What is a power recliner chair?

A power recliner chair is an electric chair that allows the user to adjust the position of their backrest and footrest with the simple push of a button.

This type of recliner is designed to provide maximum comfort, which makes it ideal for use in your home or office. A power recliner chair includes a number of convenient features, including an adjustable headrest, lumbar support cushion, and remote control.

Power recliners use both mechanical and electrical components and a number of motors to adjust the back, headrest, and footrest at your ease.

With the developed technology and custom design, power recliner is an essential component of our daily life. It’s invented for providing extreme comfort by reducing back pain. You’ll find a versatile recliner chair for back pain to reduce it.

But if you have insomnia as well as back pain, you must go for the lazy boy recliner.

So, what is a power recliner chair? How does it work? If you had never used the power recliner, you must be unaware of its versatile features.
Below, we have a brief regarding the power recliner and its activities. So, let’s get started!

What is a power recliner?

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With the built-in port, the power recliner is a specially designed chair that provides maximum comfort. It has a controllable reclining motion, which can relieve your body pain within only a few minutes. That’s how it gives you ease and comfort after a long tiring day.

Because of the installed motor, you can set the chair in any position based on your comfortability. In contrast, the recliner’s power enables the headrest to raise at a versatile position to facilitate your sleep.

How does the power recliner work?

When it comes to features, looks, and expense, the power recliner includes an extensive idea. It’s full of versatile features that provide better support to your foot, back, and neck separately.

Let’s know how the power recliner works and provides you with maximum supports.

Ergonomic design

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The power recliner comes with an excellent ergonomic design and lay-flat reclining. The ergonomic design with the adjustable headrest view provides reliable neck and back support. Whereas, the lay-flat reclining position is designed for providing extensive footrest.

Built-in motor

Unlike the manual recliner, the electric recliner features single or dual built-in motor options.
Whether it’s a single or dual motor, the recliner chair comes with versatile, stylish seating options. You can adjust the chair in your favorite positions and get the highest level of service.

In-depth, both the single or dual motor chair ensure the back reclining function and footrest platform.

Power source

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The built-in USB port of the power recliner operates it through electricity without human assistance. As a consequence, you can get in and out of the recliner without any pressure. Possibly, that’s why it’s the preferable recliner for elderly persons and patients.


With the installed motor and high back design, the power recliner provides heat and body massage. No matter how tired you’re, you’ll get ease and relaxation when lying on the power recliner. For people who have physical limitations, the power reclining chairs are a trustworthy choice.

The relaxation and comfortability will lead you to your most desirable sleep. Indeed, the best recliner will facilitate your sleeping by reducing tiredness.

Expenses and durability

The electric recliner chairs are more expensive than manual recliner chairs. But when you identify the installed features into the power recliner, you’ll agree, the chair is worth the price.

However, a power recliner is a piece of very durable and long-lasting furniture. Possibly, that’s why it’s one of the expensive pieces of furniture in your living room.


Compared to the manual recliner, the electric recliners are more expensive for servicing. The built-in motor and electronic features make it tough to repair. So, you better hire an experienced repairer to repair and maintain your power recliner.

Can power recliners be operated manually?

The traditional chair is opened and closed manually with the human’s physical strength. Conversely, the standard chair needs electricity to operate.
Because of the electrical structure, it’s not possible to operate the electric recliner manually. It’s a standard recliner model that comes with a variety of electrical systems and electric control.

Do power recliners have to be plugged in?

Yeah. Power recliners have to be plugged in to make them operable, as the power recliners run on electricity.

For caution disconnect the electrical plug from the wall outlet before cleaning, moving, servicing, or when not in use for an extended period of time. Do not use your power recliner if it is wet, in water, around water, or any liquid.

How much power does an electric recliner use?

The AC power supply for the recliner is rated at 2A, which would equate to about 58 watts. Now based on your usages and electricity rate do your math.

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