reduce the chances of sudden death.  The most recognized threats are blankets and other bedding items that can choke the baby or cover their nose and mouth, preventing them from breathing. With sleep sacks, that is no issue. After 12 months, it could then be time for transition from sleep sack to blanket.

18 month sleep sack

  • Sleep sacks can make an important bed routine.

Although your baby is so young, he/she is highly sensitive. Putting your breast in the mouth of your baby sends the signal that it’s time to eat. Just the same way, zipping up your baby in a sleep sack could send the signal that it’s time to sleep.

  • Sleep sacks are durable

Sleep sacks will last you for as long as you need to put it around your baby before the recommended time to start the use of blankets. They are not too expensive too.

Sleep sacks almost have no disadvantage. They are the best for an amazing warmth for your baby.

You really do not want to put the health of your beautiful toddler on the line because you want him/her to sleep inside a beautiful blanket, yet, you want them warm and comfortable.

You cannot use toddlers’ blankets and pillows until your baby is 12 months old. Even at 12 months of age, you cannot start immediately from extremely thick blankets, there are special blankets for toddlers.

toddler blankets and pillows

The safest bedding item for your young baby is a sleep sack. So, zip up your kid in a sleep sack, put his/her head on a toddler pillow, then go ahead to sleep. You have no reason to be scared.

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