The Best Pillow For Migraines – How To Sleep With A Headache

Headaches are frequent among adults. It can be due to food or sleep or an underlying medical condition such as tumors. One of the most prevalent causes of headaches is migraine, though researchers are still looking to find its origin. If you are tired of migraines, then consider some of the best pillows for migraines.

Can your pillow give you headaches?

Studies show that half to three-quarters of adults between the ages of 18 to 65 have suffered from headaches in the last year, and more 30% reported migraines.

If you have suffered from these headaches, you know how debilitating it can make. But the good news is when you choose the migraine headache pillows, you're sure to get a lot of relief immediately. It is simple and effective.

Now you can ask, can a bad pillow cause headaches? Well, a lot goes to choosing the migraine pillow, and you should know all about it to make the right choice.

How to treat migraines at home?

You have heard a home remedy for neck pain and headache. It can make you wonder about the importance of the best pillows for headaches. Well, a pad is highly effective for a ton of reasons, all of which we will see in this article.

You can treat by lying down on a flat area to relax the surrounding muscles in the neck and shoulder. When you do so, the entire area gets relaxed, and the pressure built up in the cranial nerves goes down.

Also, the spine can decompress, which can reduce irritation to the nerves that are compressed by the spine.

Are cervical pillows effective?

Suffering for migraines, one of the common reasons is a headache from pillow pressure, as this can put a lot of stress on the nerves in your head. So, when you have a cervical support pillow, this stress is significantly reduced. In turn, it brings down the possibility of migraines.

Another aspect to consider is the size of your migraine pillows. In general, the pad you choose is large, it can cause your head to lean forward, and this puts enormous stress on the muscles in your neck and cranial area. This one cramps your spine and shoulders as well.

Simultaneously, if the pillow is too small, it does not provide the necessary shoulder and neck support. At the same time, you sleep, which can impact the muscles.

In other words, choosing the pillow for headache and neck pain relief is essential to provide the right level of neck and shoulder support. In the process, it can reduce the possibility of migraines. So far, you have understood the need to buy the best pillow to prevent headaches.

Next, let's see what aspects you should keep in mind while choosing the pillows for migraines.

Aspects to consider while choosing headache relief pillow

Here are some of the things to look out for buying a pillow for migraine headaches.

Migraine sleep position

All of us have our sleeping positions, while some of us are stomach sleepers, others would prevent us from sleeping flat on your back. Science shows that each sleeping posture has pros and cons, so depending on the position of your sleep, you can choose the best pillows for tension headaches.

Best pillow for Stomach sleepers

Stomach sleepers tend to keep their face flat down. So, they need a thin and flat pillow that will not push their head far out as this can strain the neck muscles and make for an uncomfortable sleeping position.

At the same time, the pillows for headaches you choose should not be too soft, so your head can sink into the mattress deep inside, putting pressure on the back of your neck.

This is why stomach sleepers should take extra precautions while choosing the pillows for headache sufferers.

The best pillow for side and back sleepers

Well, they need an orthopedic pillow for shoulder pain to ample support. They will be putting their entire weight on one of the two shoulders. Also, the ergonomic pads need to be firm to support their joints.

People who sleep on their back need something between stomach and side sleeper, so something that isn't too hard and at the same time isn't too soft either to prevent their head from getting pushed too far in the front or back.

Are you one of those people who tend to move around a lot while sleeping? Do you often find yourself in a stomach position? Well, people who tend to shift between different poses and spend more or less equal time in each pose are called combination sleepers. Such people should look for the best chiropractic pillow.

These are the best pillows for headache sufferers and combination sleepers as they are flat in the middle for back and stomach sleeping.

Pillow Material Filling

Besides your sleep position, another important aspect that you should consider while buying pillows for migraine sufferers is the material used to make them. Take a look at some of the common elements for cushions so that you can choose the best pillow for headaches and neck pain.

Memory Foam Pillows

Memory foam pillows are one of the most popular choices, thanks to its high density and viscosity. The most significant advantage is that it will shape your preferences based on body heat. The downside is that it comes with an unpleasant odor and can get hot quickly, making it uncomfortable during summer.

Down Pillows

Down pillows are another popular choice because they are lightweight and regulate temperature well. It makes it the best travel neck pillow. Also, they hold the shape well and can use by all kinds of sleepers.

The downside is that it can start to sag soon, and it absorbs moisture, thereby making it uncomfortable in hot and humid places.

Shredded Memory Foam Pillow

While memory foam pillows filled with a single piece of foam, but these pillows have shredded foam materials. As a result, they are softer. Many people choose memory foam pillow headache because it provides more ventilation, cozy, and quiet. But it doesn't mold well and is relatively less stable.

