The Best Folding Mattress In 2021 – An Exclusive Buying Guide

Many people are looking for a lightweight and affordable mattress to use in their small apartment or dorm. Here, you will get to know easy to store and fold 7 top picks of the best folding mattresses on the market today.

Let us inform you about the right folding mattresses so that you could get options to choose from. An all-purpose foldable mattress is the best portable mattress for guests, sofa mattress, etc., and an alternative when comparing it with the bunk bed mattress or regular bed.

With a foldable foam mattress, you can easily fold it down and pack it faster for transportation or storage. You will love it for its handy use. However, these foldable mattresses may use for your traveling or camping trip or make a sofa cum bed in your living space.

Visitors or guests are not come to stay for the long term. So you have to have a temporary and comfortable sleep arrangement for them. A folding mattress for guests is a perfect choice that allows them a good night’s sleep. They don't just get to relax; they can sleep comfortably. So, read on keenly and get informed.

Top Rated Best Folding Mattresses




folding sleep matsfolding sleep mats

Classic Brands Instant Foundation

travel mattresstravel mattress

Zinus Tri Fold Mattress

milliard 6 inch memory foam tri fold mattressmilliard 6 inch memory foam tri fold mattress

Milliard Mattress Review

foldable futon mattressfoldable futon mattress

Better Habitat Floor Mattress

foldable sleeping matfoldable sleeping mat

Simmons BeautySleep Mattress Reviews

tri fold mattress padtri fold mattress pad

Zinus Memory Foam Green Tea Mattress Review

Classic Brands Instant Foundation

tri fold sleeping padtri fold sleeping pad

Since the introduction of sliced bread, this folding memory foam mattress is one of the market's coolest inventions. The portable memory foam mattress is easy to carry and assemble. After the purchase order, they will ship right to your doorstep.

What to do is simple, slide the foldable memory foam mattress out of the box and unfold it. It will inflate out of its full capacity. No tools are required to accomplish the task.

The fold-up cushion beds are durable and noise-free. With a soft down pillow or cool gel pillow, the sleeping experience is incredibly comfortable on this memory foam mattress firm. It's easy to use for those who can't access a loft bed. 

King size mattress measures 75 in x 79 in x 4 in, and they also have twin full and queen-sizes. You can use this as a mattress and sofa bed. Your guest will sleep comfortably on these foldable mattresses.


  • Easy to assemble the foldable cushion bed. Designed for a low profile foundation but ensure reliable support.
  • It can fits perfectly with the available bed frames in the market. The best fold-up mattress prevents sagging and support latex beds and memory foam.
  • You can easily store it.
  • PRos
  • cons
  • Their fold design ensures easy to assemble.
  • Folding mattresses come with smart packaging that reduces the carbon footprint.
  • It is a long-lasting foam.


It is a comfortable and supportive fold out foam bed that has taken a significant market share. Slide the mattress out of the box, and unfold. The assemble is complete in a minute.
By an average price, you are buying a mattress for multipurpose use. Kids can play on it, temporary sleeping arrangement for your guest, make it a comfortable sofa bed when needed. It is also ideal for camping trips.

Zinus Tri Fold Mattress

tri fold foam matstri fold foam mats

The tri-folding memory foam mattresses are another best choice products on our list. It is designed to provide plenty of comfort s. The layers of foam combines 1inch High-density base support foam, 1 inch Memory foam, and 2-inch Viscolatex responsive foam. An unexpected sleep is waiting for you here.

When needed, it's easy to move and easy to store, and when unfolding it, it returns to its shape. It is suitable for couples and a good fit for average weight sleepers who tend to sleep on their stomachs and backs.

This fold-up twin mattress measure 75 in x38 in x19 in and also have different sizes. Its removable jacquard cover s highly breathable. Their warranty coverage is for one year.


  • The folding mattress twin size comes with a soft jacquard cover, and this removable machine washable cover easy to clean.
  • This tri folding memory foam mattress easy to fold and store.
  • The memory foam tri fold infused with natural ingredients. It can absorb moisture and remove chemical odors to keep the folding floor mattress clean and fresh.
  • They are using Certipur-US certified foam. It is highly durable and provides quality performance.
  • PRos
  • cons
  • The 3 folding mattress is comfortable that will take care of your sleep.
  • It is made with higher-quality material to ensure that the folding bed with memory foam can serve you long.
  • The natural ingredients ensure pretty good support.
  • They come in standard twin size mattresses with other sizes.
  • Tri-fold mattress features to roll faster for storage.


