Nemo Fillo Backpacking Pillow Review


During COVID 19 pandemic, we were lockdown in our home, and it makes us lazy. I spent most of the time in bed. Though it was work from home, basically it was work from bed, hahaha. Now, I am exhausted and look forward to a wonderful vacation. But I can’t think of travel or vacation without a super comfortable pillow for a journey or camping because the pandemic makes me lazy. So my friends suggested I read the Nemo Fillo Backpacking Pillow Review. They also let me know whatever comfort I am looking for is there. 

The Nemo pillow has a lot of exciting features, including the best comfort, and I am looking for that. Aside from it being so comfy, there are many other things this Nemo Fillow Pillow will unfold to you.

Since it’s not possible to take up your mattress and pack it up in your backpack, mobile comfort is a must-have for your outdoor adventure. For example, are you planning to be on a train ride for several hours? Or a flight that’ll take long hours? Or for a drive to long-distance? Then what you need is comfortable sleep support. Without a sleeping pad in your backpacking packs, it will not fulfill the backpacks.

Buying guide from Nemo Fillo backpacking pillow review:

In this Nemo Fillo luxury pillow review, you’ll become acquainted with the facts that’ll provide you the comfortable option. Also, the small camping pillow sizes/loft, materials used in the pillow, and much more are laid down to take your perfect decision.

Outer Shell

This ultralight backpacking pillow comes with a lot of exciting features, and one of the main features is the outer shell. The outer shell of the inflatable camping pillow comes in a soft micro-suede cover. This covering is smooth to the touch and won’t irritation when using it.

Apart from the microsuede or jersey cover, the machine-washable pillow cover is easy to maintain. So when you need a comfortable and hassle-free rest, it is ready for you in any situation.


The packable pillow comes with a micro-suede cover, and air insulation makes it fluffy and adjustable to your desired firmness and height. In addition, the air insulation feature makes the sleeping pad readily customizable for the load of comfort you’ve been looking for.


At 9″ X 6″ X 5 inches, this best hammock pillow is the perfect choice for camping, hiking, or a journey. It comes in a design that ensures enough space is provided, regardless of the sleeper. The loftiness will provide you home comfort while you’re away from home.


At 5″, the loft of this outdoor gear lab pillow is perfect for an unrivaled rest that’ll keep you energized and healthy. In addition, the adjustable loft of the large inflatable pillow guarantees the comfort that outmatches all other sleep supports on the market.


The best pillow for backpacking is for multi-purpose use. It is ideal as a camp pillow, hiking pillow, travel pillow, and so on. In addition, the weight of the packable pillow is only 9 oz, and after the pack, it is smaller than a water bottle, meaning it won’t crop up much space in your bag.


Attached stuff sack to protect the inflatable camp pillow surface from dust when not in use. The compact pillow is only 4 X 6 inches when packed, and Its machine washable cover easy to maintain.


  • Light build
  • Casing included
  • Easy packing
  • Easy to store
  • Waterproof


  • No color options


How to clean Nemo Fillo pillow?

Answer: The removable cover of the Nemo Fillo stuff sack is easily machine washable. Here you can watch a video if you need.

How to use the Nemo Fillo elite pillow?

Answer: Allow the Nemo Fillo to inflate up the level of your required firmness or height. You also can watch the video here.

What is the best camping pillow?

Answer: As a travel enthusiast, I like to go camping every year. From my practical experience, I have seen if you sleep well during your camping or travel, your entire journey will be awesome. Here, I always prefer Nemo Fillo for it.

Which Nemo pillow is best?

Answer:  The Nemo Elite pillow is the best choice for backpackers because it is an ultralight pillow and can carry it easily. In addition, you can adjust the height of the pillow for a comfortable sleep without any aches or neck pain.

Final Word

The best backpacking pillow has been revealed to you. What you need to do is get the info on these Nemo Fillo sleeping pads. Then, consider the pillows Nemo Fillo closely before making the purchase. The level of comfort of this inflatable pillow camping will thrill you.

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