Polyester Fiberfill Pillows 

These are low-cost and available pillows filled with polyester fiberfill. These pillows come in varying firmness, so it's perfect for everyone. They are also easy to clean, free of odor, and light. The downside is that they are prone to dust mites, and the material is not breathable.

Microbeads Pillows

The microbeads pillow filling with round polystyrene beads, typically the ones found in bean bags. Hence, they tend to be soft and squishy and are an ideal choice for travel. But it is also important to note that these are not the most environment-friendly pillow materials and it is getting banned in many countries like the UK.

Buckwheat Pillow Migraines

Buckwheat is an adjustable pillow. You can remove or adds hulls to place the head and neck with this correctly.  The most significant advantages are that they are supportive and mold to the shape of your neck. These buckwheat pillows also highly breathable and allow air to circulate. The downside of these pillows makes a noise when you move, and this can take some time to get used.

Thus, these are the two most important aspects you should consider. Others could include cost and availability besides other specific medical-related preferences.

Mediflow Water Pillow Instructions

The mediflow waterbase pillow for neck pain is an original water pillow for neck. You can customize it up to your level of firmness. From the Mediflow water pillow review, you will be able to know more about this. 

Let's take a look...

Top 5 Best Pillow for Headache Sufferers






Neck Pain Pillow ReviewsNeck Pain Pillow Reviews

Neck Pain Pillow Reviews Nature's Guest

icekap migraine reviewsicekap migraine reviews

Icekap Reviews

Migraine Hat ReviewsMigraine Hat Reviews

Migraine Hat Reviews By ARRIS

pillows for headaches reviewspillows for headaches reviews

Pillows for Headaches Reviews By Spry

Headache Hat Reviews- Best Ice Pack for Migraines


Headache HAT is one of the best remedies for migraine relief. It comes with a cooling therapy that can provide excellent relief for migraines, head and neck tension, stress relief, and more. The headwrap is made of soft and flexible materials such as cotton, spandex, and microfleece. So you can wear it without feeling cramped.

Also, the flexibility ensures the wrap doesn't tighten your head too, and the breathable nature of these materials makes it comfortable overall.

Since this headache relief pillow can wrap around your head, add some ice cubes to give you a cooling therapy. These ice cubes can move around, so you get relief in the place where it hurts the most.

It is versatile and can double up as an eye mask, face mask, neck pillow, and even pillow for body pain relief. It can use as a flat pillow for toddlers.

  • PROS
  • CONS
  • Lightweight and highly versatile
  • It provides relief from migraines, neck, and body pain
  • Comes with a freezer storage bag for convenient storing
  • Ideal for those who are always on the move

Review from Amazon

Backstory: I was severely suffering from migraines for more than the last 22 years. Around 5 years prior, it turned interminable, and the Headache cap helped me to out of it.

Anybody with day by day, constant torment, realizes that it can cause significant damage to your life as well as your family's. My only task was to stick in dull rooms with blinding headaches.

With the dulled torment, customary ice packs are a torment to utilize. Because you either need to sit with it or to hold them to your head. They are either awkward or remain cold for around 15 minutes. We can say that the customary headache Cap isn't comfortable. My searching was for a wearable ice pack instead of that.

This icekap amazon doesn't look strange, and you can wear it outside. The thing is Stunning and has enabled me to accomplish a lot of things I couldn't before!

Neck Pain Pillow Reviews By Nature's Guest- Best Orthopedic Pillow

Neck Pain Pillow ReviewsNeck Pain Pillow Reviews

This is the best organic pillow for neck pain because it is highly adjustable and can provide relief from neck or back pain. It is ideal for the people who are fond of sleeping on their backs and also for individuals who tend to shift from back to sides often.

The gusseted edge design ensures stable support when you sleep on your back or side, and even when you move between positions. It is always giving you a restful night's sleep.

This pillow consists of premium quality hypoallergenic materials that provide fresh and comforting support throughout the night. Also, since it is made of revolutionary microfiber, it gives that additional softness and flexibility.

Somehow similar versatility also stems from the fact that it comes with dual zipper design to adjust the pillow's firmness based on your individual needs. In this way, you can convert it from a soft to a medium-hard one at any time.

The contoured pillow design provides the right support for your spine. And this why many chiropractors and orthopedic specialists recommended it. It's the best orthopedic pillows for neck pain in the market.

  • PROS
  • CONS
  • Firmness can be altered to meet individual needs
  • Made of hypoallergenic materials
  • Ideal for back and side sleeper
  • Provides optimal cervical support
  • Shapes well

Review from Amazon

The best pillows for neck pain and headaches so far, and I adore this pillow! As it is a unique pillow for headache and neck pain sufferers. My neck pain continues for more than two years and hasn’t found a pillow that can help to improve it.