When you unfold this twin folding mattress, you don't want to wait a long for restful sleep. Its sleep experience will insist you buy a bed for your loved ones. The high-quality construction makes the tri fold comfort mat unique.

All this is geared at giving you the best comfort when you sleep. You will never have the urge to have another folding mattress.

Milliard Tri Folding Mattress Twin

milliard tri folding mattress with washable cover - queenmilliard tri folding mattress with washable cover - queen

For anyone with the urge for their body support, this sleep n go portable folding mattress has been designed right for their use. The milliard 4-inch tri-fold mattress will provide you the luxurious softness that will take you from light sleepers to dreamland.

If you have visitors or guests without notice, this Milliard tri fold comfort mat will help you find a quick solution. And the foldable bed mattress is designed to move with you for camping or traveling and serve all your needs.

The best tri fold mattress is using over the years by people, and the report about this brand is trustworthy. Milliard folding mattress proved its name. The tri fold foam mat provides support, so never worry about its production procedure. Check the customer rating, and you will get to know.


  • It is a tri fold sleeping mat that is plush, breathable, superior comfort, and soft. When you get down to sleep, you will automatically feel comfy that it gives you.
  • The folding portable twin mattress quickly folded down to pack for travel or get stored. The small folding mattresses save space in your house. Which make it perfect for use in small apartments or dorm room.
  • The bamboo cover is removable and machine washable. You also can wash it by hand.
  • They made the portable foldable mattress with superior materials that make it comfortable and durable. These products 4in thick and has a Luxe certified seal. It will never lose the original shape.
  • The foldable mattress twin adequately supports air circulation to help regulate sleep temperature. 
  • PRos
  • cons
  • The milliard mattress gives you a comfortable night’s sleep when you are camping or travel.
  • The tri folding foam mattress is suitable for temporary sleeping accommodations.
  • It is an easy fold mattress.
  • This foldable guest mattress is large enough to accommodate.


When you have a four-inch foldaway mattress, it will provide you the great support than others. As you have read, the trifold mattress is a supportive foam. These best air mattresses come with an ultra-soft bamboo cover, and they will provide you cool throughout the night.

Better Habitat Memory Foam Floor mattress

twin roll up mattresstwin roll up mattress

When looking for the best foldable floor mattress for kids, look at this Better Habitat Mattress. Of course, it is durable and comfortable, and kids love playing on it, suitable for pack and play. With its 75 x 36 x 3 inches, it can take weight 230 lbs; also ideal for adults.

The best foldable mattresses are an ideal option for friends and family camping trip s. Campers will fall in love with their products purchased. Unclip and roll out, and enjoy your luxurious sleeping experience.

This foldout mattress is more convenient than an air mattress, and it will give you a good night's sleep wherever you're. The portable memory foam bed has the best combination of comfort and support and reducing joint pain.

It features a non-slip water-resistant bottom, and a waterproof cotton terry sheet provides the best mattress guarantee. The waterproof cover blocks dust mites and bacteria, mildew, and mold. You need to unfold the mattress in your tent, room, or mobile home and have your restful night's rest.


  • The non-slip bottom is water-resistant. Enjoy your peaceful night without waking up with back pain. Let your unexpected guests a memorable night's rest with these memory foam mattresses. These small portable mattresses are excellent for college dorms and overnight stay.
  • The cover is free from PVC, vinyl, fire-retardant, and other harmful chemicals. Bear in mind that the cover for the foam folding bed is hypoallergenic.
    So there is no day you will spot dust mites, bacteria, or mold on your memory foam mattresses. Have it today, and thank us later.
  • This 3-inches of memory foam travel bed will be the ideal choice that never leaves you alone. The best roll up mattress is easier to carry long road trips and perfect for a family reunion, sleeping sleepovers, and vacation or camping.
  • 3-inches high-quality memory foam will offer you the maximum support and comfort you need for a good night's rest. This supportive foam base is a good choice for side sleepers, and it reduces back pain. It will never lose its shape.
  • PRos
  • cons
  • The folded mattress bed 75 x 3 comes with a carry bag to folds easily.
  • The memory foam folding mattress is extremely comfortable with the cotton terry sheet.
  • Very convenient and easy to transport.
  • Supportive memory foam
  • Better Habitat mattress comes with a sweat and waterproof cover. 
  • It is a versatile foldable mattress with a space-saving design.


The fold up memory foam mattress is better than other traditional bed in a box. It is the best choice folding mattress which always ready to give you a restful night.

Furthermore, a polyester cover is machine washable and easy to handle. You will enjoy maximum comfort and support from this foldable model. These choice products provide a comfortable sleeping experience to your overnight guests.

