Klymit Pillow Review

klymit cush pillow review

Any Klymit Pillow Review you get a hold of will surely pick your interest in an instant! That’s due to the exciting features you’ll see that’ll drive your buying decision.

What to Expect

In this klymit cush pillow review, expect to see the inner features of the pad that’ll finally guarantee the rest you’ve been longing for. Its contour design, size/loft, functions and more of the klymit inflatable pillow are presented in detail just for you.

This backpacking down pillow should appeal to you after you’ve read all through this review. So stay focused, as your comfort is important to your health.


  • Very light
  • Can pack easily
  • Malleable
  • Design promotes better shape around your head


  • Lining may burst open without much stress

Outer Shell

The shape of this pad promotes nothing but better rest. The X-shaped design of this cushion increases its ability to hold your head in place.

The fluffy design of this inflatable camp pillow makes it an ideal choice as the best camping pillow for side sleepers or any sleeper for that matter.


The size of a cushion promotes ease when it’s rested on. When you’ve got to be outdoors, the size of your choice cushion should be a main fixture in your decision. Just so you know, this cushion provides ample space for your comfort.

This best pillow for camping comes packed in an awesome 4.5” X 2.5” which is almost equal to a lighter’s size!

When it unfolds, it becomes even more awe-inspiring as it gets to 15” X 11”. Also, you’re assured a better sleep while in an unfriendly environment.


The loftiness of your choice cushion promotes comfier rest. What you get from this pad is a 4” loft that delivers proper head elevation while resting.

Also, the high loft makes this cushion perfect for lumbar area rest. The rest this cushion could provide while you’re driving on a long journey is unmatched. It keeps your spine set in the right position and staves off back ache.


The design of this cushion keeps the sleeper in a good position which helps prevent aches and pains when on a picnic or hike.

This small camping pillow has an adjustable height/pressure function that makes it easy for you to adjust its loft and firmness.


When you look through any klymit x pillow review, it’s a fact that you may not find any bonus features, but you’ve got it all here.

Know that this pad comes with an extra cover to make it easier to pack and store. Also, based on its compact nature, you could place it in your back pocket and not notice!

Also, when weight is an issue, you’ll get no trouble from the 1.9 ounce total weight of this sleep support.

Final Word

The best backpacking pillow should get you the maximum possible comfort. Right now, you’ve seen that there’s no better choice than the Klymit Cush Pillow.

Take advantage of the info you’ve got and maximize your potential for comfort. Place an order today, and get access to the finest sleep that’ll get you refreshed and energized.

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