I have tried varieties of cervical bed pillows, but all were very big enough instead of keeping my neck straight they were tilting it and was pushing it up. A thin flat pad is not so helpful.

It is the best pillow for neck and head pain that solved all my neck problems! I love it because of its fully adjustable quality turned me very happy as I have no neck pain now. Finally, I found the answer "how to relieve head and neck tension."

Icekap Reviews- Best Migraine Prevention

icekap migraine reviewsicekap migraine reviews

If you're looking for the correct headache relief band, consider the Icekap migraine band around head, comfortable to wear at all times. The best part about this product is that it comes with a five-gel ice pack that can last up to three hours and regularly gives a cooling therapy for your migraine or neck pain. Within this time, you're sure to get relief and can go about doing your daily activities.

This migraine relief product has many benefits, and some of them are; it is patented and is seen as a therapeutic and drug-free way to handle migraines. It is supported by the National children's Cancer Society and recommended by many doctors.

So, what makes this migraine relief cap so unique? It comes with a soft micro-fleece and adjustable occipital tension band that provides the right pressure for your head. The designers have taught about nearly everything, including ensuring a unique ponytail loop to get your hair out of the way!

  • PROS
  • CONS
  • Patented therapy that gives relief
  • Gel pack stays colder for a long time
  • Covers the entire head and neck region
  • Fully machine-washable
  • Melts away the tensions

Review from Amazon

If you suffer from migraines, you must-have it. Often I can use this migraine ice pack helmet instead of meds to rid myself of the debilitating migraines. I would much rather put a cap than meds with myself. It is always a good idea to order extra ice packs and also make sure you order one size up, as this gives a snug fit.

Migraine Hat Reviews By ARRIS- Best Tension Headache Relief

Migraine Hat ReviewsMigraine Hat Reviews

The head ice pack wrap is made with soft fleece material, which is an excellent treatment for migraine and tension headaches. A unique aspect of the product is it shaped in such a way that the ice cap touches every part of your head and neck and also gives you the flexibility to focus on the area that hurts most.

Also, the specially-designed elastic strap keeps the ice pack tight so that you can get relief from migraines quickly.

We talk about design; it is flexible too, which means you can wear it as an eye mask, treat it as one of the best ice pack(s) for headache, face mask, and more. It is FDA approved.

  • PROS
  • CONS
  • Made of soft material
  • Multipurpose and can be worn in many various ways
  • FDA approved
  • Reusable, latex-free, and leak-proof
  • It can also be heated when needed to get relief from pain

Review from Amazon

It looks AMAZING! The product is recommended to anyone who gets migraines, sinus, or headaches of any kind. It's fit me properly and is fully adjustable. I recommend getting two because while you are wearing one, you can have your second chilling in the fridge.

This is way more convenient and hands-free to anyone who has ever used ice packs or frozen vegetables to cool your head during a migraine attack! Quit reading and get one already!

Tension Headache Pillow By Spry- Best Pillow for Migraine Sufferers

pillows for headaches reviewspillows for headaches reviews

Spry Recovery Pillow is one of the best pillows to prevent headaches. It comes with a patented flo-form technology that changes the shape and contour based on your sleeping position. Since it stays in place until it is e-molded, it gives a certain level of firmness that soothes your headaches and gives good relief from it.

You might be curious to know what is this flo-form technology and how it can provide such a significant relief from migraines. Well, this technology comprises three elements, namely air, silicone oil, and microspheres. When all these are combined, they redistribute the pressure evenly across the entire pillow, thereby providing a comfortable cushion.

Also, there is no resistance from the material like memory foam, which adds to your comfort. Such intense support helps your muscles and nerves recover quickly, which is why flo-form technology is so effective in curing headaches.

  • PROS
  • CONS
  • Unique flo form technology
  • Excellent head and neck support at all times.
  • Helps with proper alignment and recovery of muscles and nerves
  • Free of allergens, thereby making it ideal for asthma and allergy sufferers
  • Comes with a hot or cold pack

Review from Amazon

This product is fantastic! My husband and I use it on the couch, I use it in my car for back support, and for back sleepers this is great. I used it a show and let it with my friends and now they all want one. Worth every penny.


To conclude, you don't have to live with migraines all your life. Get relief when you use the best pillow for migraines. Some of these headache pillows come with the right shapes to give you relief from neck pain and headache.

The products, as mentioned above, are some of our choices that are backed by excellent reviews from Amazon users. We hope you find them useful too.

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