Simmons BeautySleep Mattress Reviews

compact mattresscompact mattress

Simmons folding bed will give you an instant fun lounge. The folding memory foam bed is very comfortable and allows your guest to use it without embarrassment.

It provides enough supports so you don't wake up with back pain. It has 3 inches thick memory foam, which gives you a good night's rest. The 31 x 75 mattress can accommodate adults perfectly.

This foldable foam bed is ideal for dorm rooms, play mat and can also use it as a memory foam mattress toppers. The thoughtful design will save space in your home and storage space.

You'll love this memory foam fold up bed for the level of comfort. Every user will like these foldable mattresses; cause they can conveniently roll up 12 inches in diameter. That is why it is the best portable bed for adults currently on the market.

So you can easily carry the mattress for side sleepers into the carrying case and can easy storage and transportation. Don't worry about cleaning it. The polyester cover is machine washable and easy to spot clean.


  • The folding sleep mat instantly gives you and your family a comfortable sleeping space and lounge solution while camping and travel.
    Suppose you are looking for a memory foam foldable mattress. In that case, you can consider this Simmons foldaway guest bed.
  • The fold memory foam mattress is best for travel and best for kids' play. This fold up foam mattress model will guarantee a level of comfort throughout the night with no distress.
    Remember you don't need to replace this memory foam topper mattress for a sink in or sag after a few years; your bed will always look like a new folding mattress.
  • A travel bag is included for the store and carry.
  • Thanks to the high-density foam for its support and comfort. Be prepared to enjoy a high level of comfort all night long. 
  • The fold away mattress made for all ages. You can use it for bed and sofa on your sitting room rug.
  • A protective cover protects the foam and easily removable and washable. 
  • PRos
  • cons
  • Lightweight and compact foam.
  • Comfortable floor mat.
  • Easy cleaning.
  • It includes a carry case. 
  • Best price mattress.
  • Machine washable cover. 
  • A versatile foldable mattress. 


The Simmons fold memory foam mattress has a wide variety of colors with a minimalistic design. If you add an extra bed to your guest room, dorm, or sitting room, then this memory foam fold away beds might be your ideal solution. These folding mattress beds are affordable, easily stored, pack, and carry around.

Zinus Memory Foam Green Tea Mattress Review

tri fold mat for kidssimmons beautysleep siesta twin memory foam guest roll-up extra portable mattress bed

Do you look for the best foldable mattress for a small space? Here you will get the slightly narrower twin mattress dimensions 75 x 39 x 6 inches and comes to provide the necessary support and comfort. It is elegant, modern, and has a breathable design.

The comfy high-density foam makes the memory foam mattress best for side and average weight sleepers. Also, it's ideal for back sleepers. Family and friends can enjoy a peaceful sleep on it. The Zinus mattress is twin sized and right for the guest bedroom. A combination of one-inch memory foam helps pressure relief.


  • It designed with the green tea-infused memory foam. The foam is Certi-PUR, US certified.
  • The technology allows this twin foldable mattress into a compact size for easy transport. 
  • It will take up to 72 hours to expand fully.
  • PRos
  • cons
  • The fold up cushion bed comes with instructions to assemble it.
  • The 6 inch folding mattress can cure your back pain.
  • It has a package smell that will disappear in a short while. The scent is not as bad as the report.


Don't listen to people that are debating. You are here for a comfortable bed, and it is that. Make your purchase today and get the 10-year warranty.

Buying guide - Fold out mattress bed

  • We are always advising you to find a suitable fold up foam bed before buying. So that, the mattress types or fold up mattress bed will offer more comfort to enjoy sleep.
    At this juncture, it is too good to note that there are two types of foam you will come across- memory foam and polyurethane.
  • The use of polyurethane foam, known as latex, to make an inexpensive pillow but not long-lasting. That is why you will find that it is less comfortable and also not durable enough.
    But if you are looking for the best pillow for a soft mattress, you have to change your budget-friendly options.
  • On the other part, memory foam is the complete opposite of polyurethane foam. It is made with dense material and ensures that it can adjust the body weight.
    It is rated the best choice products because it can absorb body heat to get warmer and softer when sleep. That's why you will enjoy the comfort of the sinking effect that is unique.

Find foldable mattress cover

A folding mattress cover ensures how long the fold up sleeping mat will last. It will protect from being damaged or even getting worn out faster and protect the mattress from dust mites and moisture.

In conjunction with the best foldable mattresses, you can choose a different cover from the market. But the bodies are classified into two areas. They are either sewed to the mattress or removable covers.

Normally the fold up bed mattresses will get dirty often, so that the removable cover will be a good choice. The cover material will ensure the foldable bed is safe for kids. A durable fabric cover is ample protection for the mattress.

