Exped Air Pillow Review

Exped Pillow Review

Getting the perfect pillow when on a flight is the best option you’ve got. You have to get a pad for head support to avert any pain. Also, such a pad could come in handy when you’re finding it tricky to rest outdoors.

In this Exped Air Pillow Review, you’ll get the facts that’ll aid you make a quick decision on the pad you need.

There exist so many misleading or incomplete sleep support reviews today, and this has left a good number of consumers unhappy. But if that’s got you skeptical, don’t despair! All you’ll get here are verified facts that’ll link you to the support you sorely need.

When you’ve seen this Exped Pillow Review to the end, you’ll be thrilled as to how many exciting features are available for you. Take a further look, and make the choice that’ll thrill you in an instant;

What to Expect

In this exped neck pillow review, all the elements that are vital to your rest are put out in detail. Make use of the info on the size/loft, cover material, functions and more when considering this pad as your top choice.


  • Small packing space required
  • Ideal for many sleep postures
  • Tricot outer shell design for increased comfort
  • Stuff sack included


  • Only one valve included

Outer Shell

With an ergonomic contour design, this inflatable pillow is perfect for camping, traveling, hiking, picnicking, and more. The shape fits your neck area and provides support for your head at the same time.

It comes in a velvet stretchy tricot nylon material that provides a smooth texture for any sleeper. It assures you’ll get a good sleep when the environment doesn’t give the right support.


The insulation of this cushion is primarily air except for the largest option which comes in RDS Down insulation.

The fill gives the cushion a plump look. It also adds to the support for the part of your body rested on it rather adequately.


The pad comes in four sizes – light, medium, large, and x–large. These sizes provide comfort to fit your body size and sleep position.

Loft and Weight

All the available sizes of this cushion have the same high 4” loft to give accurate space for neck and back support. But when it comes to weight, there are a few differences shown below;

  • Light – 2.3 ounces
  • Medium – 2.5 ounces
  • Large – 1.6 ounces
  • Extra-large – 5.3 ounces

Make a choice depending on the loftiness and size, as it can be seen that all the cushions are lightweight.


The easy inflation/deflation of this cushion makes it easy to use/store. Also, the feather-light nature of this sleep support makes it easy to carry around without feeling any weight.

It’s easily adjustable at 2.5 ounces, making the cushion ideal for all-round outdoor rest.


The pad comes with a stuff sack included. This stuff sack provides ample support for packaging your rest support, and it’ll be easier to unload the next time you want it inflated.

Final Word

The best backpacking pillow isn’t hard to find after you’re through with this exped down pillow review. Make out time to look closely at the pad’s features, and line them up with your needs. If there’s a fit, get yours as fast as you can for maximum comfort.

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