Usually, a foldable camping mattress should have a firm cover 100% polyester is the best to keep away moisture and other external elements.

Thickness of the mattress

It is one key aspect when choosing a good foldable mattress. Thicker foldable mattresses are more comfortable, but the weight of the mattress is high for materials high density. These types of foam folding mattresses will provide the best support when sleep.

Thicker mattresses will be slightly heavier when you compare them with the thinner ones. That is why they tend out to be able to more cumbersome and too hard to transport. A thicker mattress is a bit expensive and hence not affordable than their counterparts. And it offers a high 4.6 - 8 inches.

Mattress size

You will get three kinds of foldable beds at this juncture, twin, full, queen. The twin size foldable mattress has been designed to have standard dimensions that have 39 x 75 inches. This folding mattress best for kids to enjoy playing video games.

The full-size folding mattress's dimensions are 75 x 52 inches. It is suitable for a normal-sized adult and larger adults. And finally, the queen size foldable mattress best for couples, and the dimensions of 58 x 78 inches.

When you buy a mattress, you are advised to purchase one that will fit your requirements. Always check the sizes of the folding foam mattress because others have stated with irregular shapes.

Mattress firmness

Most of the mattresses in these categories are considered to be either firm feel or medium-firm fee. Those who prefer to use softer bedding need to purchase a folding memory foam topper.

Foldable mattresses will be a better choice for you. Because when you are not in the house but want to enjoy the supportive foam firmness as your home, it will provide you.

Choice features flat dimensions

You might need to store and transport. So folded into a small is essential for you. If the folded dimensions larger, easy carrying is not possible. Once the mattress is folded, it becomes twice or even thrice high. The more folds, the higher the dimension.

Folding portable mattress

If you look for portable folding mattresses online, you should look for convenient carrying. Otherwise, it will give you a hard time to pack, store, and carry.

What you need to understand is that some rated folding mattress is more portable than others. That is why you need to check the folding technique of the bed and also its weight.

- Foldable mattresses should easy to fold-up. The modern ones have been made in such a manner that they can fold from two places, and the mattress stays in position. It would help when it is a compact size to be portable. Even if you fold a queen-sized foldable mattress, you will realize the compact comfort.

- Weight is a direct indication of comfortability—some type of mattress made with low-density foam, hence lightweight and portable. The thick ones will not be like that.

Benefits of best folding mattress

People might think that we should not use these portable folding mattresses every night. When you know the benefits of foldable mattresses, you will not make it wrong. The services you will get from using this mattress include below.

  • They are super convenient foam and portable, provide a means that you can use them on any occasion, and any places to rest on.  
  • Some are designed with several layers, and you will get a comfortable position to sleep.
  • When you check out the price, you will realize that they offer the best price than regular mattresses. Spend your money once, and enjoy the best nights.


Where to buy a foldable mattress? 

The best option is here. If you read our best foldable mattress reviews, it will help you find your suitable one. As a customer, you need to know about a foldable mattress bed before purchasing. For them, we collect these folding mattresses online. The guide that we have structured will help you to make the right choice. 

How to fold memory foam mattress?

Follow the easiest way:
1. Remove the bed sheet and memory foam topper.
2. Fold the mattress
3. Put the mattress in the storage bag
4. Vacuum the air out
5. Roll up
6. Keep it in the store.

Where to use the fold out mattresses?

1.  Sleepovers guest bed:

Don't choose this fold out foam mattress for kids' sleep. But can use it for kids' play mattress pad. That way, kids will have a good time. It's ideal for unexpected guest camping. Some mattresses come with a cover and easy to clean.

2.   Bed for guests

Some guest prefers to sleep on a twin xl mattress. But when you have overnight visitors, you don't need to spend too much on buying folding beds. With a standard mattress, you can well-taken care-off their self.

3.  Frequent travelers:

Sleeping in hotels or motels sometimes turn out to be expensive. You can decide to sleep in buses or vehicles with a folding travel mattress. That way, you can save lots of money to use in doing other tasks.

4.   pads for camping:

Getting out to enjoy with friends is a great idea. But it becomes stressful if you don't have an excellent arrangement to sleep. These types of mattresses are perfect for camping. Just fold it like backpacks and keep it under the backseats.

Final Wrap

If you want to have the best sleeping solution, you must consider where to get foldable mattresses. Who will offer you the best usage in different situations, and it makes me curious with many.

The market has many foldable mattresses, so it is always hard to choose what you prefer. We have covered all the aspects you need to get the best foldable mattress.

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